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In Topic: Saints eliminated from playoffs

24 December 2014 - 11:14 AM

I'm glad that your im-gonna-be-a-dick font is working.

If the saints are mathematically eliminated.... Follow me here...

Then a tie this Sunday could not possibly have them in. This in turn renders your argument null and void.

You cannot create a scenario that has the Saints getting in (see definition of eliminated) so you are trying to argue that the grass is blue because green minus yellow equals hamburger.

Merry Christmas.



Ok.  I see where the misunderstanding is.  If you go back to my initial post, I was explaining how our record worked out in the event of a tie with the Falcons and a win for the Saints.  I know they are mathematically eliminated, I even stated that in the above post.  My post explained the math of ultimately how we get in ahead of them.  It has nothing to do with hamburgers or post de facto logic.  I was just explaining how our record is, for all intents and purposes, 7-9 when determining the W-L-T percentage to declare a winner for the NFC South.  Believe it or not, people did not understand the math of a potential 6-8-2 team getting in ahead of a 7-9 team.  Yes, the Saints would have 9 losses in this scenario, BUT they also have 7 wins.  That's why the Panthers record must be broken down in the tie-breaking procedure bc we'd have the same W-L-T percentage.


TL;DR - We agree.  I was just explaining how the math worked.  You were further along the line of thinking saying it didn't matter because in the simple big picture it ultimately doesn't if we win, or tie next week.  No Big Deal. 


PS- I was being a dick bc I thought you were purposely being obtuse.  I apologize for that.  Happy Belated Festivus.

In Topic: Saints eliminated from playoffs

23 December 2014 - 07:39 PM

Yep, they do count as half a game in each column. However, they still don't count as a whole anything even with multiples.


OK, wow.  I don't really know how to respond at this point but I'll try.  Here it is, step-by-step. I won't do a mathematical proof, but I'm close.  Please keep in mind this all stemmed from the idea of the Panthers tying the Falcons next week.  It had nothing to do with the Saints being mathematically or genetically viable.


1) Panthers record is 6-8-1 until next game.

2) Panthers then hypothetically TIE the Falcons.

3) Add that new tie to the record.  It yields 6-8-2 (I promise you the math is correct)

4) Now if a tie is 1/2 a win and 1/2 a loss, that first tie makes the record 6.5-8.5-1

5) Take that last tie you see still sitting there in the third column and repeat.  Again, I promise you the math is correct.  

6) This yields 7.0-9.0-0 or simplified to 7-9 which is the same as the Saints.


Follow tie breaking procedures as follows in the link I provided.  Either you failed to read them or didn't understand what you read.  Either way sorry, it really shouldn't be this difficult.

In Topic: Saints eliminated from playoffs

23 December 2014 - 11:16 AM

It doesn't work that way.

You don't add ties and make them losses or wins, they are neither they are ties.

The panthers with 8 losses and 2 ties is still better than a poo stain team with 9 losses.

Saints are mathematically eliminated. Period.


Bolded part is 100% inaccurate.  I never said or implied the Saints weren't mathematically eliminated.  I was just explaining how it was figured in the event.


See http://www.nfl.com/s...akingprocedures and look at the NOTE below the first section ...




FL Tiebreaking Procedures

The six postseason participants from each conference are seeded as follows:

  1. The division champion with the best record.
  2. The division champion with the second-best record.
  3. The division champion with the third-best record.
  4. The division champion with the fourth-best record.
  5. The Wild Card club with the best record.
  6. The Wild Card club with the second-best record.

The following procedures will be used to break standings ties for postseason playoffs and to determine regular-season schedules.

NOTE: Tie games count as one-half win and one-half loss for both clubs.


In Topic: Saints eliminated from playoffs

21 December 2014 - 05:13 PM

Not true. If the Panthers and Falcons tie and the Saints win then the Panthers get in because they would have 8 losses compared to the Saints 9.



If we got in like that...it would be the ultimate troll job!


Actually if we tied Falcons and Saints beat Tampa, we would be 6-8-2 (7-9 effectively) and so would Saints.  We're tied head to head, so it would come down to divisional games.  We'd be 3-2-1 (3.5-2.5 effectively) to their 3-3.  But yes, we'd still get in over them in that scenario.

In Topic: Worserer than the Ebola!

18 December 2014 - 01:49 PM

This thread OP is a good message.  Good job on that.


However, my Bio BS cries a little every time it hears about a virus being alive or dead.


/grinds my gears



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