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In Topic: Georgia Dome

18 September 2014 - 08:13 PM

LOL TAMPA is garbage without Mccoy they have nothing.

In Topic: Leave your Hardy jerseys at home

18 September 2014 - 03:14 PM

This thread makes me want to punch the op in the face :)

In Topic: #2 Defense Points Allowed Per Game

15 September 2014 - 01:19 PM

We played the Lions who missed two fieldgoals and arguably had another touchdown if not for a odd rule.

Odd rule? It's far from that in fact it's the Calvin Johnson rule see the game they played vs the bears a few years ago.

He missed 2 49 yarders far from chip shots.

In Topic: Superman not looking good

15 September 2014 - 10:14 AM

Lmao @ thered always a race baiting douche you should be a niners fan if you love kaperdick so much.

In Topic: So the Steelers...

15 September 2014 - 08:43 AM

Key's to a panthers victory over Pittsburgh

#1. Contain Bell. I've watched both their games, and he looks like a top 5 back right now. Very shifty since he has lost weight, and catches the ball out of the backfield well.

#2. Pressure/contain Big Ben. I think we need to eliminate Ben from wiggling out of the pocket. The front four needs to collapse it from all sides and avoid him making a "Big Ben" play.

#3. Limit Antonio Brown (whether that be in the passing game, running game, or the return game).

#4. Attack their aggressive defense with screens and mis-direction.

This Pittsburgh team reminds me a lot of the Lions. They have a good offense and some nice weapons. The defense is living off of the reputation of a key big name player (Suh-Polamalu). We should be able to run the ball better this week than against the Lions.

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