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In Topic: 49er player suggests Harbaugh might be 'clinically insane'

Today, 05:43 PM

"Clinically" in this context is like "literally" in most contexts, i.e. a psychologist wouldn't actually diagnose Harbs with a serious mental illness. There's no doubt he was a notch above most NFL coaches in intensity level, but then again, relative to most humans, all NFL coaches would seem intense.



In Topic: Civil lawsuit against J. Winston

Today, 04:25 PM

I'm on the side of the Hardy treatment. If Goodell wanted to screw us without any evidence, then he should do the same with Winston and anyone else that is accused whether they did it or not.


Two very different scenarios. No criminal charges were ever filed against Winston.

In Topic: Civil lawsuit against J. Winston

Today, 12:55 PM



Everyone should read and get some basic facts before commenting.

In Topic: Philly Brown 200 pounds?

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

When we say he's gained fat it doesn't mean he'll look Byron Bell fat.

In Topic: Philly Brown 200 pounds?

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

my point is that you can gain ~20 pounds in a short-ish amount of time without "getting fat" like people seem to think in here


No one is disputing that. When you bulk you can put on quite a bit of weight, whether a dirty or a clean bulk. If you are working hard during that bulk, you'll look in shape not fat but most of that will be water and fat. Gaining muscle mass is not that easy and that is why steriods are common because people want to circumvent how much time it takes to pack on solid muscle mass.


An example will be this guy below.




He starts at 160lbs and bulks to 171 pounds. After cutting, he is down to 163lbs. That is 3lbs of muscle in 6 long months. He never looks fat but most of that is fat and water and is lost during the cut.