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In Topic: Found this gem on Youtube...

20 January 2015 - 05:32 PM

Michael Frigging Bates man. I love that guy.

In Topic: Stop reporting posts from this forum

19 January 2015 - 05:41 PM

When we report someone, what format do we have to use and how many words are acceptable? Also is a cover page necessary?

In Topic: I got 4 PS4 games in my queue...which one to play?

14 January 2015 - 10:30 AM

You should play The Last of Us first, its a masterpiece and a fun game to boot.

In Topic: Steve Smith to return in 2015

11 January 2015 - 09:26 PM

Definitely what I thought, even though it would make no sense. Too bad the huddle doesn't have that feature where you can scroll over a thread title and preview what's in the OP


if you scroll over the thread title, look on the right side, you'll see a little greyed out arrow pointing down. move your cursor over to it and it turns black. Click it. Thats the thread preview. :thumbsu:

In Topic: I probably should have gotten out of the way...

11 January 2015 - 12:26 AM

Hung in there, hoping for the best shot of my career. Cam within a few inches of end zone from making it, and almost got killed in the process.




I'd like a 60x40 poster of this please. :rock: