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In Topic: Official Panthers - Patriots Gameday Thread

Yesterday, 06:51 PM

Philly Brown just made the team.

In Topic: Game can be seen on NBC ?

Yesterday, 05:53 PM

RDU area it's gonna be on ABC.

In Topic: I Am Leaving the Huddle

14 August 2014 - 10:15 PM

This is almost Alice level here.

In Topic: Why the New Orleans Saints Suck

14 August 2014 - 07:51 PM

lol i would hang out with that kid 10/10 times before i'd get within 2 states of dat alice



In Topic: WR Brandon Coleman (the guy that's taller than KB) Most Improved

08 August 2014 - 02:39 PM



Alejandro· noun \ˈalice - handjob\

: a weak person who is easily frightened


Full Definition of Alejandro

slang :  penis
:  nerd <computer weenies>
Examples of Alejandro
  1. Don't be such an Alice.
  2. <an inner-directed individual who could have cared less if others stuck the dreaded Alice label on him>
Origin of Alejandro
alteration of weenie
First Known Use: circa 2012
An extremely insecure person who most likely licks they balls in spare time. This person cares excessively about everything around them and tries hard for approval. He or she acts cool on the outside (or tries to) but in reality they are a true p*ssy at heart. A weenie needs to have a bestest friend and can never do things on his or her own. He or she has the tendency to be wrong or unjust all the time.
Look at that alice-- he shits himself on the bench because he is afraid coach is gonna put him in.

You are such an Alice..two weeks ago you said you wanted to troll a facebook page, and now you act like you didn't and try to deflect it on someone else with a fake text conversation? Get a life (and live it on your own)


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