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In Topic: Caption this Byron Bell

Today, 02:51 PM

But isn't it too early to judge?

In Topic: We should get frisky with Green Bay

Today, 10:19 AM

Well then there seems to be some disconnect with the link I provided and with what you're seeing on their advanced stats. I'll trust you since I don't have a subscription.


Gross's was the same. 33 in the article, 27 in overall 2013. Not sure either

In Topic: Is it still to early to be worried about Byron Bell?

Today, 10:14 AM

Bell was often left standing around not blocking anyone, and generally looking lost like he's never played the position before.


I would like to see at least one veteran tackle added to the OL after cuts. We'll see I guess.


Glad I'm not the only one who sees this. I mostly see this in his run blocking where he's not engaged with anyone and just trots around the last few seconds of the play

In Topic: We should get frisky with Green Bay

Today, 09:54 AM

I was talking about the grades for the 2013 regular season: https://www.profootb...ensive-tackles/


I'm logged into PFF. Bell's 2013 overall was -9.6 on 1,083 snaps giving up 34 pressures (all games at RT). Newhouse got a -10.3 overall in 2013 on 261 snaps giving up 14 pressures (played 2 games at LT, 1 at RG, 7 at RT).


Newhouse would project as worse if he took more snaps in 2013, but so far he's graded better than Bell this preseason (but, he's in on 2nd string).

In Topic: We should get frisky with Green Bay

Today, 09:36 AM

No, they actually are not.


The guy you hate, Byron Bell, posted a -2.8 rating from PFF in 2014.


Marshall Newhouse, on the other hand, posted a -9.7.


In other words, he was 3x worse than Byron Bell.



Byron has an overall -6.6 (-2.8 PB and -4.1 RB) in 84 snaps while giving up 2 sacks, 1 hit and 3 hurries


Newhouse has an overall -0.2 (-1.6 PB and 1.1 RB) in 105 snaps while only giving up 3 hurries


Granted he's going up against 2nd string, i'm just pointing out you have your PFF grades completely wrong

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