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#2636311 10 Things Richard Sherman learned after America learned about him

Posted by seahawks12thman on 30 January 2014 - 07:21 PM

This board is awesome. I love your city, team and passion. I will always love my hawks but I hope our teams have dynasty's this decade. I know not everybody on here loves the Hawks but it is nice to see knowledgable fans and this board sets the standards. Get a few receivers and we'll see you next year in the NFC Championship game.


Much Love from Seattle and the 12th man and of course Keep Pounding!!!

#2613116 Kaepernick is a disrespectful thug

Posted by seahawks12thman on 13 January 2014 - 01:49 PM

If you want to kill the body, sever the head. Boldin has never acted like a third grader till he went to that team. They act like Harbaugh, a miserable douchebag that hates everybody and everything. Kaep didn't act like this at Nevada. What was disappointing was that Rivera didn't hype up his team. To beat the whiners, you have to bully them. When the sideline bimbo said that Harbaugh wanted more antics and Rivera wanted less, I knew the game was over. 

#2591836 You Better Step Up Sunday!

Posted by seahawks12thman on 06 January 2014 - 02:15 PM

We will.


You're next.




Whooaa, relax. The Panthers are my second favorite team and next week if they play the Hawks you won't see me. I am not a troll, I like your team and the way they play. If anybody can beat the Hawks it is the Panthers. This week I get to see a Panther victory against the whiners, what could be finer than that?


Who wants to go to Carolina?????


#2591807 You Better Step Up Sunday!

Posted by seahawks12thman on 06 January 2014 - 02:04 PM

GOOOO PANTHERS!! Please educate me as why I should trust the Panther passing game? I can't stand Douche face Harbaugh and would love to see him screaming up and down the sidelines like a lunatic after a loss. I know your running game will be effective but you will have to do some damage through the air. 


PS Please kick the Niners Ass.... 


Signed everybody.. 

#2575657 Not Allowed on the Bandwagon

Posted by seahawks12thman on 30 December 2013 - 01:51 PM

Congrats to the NFC South Champions. It was a while back that Hawk fans took poo for not beating the Panthers by more points in Charlotte. I guess both teams turned out to be very good. I am pretty confident the Hawks will win the Super Bowl but if they should fail, I definitely want to see Carolina get the Lombardi. So to all those fans that said our teams suck, You can kiss my WHITE ROYAL IRISH ASS!!!!

#2483317 Who to root for, Week 11.

Posted by seahawks12thman on 12 November 2013 - 11:04 AM


Doesn't really matter. 
Bills. We need the SOS. Plus fug the Jets
Browns. The AFC North plays the AFC East, so again, SOS.
Doesn't Matter
Redskins, only to further ensure the NFC Least stays terrible, and nobody gets on a roll to compete for a Wildcard spot
Dolphins. SOS.
Vikings. They are out of it, and I think the Seahawks will slip up down the stretch, opening the conversation for  the number 1 seed.
Broncos. SOS
Jags. I know nobody cares about Arizona, but that team is for real. That Defense is just as good as ours (as we saw in week 5) and they are getting hot. If Palmer can stop sucking they will be in the wildcard discussion. 
Nobody cares
Giants. If the Giants can win here it basically eliminates the Packers
Saints. I know I'll catch poo for this, but in the long run its better if the Saints win here. We have the tie breaker on the 49ers. A win a MNF football, and a 49er loss here gives us a 2 game cushion on them. We'll play the Saints twice anyway so we'll have our shot to take the division.









Question #1 How are my Seahawks going to slip up down the stretch, we don't play anybody except the Saints and Niners and they haven't even challenged us the last two games?


Question #2 are you crazy? Your team has a chance to win the second seed overall and you are rooting for the Saints? I am rooting for the Saints because you always secure your division first. You guys could get a first round bye if you overtake the "Taints" lol. If NO loses, then they have to go to Seattle in three weeks and with another loss all you guys have to do is win the rest of your games and split with them, no brainer!!!!


#2481128 Seahawks fan sent me this

Posted by seahawks12thman on 11 November 2013 - 11:37 AM

I don't think they understand that we didn't win for their benefit.


Hey it's all good. We as Seattle fans feel we will win it all this year with the talent that we have so we are not too worried, plus we hardly lose at home. That being said, any football fan could see the Panthers going to Seattle and winning with their defense (awesome). If it happens I will root the Panthers on to win the Superbowl even if it is at the expense of my beloved Seahawks. You guys have a great team and fan base. I was treated great as a visiting fan and if my Hawks should go down, I will root for the Panthers to bring home the Lombardi.. :)

#2474205 Rivera: Players practiced nervous today.

