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In Topic: Cracking Down on this Forum

Yesterday, 12:19 PM

It happens, we're all humans.


Luke's not human!........ well, the last two weeks he's been...but usually, LUKE'S not human!

In Topic: How soon do you anticipate the player only meeting

Yesterday, 10:12 AM

POM should have occurred after the embarrassing Steelers game. these are grown men and there always has to be veteran leaders self policing the attitude of the team / locker room.

In Topic: Cracking Down on this Forum

Yesterday, 09:51 AM

the chat room during the game yesterday was unreal...the guy who posted the jameis winston quote should be dealt with harshly. and that's all he had to say, nothing else.

In Topic: How many of you felt this way today?

Yesterday, 04:58 AM

FUG no!

In Topic: Lack of Discipline

Yesterday, 04:56 AM

Harper has sucked so far.

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