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In Topic: We Are Missing Something On Defense

Today, 08:38 AM

Why do people keep thinking that Hardy was a leader? He was an enforcer if anything.

Mitchell though... my heart shattered when Pittsburgh signed him. :(

Because it was Hardy who spoke up when Matty lite told us to get off his field 2 years ago. It was Hardy who said all week before the next ATL vs. CAR game that we were going to beat the poo out of them (which we did) and the team made it happened. He the one who speaks up not CJ when the Dline needs a boost. So that's why people consider him the leader.

In Topic: Are my sorry ass Falcons still in division title contention?

Today, 08:27 AM

I think it's kiss your sister. A formal goodbye in Carolina I'm assuming

Or in Atlanta kiss your nearest Scrotum.

In Topic: Are my sorry ass Falcons still in division title contention?

Today, 08:24 AM

Did you and wow go to school together

Grammar police alert.

In Topic: thomas davis speaks

Yesterday, 06:45 PM

Steve has had 0 off the field incidents, everything Steve hasever done occurred in a football setting. Gettleman came in and didn't like it. Steve is going to be Steve. We are missing his leadership on offense. The quarterback can't be the one getting in guys faces and challenging them, especially not Cam. Steve was a guy that would challenge his teammates and hold them accountable. We don't have that fire on offense anymore. Steve was probably the most respected leader in that locker room and he's gone. So is Gross. When you replace leadership on the fly like that, it's not just going to magically be ok. This team is getting punched in the mouth, punked. Somebody has to stand up and say enough.

I can take a loss, but we've been blown out in every loss of the season.

Until proven guilty the only off the field incident for Hardy is hanging with the wrong people.

In Topic: We Are Missing Something On Defense

Yesterday, 06:27 PM

That man ain't coming back.

And that's a major problem.

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