Posted by seahawks12thman on 09 November 2013 - 11:48 AM

There is something wrong with the Panthers if they aren't nervous. This is a big game and really a must win game if the Panthers want to catch the Saints. It will be very difficult to sweep NO. If you lose in the next two weeks it would be a much better loss to the Patriots; conference record is extremely important. In fact if you can pass NO, there is an excellent chance you could get the number 2 seed and a bye the way the North and East divisions are playing. 

#2472050 Colin Kaepernick just oozes charisma and personality lol

Posted by seahawks12thman on 07 November 2013 - 01:13 PM

He was just as moronic with the Seattle media. He embarrasses his franchise and his arrogance is his undoing. As I said earlier, the key with him is to make him uncomfortable early. He is mentally weak and insecure; it pathetic because he use to be likable till he became the protege of the biggest douche bag in the NFL (You know, the man who can't shake hands with an opposing head coach without hitting him and rubbing it in). I fully expect you guys to get a win and send this soft team on a downward spiral. Other than the Packers, they haven't beaten anybody. 

#2466087 Early Vegas Line CAR @ SF

Posted by seahawks12thman on 04 November 2013 - 09:33 AM

Oh and one more thing, as good as their offensive line is, they are horrendous at pass protection. If you shut down their running game, they will abandon it early and you can make Kaepernick's (The bicep kissing tool) life miserable. The Niner's think they are bullies until they get punched in the mouth, then they back down. 

#2466069 Early Vegas Line CAR @ SF

Posted by seahawks12thman on 04 November 2013 - 09:27 AM

As a rival of the Niner's, here is the blueprint for victory. You must stop the run, fortunately your team has the horses up front to do it. They run traps, counters and unconventional running schemes for some reason you don't see any more. Your DB must jam their receivers at the line of scrimmage. Kaepernick will only look for his first two options; he is lousy at his third and fourth reads. He will run  if he has to scan the field and IF the Panthers can keep him in the pocket, he will either be sacked or throw interceptions. He is actually quite weak mentally. You can rattle him and once he is off his game, the cookies keep coming. Your D is extremely difficult to run on so he will have to beat you with his legs and arm. Zone D doesn't work with them; he ripped the packers apart going to Boldin and Davis. Both guys DO NOT like physical corners who jam at the line of scrimmage and you can shut them down.. The key is stopping the run. 


On O the Panthers must run the ball up the middle and between the guards, they are vulnerable there. The Seahawks and Texans both gashed them up the middle. Running quarterbacks give their defense trouble because Harbaugh doesn't like to substitute his players and if Cam is running around, they will wear down because of fatigue. Stay away from their rookie Eric Reid, he will be a stud but the rest of their secondary is pedestrian to garbage and can be exploited. You have the team to beat this team now go do it dammit...

#2455480 Seahawks so lucky

Posted by seahawks12thman on 29 October 2013 - 07:19 AM

As a die hard Seahawks fan this team is in trouble. There maybe some team strife between our OC and Lynch. I have no problem losing as long as we lose playing to our strengths but what in the F*CK kind of game plan was that? I guess we were a passing team tonight. The Rams run defense was horrible and you keep pounding the rock even if you have to punt a couple of series..What do we do? We put two back up tackles on an edge and let them play one on one with Quinn and Long (The only strength of the Rams defense). I have never been more miserable winning a game. When we finally get to the 1, we do a Russell Wilson keeper even though he took all those hits. Darrell Bevell is auditioning for a head coaching job and didn't win any suitors last night. Such incompetence is scary and I am afraid our season is in jeopardy right now much to the delight of some!!!

#2454518 Regarding the Falcons game and the playoff picture

Posted by seahawks12thman on 28 October 2013 - 01:56 PM

The bottom line is your game against Atlanta is huge but if you lose to them at home then you aren't as tough as I thought you were, sorry. I don't see you guys losing to that finesse team. The Cardinals are mediocre and they destroyed them on defense. Your Defense is every bit if not more physical then they are. I want to see the defense that held the Hawks to 12 points. Besides, you will have 10 days after Thursday to rest up and kick the Niner's teeth in. How does 5-3 sound heading into San Fran knowing that a win ties you with them and gives you the tie breaker. We'll take care of the Saints.. Besides, I am not a fan of Peyton after bounty gate. While he may not have been the architect, he signed off on it. 

#2450842 [ARTICLE] Playoffs not happening for Panthers

Posted by seahawks12thman on 25 October 2013 - 04:33 PM

Here is rushing offense. 24th

Here is rushing defense. 18th

Are you new at using the Internet?

I guess the same question back at you, how stupid are you?

 You illiterate dipshit, I said total defense, not rushing defense. That packers team was a top 5 defense in 2010 so try again troll.

#2450297 Panthers are elite!

Posted by seahawks12thman on 25 October 2013 - 12:53 PM

Lets make a deal Panther Fans: We will beat the crap out of the Saints if you can beat the Sh*t out of the Whiners???