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In Topic: First Earth-size planet that may hold water confirmed

Yesterday, 07:17 PM

Maybe we should send Justin Beiber there since he won't go back to Canada

In Topic: Pitfalls of adopting a new pup

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

Absolutely awesome dogs as long as they have been trained properly. 


Biggest advice I can give is check the landlord's insurance policy. You may be required to carry insurance for your dog because it's one of the "dangerous" breeds. Right up there with Chihuahuas. 


I know some areas have banned certain breeds so it might be worth it to check in to see if that's something that's even in the works down at city hall. 


Overall, pits are great dogs. It just sucks people are so scared of them and won't give them a chance. My daughter's pits love to play on the trampoline. They will spend hours on that thing bouncing up and down. At least that is when the granddaughter isn't dressing them up like princesses. 

In Topic: 2012 NFL redraft: oh, RGIII didn't go #1?

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

Right, but he's had him a year and a half. I'm trying to imagine the hysteria that would have been on the huddle when Roger Goodell announced the first pick, no matter who it was.

In Topic: 2012 NFL redraft: oh, RGIII didn't go #1?

Yesterday, 06:03 PM

Luck has talent. He also had Wayne and Hilton. Seattle's D won that SB. Not saying Wilson is a bad qb, but of that draft class, I still think Luck is the best. 


Question is though. What if Luck had come out in 2011? Who would the huddle have been screaming for? Luck or Cam?

In Topic: NFL Draft Simulator game

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

Yeah, they did something to the trade calculator a couple weeks ago and it's been messed up really bad since. One of the trades I was offered was to trade 1st, 3rd, and 4th for a 1st and 7th from Seattle. Made no freaking sense at all. 




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