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#1960493 So.....my follow-up thoughts

Posted by ladypanther on 23 October 2012 - 09:30 PM

I said the Dallas game would be big and that I would reserve my opinion until after that game. So, what I saw.....................

The D looked better than I thought. They only had 1 bad drive. Not bad considering our secondary. I do wish they would have sacked Romo a few times.... And, the bend but don't break, gives me PTSD flashbacks.

Thomas Davis.....how amazing is he? How could he not be the comeback player of the year, even at this point?

Luke/Beason. We have a nice prob there. I believe Beason has been playing hurt all season. Can't judge his performance on that.....but.....he has got to get healthy. (It seems he hurt the team by playing injured....am sure what not he wanted). Hope the Panthers can find a way to get a healthy Beason and Keek in the game. That, with and amazing Davis......................

Offense....well there were some adjustments. To my liking, Cam seemed to get rid of the ball more quickly...the read option pass was nice. However, the other adjustment....to decide that the read option was not the problem, but that DWill was. I cannot imagine how they/someone came to that conclusion.

It is sadly amusing to remember how upset we were when Chud was getting HC interviews. I would be shocked if Rivera, a D coach, has been telling Chud what to run. My guess is that he trusted Chud, who seemed so successful last year. However, Rivera should have given orders to change this course before now. Was hoping the Dallas game would have been the change/revelation.

As a leader, I like what Rivera said early on. But I am wondering that he has not lead with the players where it is needed the most. It seems he has coddled Cam, who is utra talented but very self centered and immature. He needs direction rather than kid gloves. Rivera should have banned everyone from those ridiculous endzone celebrations. I think this team should have character...and when they score....be mature and act like they have been there before.

So, the Hurney firing. Shocking....considering how close he seemed to be to JR. But then, JR did fire his sons. JR trusted Hurney with his team, and he let him down. I do believe JR wants to see his team win a SB. Given his health history, there has got to be a sense of urgency. I also think he is sincerely disappointed he has not gotten this done, given his promise in the beginning. Despite what many here think.....I do not believe it is all about money.

Going forward. The Bears are not as good as their record. The Panthers could be better than their record with a decent plan. The coaches should have been in panic mode during the bye week. (Panic mode=quit being stupid) Did not see results. Hope JR told Rivera to stop that read option crap. If he did not...hope Rivera figured it out. If not, I doubt the firings ended with Hurney, rather, they just began.

#1960424 Panthers expected to hire outside consultant to run GM search

Posted by ladypanther on 23 October 2012 - 08:33 PM

At least there's news on it now... I mean, to me it appears as though JR is serious about getting things turned around... But at the same time, it's almost an admission that he has no fuggin idea what's wrong with his own club...

This isn't good imo

I just cannot understand that kind of thinking.

#1960214 Fair criticism of Cam.....but

Posted by ladypanther on 23 October 2012 - 06:45 PM

This article also assumes Cam's post game presser influenced JR to fire Hurney. That is crazy.

If Cam Newton is wise, he'll take the following suggestion:
Shut your mouth and do your job. Popping off the way you did Sunday likely helped cost general manager Marty Hurney his job and, ultimately, that's not a good thing for Newton.

