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Kaepernick learning to throw with touch with Kurt Warner



"We had some guys come out from the office playing in my corporate charity event, and there were a couple of times where I went, 'Whoa! Was that a little bit of touch I just saw?" Warner said of Kaepernick's performance this week while speaking at a Super Bowl 50 promotional appearance during the NFL Annual Meeting, per the USA Today. "Colin laughed and told me, 'We're not out here working for nothing.'

"The situation forced him to throw with a little more touch. He couldn't throw it as hard as maybe he wanted to with those corporate guys.



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Tom Brady jumping over marijuana on his was to BOSS status.






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I see Jesus smoking in the corner and I am also wondering, are those marijuana plants he jumped over? Exempt list...

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"He then told us about how a slight mix-up led to Cam believing he was raised in Nigeria..."


I first read this as Chris convincing Cam that HE (as in Cam) was raised in Nigeria.  I thought....man, what a heck of a prank!  LOL