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#3125457 Dead Money This year

Posted by Sasquatch on 08 December 2014 - 04:19 PM

With Hardy, that's almost 40 million for nothing. Almost a third of the cap.


Posted by Sasquatch on 10 November 2014 - 07:30 PM

Rhetorical questions is a preference choice but I still think the wrong punctuation was chosen by the troll.


It was, but he'll never admit it. 

#3022867 I sorta miss Alice.

Posted by Sasquatch on 15 October 2014 - 06:40 PM

Do I need to seek professional help.


Just save this as your desktop wall paper. It'll be like he's always with you. 



#3019473 How bout my Boys!

Posted by Sasquatch on 13 October 2014 - 05:15 PM

5-1 and just knocked off Seattle. Great year for us!

Meanwhile, a dumpster fire is burning in Charlotte. Lol



Dumpster fire?  We added to our lead over the division and didn't even have to win.

#3006764 Goodell believes in due process, but...

Posted by Sasquatch on 09 October 2014 - 02:05 AM

Hardy was found guilty by a judge and is appealing his ruling.  He was found guilty, so it's not like his case has yet to be heard and it's merely an accusation.  Albeit, the guilty ruling was a bit suspicious based on what I've heard from the testimony.  


Since Hardy is appealing he might still end up found innocent.  I always thought he should serve a 6 game suspension (new amount set by the league for crimes like this) for being found guilty and be able to return afterward.  If he's found innocent at his jury trial, great.  If he's found guilty again, he already served his suspension.  I think putting him on an indefinite paid leave was a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction and it made the Panthers look foolish.


You're obviously not from NC.

#3005072 Byrd Out For The Year

Posted by Sasquatch on 08 October 2014 - 01:42 AM

Ugh. Discussing bounty with rival teams fans is frustrating because you believed everything that was spoon fed to you by the NFL and the media because it was the Saints and the whole thing made you happy. I mean why would you want to dig and see if there were any actual facts out there.

There were confessions by coaches and players.

We all know the NFL and Goodell are liars now.

What lies?

Payton wasn't punished for his role in the bounty case asshat. Goodells words were, "There was no proof that Payton had any role in the bounty sheme, but he should have known, and ignorance is not an excuse." So you keep throwing out that Payton ran it, with no proof at all.

Wasn't there an email indicating that Payton's agent was contributing?

You also don't care about the Giants players targeting Mike Williams in the NFC Championship game a few years ago because all you care about is the Saints orginization looking like poo. Players after that game said they knew Williams had a concussion and wanted to "test" it. But damn the Saints are evil! No matter that the Packers were running a pay for performance in 2007. No loss of draft picks. No suspensions. Nothing. Why? Because there wasn't a concussion lawsuit going then.

Is there a difference between players setting up a pool within a position group and a coach administering a program extending outside the org?

The Saints ran what was and probably still is a common practice in the NFL. The difference is Gregg Williams is a POS. I'm guessing he got to NO and suddenly concocted this whole scheme though. He probably didn't run anything like that in all of his other years of coaching.

NO other team was identified with anything close to the same type program.

That's all I'm discussing on the matter. You want to feed into the NFL railroading the Saints? I'm fine with that. Stay uneducated on the matter. The Saints were made an example of in light of the concussion issue.

Railroading? to what end? Then Saints were rising in popularity which adds to league bank accounts. The Saints must have really POed all 31 other owners to get them to stand by and allow Goodell to do that.

#3002885 Byrd Out For The Year

Posted by Sasquatch on 06 October 2014 - 01:54 PM

A late tackle? Come on man. It takes a sad individual to be amused by an injury. Especially one like Vacarros. It's just a game and he plays or the other team. Guys are trying to make a living. I don't find any injury amusing.

That's pretty funny right there, especially from a Saints fan.

#2979747 Saints top contender to field best defense in NFL this year!

Posted by Sasquatch on 27 September 2014 - 07:04 AM

What in the world is going on here?



Isn't it obvious?


She's recreating the Saints pass rush.