Whether Newton's statements following the Carolina Panthers' 19-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys directly led to Hurney's dismissal Monday can only be answered by owner Jerry Richardson. However, it's hard not to draw the conclusion publicly that Newton's comments factored into Hurney's ouster.
While there's plenty of fair criticism that can be lobbed Hurney's way following Carolina's 1-5 start, it's still a stunning reaction in light that Hurney helped bring a franchise quarterback to a team that has never really had one just 18 months ago.
Theoretically, Hurney and second-year coach Ron Rivera should have been in the process of executing a plan to build around Newton for years to come. But when the quarterback starts ranting about opening a "suggestion box" and undercuts his coaching staff with complaints about the "script," it's obvious that the group is anything but in marching formation. Instead, Newton has intercepted the baton and started leading the band in his own direction.
That's not good, particularly when Newton has the emotional leadership ability of a fifth-grader.
Let's make one thing clear: Cam Newton is the most important person in the rebuilding of the Carolina Panthers. He is a stunning talent and a guy who has already proven at the college level that he can carry a team on his back (check how quickly Auburn has fallen since he left).
Still, Newton has much to learn at the NFL level and that starts with his attitude. On Sunday, as highlights of his latest post-loss media session were played, CBS analysts Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason (two guys who have forgotten more about quarterbacking in the NFL than Newton knows) kept chanting, "You have to keep it positive."
That's not a plea for Pollyanna. Rather, it's a push for moderation. In the face of frustration, Newton needs to persevere, not throw people under the bus. That's exactly what his comments did on Sunday and Richardson obliged by getting rid of Hurney.
To wit, Newton said Sunday: "The past couple of games have been the same script, by the same director," Newton said. "It's kind of getting boring."
He went on:
"This taste, this vibe – I'm not buying it, man. And I don't know what it is, but something's going to have to change. Something's going to have to change real fast. … We just find a way to keep the game close just to see what happens at the end," Newton said. "I'm getting tired of it, and that's not a formula to win. Domination is a formula to win."
And then Newton offered an idea.
"I'm going to bring in a suggestion box," Newton said. "And I want your suggestions in that suggestion box, because I sure don't know. I really don't."
While there is nothing wrong with letting out frustration, Newton hasn't learned that you do that in private. You don't undercut your team in public. It's tawdry and juvenile. It doesn't speak to true leadership.
Again, this is not some full endorsement of Hurney. Over the past five years, Hurney has made his share of mistakes. The latest was reportedly paying $48.2 million in guarantees for three running backs (Carolina signed Mike Tolbert as a free agent and extending Jonathan Stewart's contract this year after paying DeAngelo Williams in 2011). None of those backs has turned out to be worth the money in a league that has steadily de-emphasized the position.
But when it came to doing the single-most important thing a GM can do – finding a quarterback – Hurney appeared to have hit big a year ago with Newton. Despite Newton's myriad of mistakes thus far (he has nine turnovers in six games, including two Sunday), he is still a dynamic talent.
At least that's how Hurney and many other people see it. The question now is whether the next GM will agree with that assessment. What Newton has done by undercutting those around him has been to open the door for a new set of eyes.
Whoever those eyes belong to may not see Newton as the hard worker that so many people in the organization believe he is. Whoever succeeds Hurney may not have much patience for Newton's post-loss histrionics.
In other words, be careful when you open the suggestion box. You might not like what people suggest.


Cam does need to grow up and be a lot less self centered. He needs to man up, quit moping, and be a true team player.

#1960171 Holmgren said he will not rule out coaching again

Posted by ladypanther on 23 October 2012 - 06:20 PM

No thanks.

#1958041 So a friend of mine killed himself...

Posted by ladypanther on 22 October 2012 - 07:00 PM

Suicide is perplexing. At least to me anyway. The person who takes their own life is incredibly brave and selfish at the same time. Those who suffer the most are the ones left to deal with the after math. No doubt your friends life didn't end when he decided to take it here on earth. You will catch up with him in another life. It's just hard for people to let go.

My older brother went to Walmart one morning, leaving with a box of .38 shells. He then went to the pawn shop asking to see a .38 chambered revolver. When he was given it he tried to load it. The guy working attempted to grab it, screaming "what are you doing"? My brother ran outside, with the gun and ammo in hand, to a near by alley. That's where he was found, still alive but barely. We didn't know at first what the fug happened. Took a day or two before we pieced everything together. He died 3 days later.

While your friend may no longer be here in the traditional sense, he is far from gone. When you see him again you can punch him in the nuts then hug him once again.

Very sorry to hear that and sorry for the loss of your brother.

I have worked with people who have survived what they meant as a fatal suicide attempt. What I have learned from them is that, when they got to that point, they truly felt that others would be better off without them. Not true, of course, but they could not connect with that. I am sorry for your brother's pain, and now the pain you and others have to carry.

#1953106 What they are saying in Dallas....

Posted by ladypanther on 21 October 2012 - 10:52 AM

I think it is interesting to read what the other side is saying. I certainly do not want to get all my info from the Observer and the Huddle.

It will be fun to go back there and see what they are saying if the Panthers win. :)

#1952291 One good stat

Posted by ladypanther on 20 October 2012 - 08:53 AM

Thought there were more penalties. I guess whenever they happen it seems bad.

Flags not flying: The Panthers’ offense is the second-least penalized offensive unit in the NFL, with just 25 through five games. The defense is the second-least penalized defensive unit, with 20.

Rivera attributed that to the team’s discipline in practice.

“We’re working on the discipline of not jumping,” Rivera said. “This year a lot of it has been our technique, we’ve gotten better at it. Guys understand more of what we’re trying to do. We’ve talked about the discipline of staying onside because that was one of our big issues last year.

“As far as the holding being down, I think that has to do with the guys working their techniques and being more comfortable in the scheme offensively and defensively.”

