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In Topic: RIP: Joe Cocker

Today, 02:40 PM




It wasn't until I was in my late 30s that I learned to appreciate Joe's music.



In Topic: The biggest influence in Rock music?

Today, 02:38 PM

You're defining "influence" differently though. You're listing the rich man who put out the record or found the talent. That's a different thing all together. Yes, some on your list played as well but influence should be about who made a person want to play. Made them choose their genre. Not who game them a shot.


Why not list Ed Sullivan, lol?




Let me try to make my case with an analogy.


Who had the biggest influence on Football?


Was it the the coaches and coordinators who designed the game?

Was it the owners and commissioners who promoted and funded the game?

Or was it the players who inspired kids to play the game?



Of course Id say it was the coaches and coordinators who refined and developed the schemes and philosophies by which the game we watch is executed.



So in that same vein I want to say the biggest influence on Rock (and all other music) comes from those men and women who take the Curt Cobains of the world and shape and mold their raw musical ideas into something they believe the masses will purchase.


Keep in mind the fact that Phil Spector wasn't just a guy with a checkbook.  He is responsible for the style and sound of the acts he produced.  Much in the same way you can pretty easily identify which of the Chili Peppers albums Rubin produced due to his distinct ideas on how music should be mixed and presented.


And why not Sullivan?  Because he was just a TV host and had nothing to do with the finding and signing the musicians or engineering their "sound".

In Topic: What is the best Christmas... holiday movie..?

Today, 01:58 PM

Off the beaten path on this one.
29th street. Based on a true story.


Really decent movie that I thought outside of the cast, production staff, and my wife and I, no one knew about.

In Topic: The biggest influence in Rock music?

Today, 01:50 PM

Come on folks.

The question wasn't where did Rock start or who deserves credit for it, the question is who had/has the most influence.

And while all of (ok most of) the acts listed in this thread deserve their own accolades they don't hold a candle to the Clive Davis', Rick Rubins, Phil Spectors, Nile Rodgers, Brian Eno, and Quincy Jones' when it comes to their influence on the genre.

Those men and the many other folks like them have driven the industry to what it is. I didn't matter how innovative Chuck Berry was, if Leonard Chess didn't sign him we may never have heard of him beyond him backing up other acts. Hell it could be well argued that Butch Vig had as much to do with Nirvana's success an Cobain did by producing Nevermind. Likewise had Norman Smith done a lesser job producing The Piper at the Gates of Dawn we may well have never heard of Pink Floyd.

In Topic: Best Southern Rock Band Of All Time Is...

Today, 01:24 PM

When people think of Southern Rock, they think of Skynyrd first thing.


When people think of tacos they think of Taco Bell, that doesn't make them the best.



I said back when this thread was new that Skynyrd are among the top but Id easily place them as low as 5 and no higher than third.


Allman Brothers are the top.


then its some combination of

.38 Special

Molly Hatchet


Marshal Tucker

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