#2952618 Rules Question

Posted by Sasquatch on 14 September 2014 - 05:33 PM


Digest of Rules Main

Summary of Penalties
Automatic First Down 
1. Awarded to offensive team on all defensive fouls with these exceptions: 
  1. Offside.
  2. Encroachment.
  3. Delay of game.
  4. Illegal substitution.
  5. Excessive time out(s).
  6. Incidental grasp of facemask.
  7. Neutral zone infraction.
  8. Running into the kicker.
  9. More than 11 players on the field at the snap.
Five Yards
  1. Defensive holding or illegal use of hands (automatic first down).
  2. Delay of game on offense or defense.
  3. Delay of kickoff.
  4. Encroachment.
  5. Excessive time out(s).
  6. False start.
  7. Illegal formation.
  8. Illegal shift.
  9. Illegal motion.
  10. Illegal substitution.
  11. First onside kickoff out of bounds between goal lines and untouched or last touched by kicker.
  12. Invalid fair catch signal.
  13. More than 11 players on the field at snap for either team.
  14. Less than seven men on offensive line at snap.
  15. Offside.
  16. Failure to pause one second after shift or huddle.
  17. Running into kicker.
  18. More than one man in motion at snap.
  19. Grasping facemask of the ball carrier or quarterback.
  20. Player out of bounds at snap.
  21. Ineligible member(s) of kicking team going beyond line of scrimmage before ball is kicked.
  22. Illegal return.
  23. Failure to report change of eligibility.
  24. Neutral zone infraction.
  25. Loss of team time out(s) or five-yard penalty on the defense for excessive crowd noise.
  26. Ineligible player downfield during passing down.
  27. Second forward pass behind the line.
  28. Forward pass is first touched by eligible receiver who has gone out of bounds and returned.
  29. Forward pass touches or is caught by an ineligible receiver on or behind line.
  30. Forward pass thrown from behind line of scrimmage after ball once crossed the line.
  31. Kicking team player voluntarily out of bounds during a punt.
  32. Twelve (12) men in the huddle.
10 Yards
  1. Offensive pass interference.
  2. Holding, illegal use of hands, arms, or body by offense.
  3. Tripping by a member of either team.
  4. Helping the runner.
  5. Deliberately batting or punching a loose ball.
  6. Deliberately kicking a loose ball.
  7. Illegal block above the waist.
15 Yards
  1. Chop block.
  2. Clipping below the waist.
  3. Fair catch interference.
  4. Illegal crackback block by offense.
  5. Piling on.
  6. Roughing the kicker.
  7. Roughing the passer.
  8. Twisting, turning, or pulling an opponent by the facemask.
  9. Unnecessary roughness.
  10. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  11. Delay of game at start of either half.
  12. Illegal low block.
  13. A tackler using his helmet to butt, spear, or ram an opponent.
  14. Any player who uses the top of his helmet unnecessarily.
  15. A punter, placekicker, or holder who simulates being roughed by a defensive player.
  16. Leaping.
  17. Leverage.
  18. Any player who removes his helmet after a play while on the field.
  19. Taunting.
Five Yards and Loss of Down (Combination Penalty)
  1. Forward pass thrown from beyond line of scrimmage.
10 Yards and Loss of Down (Combination Penalty)
  1. Intentional grounding of forward pass (safety if passer is in own end zone). If foul occurs more than 10 yards behind line, play results in loss of down at spot of foul.
15 Yards and Loss of Coin Toss Option
  1. Team’s late arrival on the field prior to scheduled kickoff.
  2. Captains not appearing for coin toss.
15 Yards (and disqualification if flagrant)
  1. Striking opponent with fist.
  2. Kicking or kneeing opponent.
  3. Striking opponent on head or neck with forearm, elbow, or hands whether or not the initial contact is made below the neck area.
  4. Roughing kicker.
  5. Roughing passer.
  6. Malicious unnecessary roughness.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. Palpably unfair act. (Distance penalty determined by the Referee after consultation with other officials.)
15 Yards and Automatic Disqualification
  1. Using a helmet (not worn) as a weapon.
  2. Striking or purposely shoving a game official.
Suspension From Game For One Down
  1. Illegal equipment. (Player may return after one down when legally equipped.)
Touchdown Awarded (Palpably Unfair Act)
  1. When Referee determines a palpably unfair act deprived a team of a touchdown. (Example: Player comes off bench and tackles runner apparently en route to touchdown.)


#2951871 Dear NFC South,

Posted by Sasquatch on 14 September 2014 - 03:24 PM

also fug phillyb's thread I was here first



Posted by Sasquatch on 14 September 2014 - 03:16 PM

Saints are still celebrating that NFCS Pre-season crown.


#2950167 Listen up Bucs fan

Posted by Sasquatch on 14 September 2014 - 01:33 PM

When did The History Channel start covering the NFL?

#2948159 Damn we're good

Posted by Sasquatch on 14 September 2014 - 02:49 AM

I once punched a horse to the ground




#2944945 At this point.... why not....

Posted by Sasquatch on 12 September 2014 - 05:23 AM

Why the hell was that game not called "Monkey Kong". Is he half barnyard animal?



Shigeru Miyamoto, the game's inventor and the one person who unquestionably knows the origins of the name he chose, has repeatedly affirmed that he used the word "donkey" to convey a sense of stubbornness and the name "Kong" to invoke the image of a gorilla.

#2930392 So why was my huddle store topic deleted?

Posted by Sasquatch on 07 September 2014 - 09:55 AM

You'll find your answer RIGHT HERE.

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