Read more here: http://www.charlotte...l#storylink=cpy


#1950019 Gil Brandt: Panthers Offensive Scheme Hampering Newton

Posted by ladypanther on 17 October 2012 - 08:05 PM

Brandt is the godfather....Rivera and Chud should pay attention.

The Cowboys game is the the test. Can this staff develop and execute a good game plan? They have talent to work with. I want to see them use it appropriately.

To be sure, Newton has not performed as well as many people think he should. But expectations might have been a bit too high for the young quarterback and his team. We forget that only one of the Panthers' six wins in 2011 came against an opponent with a winning record, an opponent (the Houston Texans) that happened to be starting a third-string quarterback.

It's hard to criticize a guy too much when he's playing for a less-than-great squad. In addition to the Panthers' problems at tight end, they haven't gotten very good play from the offensive line, and this has also hampered Newton. Things are only going to get harder now that veteran center Ryan Kalil (who famously promised Carolina would contend for the Super Bowl this season) is out for the year.

The Panthers surely knew opposing defenses would try different things to limit Newton, and likely thought changing their offensive scheme would help them stay ahead of the curve. Instead, it's held them (and him) back. Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski is very good, and I think he'll be a head coach someday. But it would be very hard to dramatically the Panthers' offensive approach mid-season. Carolina is coming off a bye week, so perhaps we'll see some new looks. But they're alsofacing the Dallas Cowboys, who promise to be a tricky defensive matchup.

The bottom line is Newton isn't struggling as much as people think he is, and he hasn't slid backwards, development-wise. Michael Lombardi, in whom I have a lot of faith, picked Newton as one of his red-chip players before the season, and I still think he'll end up being that good. But Newton also hasn't advanced much and hasn't been helped by the Panthers' offensive game plan.

#1947831 Cowboy jokes....

Posted by ladypanther on 15 October 2012 - 09:45 PM

From Kyle82 in another thread:

What do you call a Cowboy with a Super Bowl Ring?


#1945599 Gamecocks vs Lsu

Posted by ladypanther on 13 October 2012 - 07:21 PM

USC.....ugliest uniforms ever.

#1945025 So....here are my thoughts

Posted by ladypanther on 12 October 2012 - 07:39 PM

Good post and great perspective LP.

I hate that it has already come to this because I naturally pulled for Rivera for multiple reasons I've discussed before AND simply b/c he was our HC. But, he has made it painfully obvious that he is outmatched every week. It sucks to have already come to this realization after such a short amount of time, but at least we know and are able to move forward sooner rather than later. I have to approach the rest of the season believing he is not the guy... If he can miraculously turn it around and lead us on a win streak that leaves us at 7 wins or better, I may reconsider, but I highly doubt it.

He seems like a great guy... And admirable human being... Just not a very good coach.

First....thanks for the nice comment.

I agree Rivera has made many mistakes. I may be where you are after the next game. I am willing to give him 1 more game before I get there. His ability to assess and make the necessary corrections is the test. He obviously did that has a D coordinator. The bye week is his chance to prove he has it as a head coach. I hope it is his moment. It would be really cool to do it against the Cowboys.

#1945011 So....here are my thoughts

Posted by ladypanther on 12 October 2012 - 07:04 PM

It does start at the top. Richardson I think might do some behind the scenes "Jerry Jonesing." I think Hurney has worn out his welcome. His choices in contract extensions alone should have him gone. Couple that with draft blunders, and it's amazing he has a job at all in the NFL.

I found it interesting that Don Gregory hired a completely new staff of scouts last year. Their first draft together was the 2012 draft. This is interesting because we are all looking at the draft as a complete success. If we can keep this staff together for a few years, we could be striking gold.

The coaching I have a problem with. Rivera is doing ok, and could get better on tough calls. McDermott is doing surprisingly well with this defense (we have no safeties, not his fault). Chud is pissing me off tremendously. He's gotten arrogant, and he's failing. Go back to what works, and stash the cute poo, dumbass. The position coaches might be even more under scrutiny. I actually think the linebackers coach and the secondary coach (safeties) should be fired after the season. Period. The linebackers are constantly out of position (getting better, but it was awful), and the safeties should compensate their lack of talent with fundamentals and good positioning. It took Rivera seeing Haruki lining up like he was still in Baltimore to realize his coach has not corrected him. That's a problem.

All in all I do believe Rivera can right this ship. I love his attitude and his drive. He's extremely intelligent and intricate on the defensive side of the ball, and that will benefit this team in the future. Cam will get better, but it's going to take Chud coming down to earth in order to put Cam in better position to make plays. We won't finish with a winning record, but this team will improve.

