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In Topic: Most underrated players deserving a Pro Bowl nod

Yesterday, 06:42 PM


In Topic: UNC "Paper Class" Scandal Report Released & In NCAA Hands

Yesterday, 06:34 PM

Well we know ESPN won't cover it.  Wonder why?  John Skipper went to UNC.  Plain and simple.  No day long telethons.  No outrage.  They'll push the crappy World Series until Football recycles the news cycle.  


Frankly, I'm surprised UNC didn't release the info until Friday afternoon as per usual.  Oh wait, they weren't running the investigation this time.  The Carolina Way rolls on...

In Topic: Another Hardy Thread....

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

How do you punish him if found innocent? ?

Beason wasn't suspended when his trial prove him innocent.


cuz, cuz, wait for it, wait for it .... "he was already found guilty!"


god, i've wanted to say that for so long.  this is all sorts of poo.  hardy got crapped on plain and simple.  we as fans and the panthers get crapped on even more because it really looked like a special year coming into it.  now we look weak, if not already.  might not be able to re-sign our supposed core players because of second thoughts about getts/jr.  it is literally the worst possible outcome this side of him being completely guilty of everything.  fuggin lols.

In Topic: Seahawks players: Russel Wilson "not black enough"

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Paul fugin Mooney appears in the thread.  The day is complete.

In Topic: betcha can't do this...

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

That is an eerily beautiful song/voice combo.


That raga-type thing at the end tho was awesome too!!

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