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#2486378 Belichick says he has seen the Panthers offense already this season...

Posted by HernandezTheHitman on 14 November 2013 - 12:50 AM

does arrington play outside in your base set usually then? or is he exclusively a nickelback except in case of emergencies? 


steve smith will play out of the slot for much of the game and match up against arrington; how do you think he handles it? ginn is our deep threat and will line up outside for much of the game, lafell could line up just about anywhere


No he only plays outside in emergencies.


Arringtons issues are covering vertical routes so unless there are a few missed assignments from the safety he'll fare pretty well.


While the receivers will probably have issues getting open, Olsen should have a pretty big day since Spikes is slow and Hightower is stiff and can't cover although they might end up putting Talib on him in the red zone and 3rd down.