The scout thing is very interesting. Had not heard that before. They are off to a good start.

I like your optimism in the last paragraph. To keep from losing this fanbase...some of this improvement needs to come in the Cowboys game.

#1944348 Olsen has twins. Pray for his son.

Posted by ladypanther on 11 October 2012 - 09:49 PM


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After a full day of surgery our son TJ is resting comfortably in the cardio intensive care unit. Surgery a success. 1st step of long road[/background]
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Thank u all for the amazing support and prayers for my family. You have helped us thru this nightmare. Our boy is a fighter.[/background]
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#1944318 So....here are my thoughts

Posted by ladypanther on 11 October 2012 - 09:18 PM

show me your boobies

My assumption is that you do not care that I think your response is disgusting.

#1944308 So....here are my thoughts

Posted by ladypanther on 11 October 2012 - 09:11 PM

To start....for you non readers, who like to write tldr....just skip to the last 2 paragraphs. I don't understand why some like to insult thoughtful posters who have a lot to say with that remark.

I have not posted in a few days. (I am sure you have missed me. :) ) 2 reasons: Sometimes, when things are painful...I need some time. Also...I needed to gather my thoughts and figure out where I am with all this. A guy at work always talks Panthers with me. When he came in Monday and looked at me...I said...."I don't want to talk about it." A few minutes later he started to talk about the Panthers...I stopped him. He asked when we could talk about it. I told him I did not know.

Do not think it was because I do not care. It is because I care too much. I know that does not separate me from most of you...especially PSL owners. I would be one of you if I could....and still hope to be.

Some random thoughts:

Panthers are 1-4. With the elimination of just a few mistakes....they could be 4-1.

Coaching is the popular blame. Not sure how coaching is blamed for dropped passes, some of the fumbles, poor tackling, and a QB skipping a pass to an open receiver in the endzone?

Regarding poor tackling ( and the general poor fundamentals). How do players get to the NFL and not know how to tackle???? I mean they were the best of the high school players, the best of the college players, and the few who made it to the NFL? I do not understand why an NFL coach has to teach defenders how to tackle? I understand the game is different, bigger, stronger, faster....but what did these guys do in practice? And we are not talking about all rookies.

That being said, except for the Giants game...the D has not been that bad.

I agree to those who have questioned some of Chud's calls. He has gotten too cute and out-thought himself. This team should have an identity...and it should be running the damn ball...and a QB who can punish you when you focus on stopping that. I think Chud thought he be could be a genius with his boy toy Cam. He focused on candy when he had in fact had the ingredients for health.

So then, that leads us to Rivera and Hurney. Thought the interview by Sorenson was interesting Hurney does not want to be seen in public. He said not because of negative comments, said fans were nice (not sure about that) but basically...and I am paraphrasing and taking a leap... because he was ashamed. So, got to wonder what Hurney is saying to Rivera these days. There has be a lot of pressure on Hurney...Richardson wants a SB win, with his health/heart issues...there must be pressure to get this done........ soon.

So Rivera. Initially....liked what he had to say...and his attitude. Yet he has made some new coach mistakes. So...ok for a new guy who has never been a HC. But I expect the learning curve to accelerate What I hate the most recently from Rivera is "this team is learning how to win." (Of course also not thrilled with the record this season. ) These players are professionals...there are a lot of vets. I do not have a tolerance for this learning curve. Last year, maybe. I guess the good side is Rivera does not publicly throw players under the bus. For the record...his stoic appearance is not an issue for me. Results are.

So, where am I today....10-11-12. The team had a 10 day break between the Giants and the Falcons. There was improvement, but a disappointing loss. This bye week, Rivera said they were first going to review the first 5 games. His ability to assess the Panthers performance in these games and make adjustments is crucial. Perhaps Rivera has given too much trust in his coordinators. If that is true...now is the time to correct. I did read that Rivera said that sometimes Cam was waiting for the long ball to open up when he should have thrown short. [Should have been dealt with in coaching before this.] We all know that. Rivera's abilities as an evaluator and then a leader are on the radar. I feel for him, because there are some individual mistakes that may have cost games, that I cannot attribute to coaching mistakes. But, he is the man. And, with a better coaching strategy on both sides of the ball, this team would not be 1-4.

I believe the Cowboys game will tell us a lot about Rivera. So, for me, there is 1 more game. I am hoping for a great game...for the players, Rivera, Richardson, and all of us.

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