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In Topic: Zod: please create a Smith sub-section already

Today, 01:29 PM

Why create another Smith thread bro?

In Topic: Steve Smith " thia is the nail in the coffin, Take your ass back to carol...

Today, 12:54 PM

Capitalizing on a lucky BS tipped pass. Way to go Steve.

In Topic: So why not do it like last year?

Today, 12:32 PM

Well personally I think one of the best things we can do right now is to take more shots down field to KB.  More often than not he's caught the balls he's been thrown. He's so damn big and his positioning is fantastic. Odds are he's going to get the damn football.



The more big catches he makes the more defenses will back off and respect us.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 11:33 PM

What really screwed us up was Gross retiring. I think they were really banking on him giving it one more year. 

In Topic: I am

Yesterday, 10:22 PM

LOL At first I read that as, "I'm on my 5th bottle of Jameson"



Keep Pounding bro

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