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In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Today, 01:06 PM

Like chuck, I'm curious about Cason. Your thoughts?

I didn't see enough of him to really have any good feedback. The only play I remember against him was Avant's catch, but that catch was spectacular.

White had a really good day though. Byndom (is that how you spell it?) looked pretty good....although Webb looked like he was hanging passes out there for that defensive until to grab.

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In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Today, 12:57 PM

Holy overreaction.

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In Topic: Heading down to practice... follow @CarolinaHuddle for updates

Today, 05:59 AM

Once again I am making the trek for you jokers. I will be sure to investigate how deep the Peter King butthurt really goes.



Pics and writeup coming this afternoon, until then follow @CarolinaHuddle for musings.



See ya there

In Topic: Peter King (Cam hater) will be coming to practice

Today, 04:40 AM

I'm headed down to practice in just a little bit and I'll keep an eye out for that guy.

I'll be taking pics and tweeting as much as possible. Handle @roaringriot

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In Topic: Two Game 1 preseason tickets for sale...

Today, 04:30 AM

I'll go 70 for them

They're $400/each for you.

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