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#3106076 Ferguson Decision

Posted by CelibatePimp on Yesterday, 05:21 PM

All of that may be true, ZimZam could be a dead beat, wife beating a-hole... but he did not pick a fight with Martin and he was justified in shooting the dumb thug.


And, before you did all of that, ZimZam would have shot you, tough guy.


No need to continue with you. It's obvious what you are about.

#3106069 White privilege 101

Posted by CelibatePimp on Yesterday, 05:14 PM

I remember in Grad school, I was in a secure part of the building, one where you needed key card access to get to, analyzing data on a Sunday when a white security officer came and passed by me. He saw me in the office, minutes later, he comes back and asked me to show him my I.D. I was with my girlfriend at that time, we were both shocked.


In this same school, my friend who is also black and in the medical school, also had someone call the cops telling them that there was a suspicious black male in the library. He had to leave. I told him that if it was me, hell would have broken lose in that library.

And just for perspective, I had one of the graduate students before me say that my graduate mentor was racist because she kept finding problems with his thesis. I was wondering how accurate that was because I had seen her be equally hard on other students who were white. I think that black people are more sensitized and may tend to see things through a "racist" eye view rather than just a personal attitude view. The way some other white students were treated by their mentors, I always maintain had they been black, they would have said their mentors were racist too.


But let's not kid ourselves, there are certain things that being white affords you, not saying being white makes things easier.


#3106060 Ferguson Decision

Posted by CelibatePimp on Yesterday, 05:04 PM

I read the NYT article, very insightful. The kid's shooting was unfortunate but I don't see why people are protesting. I actually felt angered the way he went into someone's shop and strong armed him. If I had seen someone treat my father that way, I would be saddened.


I think the Trayvon Martin shooting was one where I would support the outrage but not this kid's. His shooting was unfortunate but he does not deserve the "protests" that are happening.

#3099941 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 21 November 2014 - 02:34 PM

Not all immigrated are the same... Some come from educated families and others from goat farms. Majority of people that came illegally to US from Mexico usually come here with nothing and usually from small villages. Majority of them uneducated and were living in bad conditions before coming to US. What impact will they have on society? You decide. One thing for sure, they will not be PhDs any time soon.

You don't need a phd to work on a farm or be a janitor or open and own your own car repair shop. From most of what I've seen about illegals immigrants, they like to be paid in cash. Imagine all the revenue govt could realize if these people are documented.

It goes beyond money however, these people fall sick and for fear of being deported, cannot access healthcare. Just a humane thing to do. Bring them out of the shadows, let them work and contribute to society. Most of them are already working here anyways.

#3099892 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 21 November 2014 - 01:33 PM

I don't see how where I come for aids this discussion otherwise I would have said it. I'm not from the UK or India. Neither am I Chinese.

As for working the system, heck Americans themselves work the system. Again that's not a good excuse to give. I've never worked the system and I'm dead honest to a fault that's why I never even attempted to get married for my papers. Are all immigrants like me, no. Are all immigrants here to work the system, no. There must be a balance.

About the free stuff that America gives, what are those because I'll like to go get mine.

#3099296 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 20 November 2014 - 11:14 PM

I highly doubt.  


Ladies and gentlemen, another "intelligent" post by Arsen, ala those stats on Hispanics you pulled out your ass.

#3099243 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 20 November 2014 - 10:46 PM

I mean does what you are posting sound intelligent to you? That 99% of them (of course not true) cannot drive so they should not be allowed a legal path to citizenship? Does that sound like an intelligent reason to deny someone legal residence considering that they can learn how to drive, providing increased revenue to driving schools and after which they might want to own vehicles further providing a new market for auto dealers?


Dumb dumb dumb.

#3099237 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 20 November 2014 - 10:40 PM

What legalizing 5 million illegal citizens will do?


1). 5 millions will turn into 35 millions in matter of 7 years.  You need to realize these people are not all from Mexico and many have hundreds of relatives who are now able to file for a permanent visas in US.


2).  These people broke the law when they entered US illegally and now got rewarded.


3).  Many Americans who work low wage jobs will be replaced by newly legalized aliens.  


4). Claims for unemployment and other government supported benefits will rise


5).  Many newly legalized aliens will send a lot of money to South and Central Americas, inflating the dollar


6). With so many new South Americans in US, expect Mexican cartels to expend their operations.  Some of the newly legalized Americans will be cartel members.


7).  Low wage Americans can forget about wage increase


8). Hispanic language will dominate once again in US.  Hispanic people prefer to live in their own communities.  Majority hates learning English language.


9). 99% of them can't drive and don't know anything about following the rules


10). Many of them don't like American people but they do like money and benefits.  Don't expect many of them to express any patriotism, they will proudly wave their country flags while taking jobs away from Americans.


What I am reading here is a pasticcio of untruths being bandied by an ignoramus as fact. The ignorance in this post is so amazing I even feel stupid replying to it. 99% of them can't drive? And they can't be taught? Stupid stupid stupid!


I'm convinced your opposition to this is based on nothing but insecurity and deep ignorance. Get a life.

#3099210 Emperor Obama?

Posted by CelibatePimp on 20 November 2014 - 10:15 PM

If you knew cause and effect you would know what this will do to the country.  As an immigrant you should know better but apparently you are clueless. 


Dude STFU. I am clueless because I do not support your fear mongering? If you want to have a debate without ad hominem attacks we can talk otherwise GTFO.

#3094330 Hey Dave even Zack Mettenburger has better weapons then Cam. .

Posted by CelibatePimp on 17 November 2014 - 10:52 PM

Yea whole playing with Heath Miller, Antonio Brown, and Sanders. Did you forget these guys??


But he is not on pace for a 10TD season. It's the same WR per your argument. Actually he has 0Tds on the season.

#3090862 ron playing for a 45+ yarder

Posted by CelibatePimp on 16 November 2014 - 04:13 PM

Rivera lied to us, he told us he had learned from the Buffalo experience, apparently he has a short memory.

#3084691 Ryan Kalil's cap figure next year is 11+m

Posted by CelibatePimp on 12 November 2014 - 08:00 PM

lol an average center makes 1/3 what Kalil does or less


Unger is just as good as Kalil and his cap hit is $5.6M vs $11.8M


Is it not amazing? It's like any decent player on our team was supposed to be the highest paid at their position. I can only imagine the contract he would have given Luke or Cam.

#3084632 The run to the playoffs begins Sunday!

Posted by CelibatePimp on 12 November 2014 - 07:16 PM

Clearly you're in denial. The season is done, this team looks worse than 2010.


I am not. I am sure we can beat the Falcons. If we fail to beat them, then I will join you guys.

#3084616 Breaking down that 4th & 1 play..

Posted by CelibatePimp on 12 November 2014 - 07:00 PM

Watching the play full speed it would have been another tough choice because the LB that buzzed underneath KB planted when he saw stew leaked. I do trust stew in that situation though to break the tackle.


That is what Cam must learn, there are other footballers on the team, trust them to make a play, you are not the only one who can make plays. Give them a chance. That was why Olsen was pissed in the end zone on the replay, you could see him throw his hands. Give them an opportunity to make a play.

#3084600 Breaking down that 4th & 1 play..

Posted by CelibatePimp on 12 November 2014 - 06:52 PM

Honestly the only thing I notice is the OL going from the line of scrimmage, to about 6 yards behind it by the final picture.



Even when Cam has time, the play calls are laugable and he's being pushed backwards, so if he has to scramble, he's now got a longer hike. 


I don't think you can fault the oline on this play, the held and gave him enough time to make a play. There is no oline that will stay on the same yard line the ball was spiked for that long.

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