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#3032230 Who Will Lose By The Most Points Next Week In The NFC South?

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 11:39 PM

Seattle is overrated though...and they are so bad on the road. Remember we almost beat them last year when we were in our sucky part. Their D is exposed like ours. Will be a good test.


In our "sucky" period last year, we never ever got blown out like we have these days. We lost that game by 5 points and the defense was playing outstanding. I think they will stomp our asses into the ground.

#3032025 The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 10:13 PM

I've watched the Broncos, Patriots, Colts, etc continue to compete at the top of the league year in and year out.  They have franchise QBs, but what is special about them is their best talent is picking apart defenses with their arm.  Sitting back, manipulating DBs, and picking them apart.  They also know how to move within the pocket, as to avoid good pass rushers.  My biggest fear with Cam is that he will never fully learn how to do this.  That he either leans more toward his athletic side, or is pressured by everyone (media and fans alike) to be the QB who throws for 200 and run for 100.  I'm tired of this crap because it is the traditional pocket passer that competes year in and year out.  Vick had his moments, but his team never competed every year.


I'm being real.  I love Cam as much as anyone else.  I also know he can throw the ball.  Yet I don't think he will ever become a franchise pocket passer.  Have yall seen the 360 he did today in the pocket, running slam into a defender for the team's first sack?  I just don't know if I want to invest 160 million into one guy, if this is what I should expect for the rest of his career.  In any case, I want a traditional guy back there.  The primarily athletic QB still hasn't come in and changed the game just yet.  I'm open to the idea of trading Cam at the end of the season for a bunch of picks.

Just stop it. Getting a QB is the most important part to buidling a franchise. Cam is a solid QB who is still developing. He has made great strides in being a pocket passer.


Talking abou the sack, did you see a LB bull rush an LT? Those are who we should be worried about not Cam.

#3031824 Cam was off today

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 09:19 PM

I love when people ask you for specific poo and lame ass dudes start talking about people nuts.

How about you be prepared with facts instead of being completely clueless when people ask you for them.


Ok, go home to Cam now. I am done. Not interested anymore. Cam had a perfect game.

#3031739 Cam was off today

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 08:52 PM

The team lost the game. Not any one player. I don't agree with the OP but he's entitled to his opinion without his motives being questioned.


If the Panthers offense had put together a few 5-8 minute drives it would have made the defense look a little better. We got one 1st down in the 1st quarter (via penalty). That isn't good enough as an offense. I don't put any of that on Cam specifically. But our offense didn't help the defense at all today. Last week they did.


The funny thing is I never even suggested in the OP that Cam lost us the game. People become sensitive at the mention of Cam and lose their rational faculties.

#3031691 Cam was off today

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 08:39 PM

It sounds like someone is a little irritable that their thread has clearly backfired.


Since when is actually focusing on the real problem, as in, you know, our D giving up 30+ points a week being "blind and sensitive"?


Cam was looking pretty damn good throwing that game winning touchdown pass to Cotchery in OT, oh wait, I forgot, he dropped it. Again this shitty thread from you was nowhere to be found. Focus on the real problem, Cam is one of our few bright spots, it's as simple as that.


How am I getting irritable? I don't see you complain when I post links praising Cam. You become so sensitive when anyone tries to talk about a flaw in Cam's game.

#3030559 That tie game

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 03:55 PM

Really fugged with both panthers and bengals as both teams got blown out today.. is this a start of a new curse or some ish??


This is why you go all out on every single game. Wins are hard to come by and when you are close to one, you go ahead and grab it. That stupid decision he took last week. Imagine the kicker made that FG. We would have lost it in the same manner we lost against BUF last season. Apparently he's gone back to being conservative. No fire to win, none.


Watching STL fake a punt to win against SEA today man, that's guts.

#3030383 So Greg Hardy has now sat for 6 games. Status for next week?

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 03:33 PM

Keep in mind Goodell said first-time offenders would serve a 6 game suspension. Is it not entirely plausible we could reactivate Hardy against Seattle and fine him 6 gamechecks if he's convicted by a jury?


He is being paid so it's technically not a suspension. We can't use that argument.

#3029991 Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 02:55 PM



Thats guts. Thats playing to win. RR should learn!!!

#3029956 We should thank GB

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 02:52 PM

Last season's success fooled RR and DG. Talent is not easy to come by in the league. Hopefully they learn from this.

#3029416 Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 02:12 PM

I have no idea why Rivera continues to leave Philly back there. He is not a punt returner. We should've gotten one a long time ago.


I am beginning to think RR is too comfortable. Lets hear him say everything is ok after the game.

#3026724 Ramifications for Hardy

Posted by CelibatePimp on Today, 10:38 AM

True, i just wish that his six games could be considered not playing and just be docked pay another six games when he comes back. I think it evens out.


That means an admission of guilt which will go against him in court.

#3026198 Robert Lester waived and Adarius Glanton signed to active roster

Posted by CelibatePimp on Yesterday, 07:00 PM




#3025400 A look at the remaining Schedule/thoughts

Posted by CelibatePimp on 17 October 2014 - 07:19 PM

It just got easier against the SeaHawks. They traded away Harvin



#3023044 Top franchise cornerstones

Posted by CelibatePimp on 15 October 2014 - 09:02 PM

Once the Panther defense started turning around, I said Carolina needed to play good defense, run the football, avoid turnovers and that was the receipe for success. It was. 


We will probably get a chance to see if the Panthers can win in other ways for the remainder of the season. We will see.


Incidentally, since you are all so infatuated with my post history, can you find a post where I questioned Newton's intelligence, called him "Scam" or suggested Anderson should be starting over him???


I've never been infatuated with your post history. I thought we were having a rational convo on QB but apparetnly from Teeray's posts you have a history of bias against Cam. No wonder. I am done with you.

#3023026 Top franchise cornerstones

Posted by CelibatePimp on 15 October 2014 - 08:49 PM

I stand by everyone of those quotes.


The criticism of Newton came after individual games...losses...at a time the Panthers were clearly on the wrong track.


I am sure if I was a Colts' fan, I would have had plenty to gripe about with Luck...the difference being that the Colts have always won with Luck. We can't say the same here.


And exactly what happened when Carolina turned Cam Newton in Alex Smith??? Tuned him into a game manager like I suggested??? 


12-4 playoffs 


This after finishing 7-9 with the league's 10th best defense and one of the top ground games in the NFL in 2012.


If you are hoping to find a post I am embarrassed about, you'll have to dig a little deeper.


I'm sure it had nothing to do with the defensive turnaround. Dude, you absolutely have no credibility when it comes to Cam. I actually thought you were being objective.

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