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I know exactly where Granite Falls is, I was always fond of the town's name. I dunno why...I come down from Boone for about half the games, I'll be coming down for the playoff game for sure...and if you see a black Subaru Outback w/ a Panthers front plate...that's me :-)
Jan 01 2009 05:00 PM


as long as Atlanta has a Black Helmet I really doubt we change. I live in Granite Falls ... right off 321, so on your way to the game if a Black F150 w/ the whiskers decal in the window passes ya ... thats me lol
Jan 01 2009 09:22 AM


I've always wanted to see what a black helmet w/ that logo would look like...looks awesome. I was never for changing the uniforms, but adding an all black alternate would be sweet. You should experiment and make a few of those helmets, different angles and such...go panthers and happy new yeear!
Jan 01 2009 05:01 AM