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In Topic: NC Supreme Court: Screw Your 4th Amendment

Yesterday, 10:47 PM

I am actually with Anybodyhome on this, believe it or not.

That's it. Hell has frozen over.

In Topic: Has the Affordable Health Care Act helped or hurt anyone you know?

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

One of the biggest hurts I have seen among people I know is several of them have had their hours reduced from what would be considered full time to below 30. While I know this isn't the trend nationally, at least as it has been reported, it has happened to some folks I know. 

In Topic: Zod's Official Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

If we take Moses, the first time he opens a gap for will or jstew, there will be a comment about parting the sea.

In Topic: Creepiest things ever said by children

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

I see dead people.

In Topic: Carolina style bbq or buffalo wings?

20 April 2014 - 01:41 AM

Curious. Has anyone tried to make smoked wings? Sounds like it might be good in theory if its drenched in sauce.

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