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#3333886 2015 Tailgating Menu's

Posted by Dick the Butcher on Today, 10:18 AM

Palmetto dip is the shiz. Started in Pawleys Island, SC with a husband and wife and one employee. They are now in Costco. The jalapeño version is my personal fav.
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#3317322 Drove from Chicago to Indianapolis in this

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 09 April 2015 - 05:55 PM

Would you like to upgrade to the compact, sir?

#3314628 Lawrence Tynes sues Bucs for $35M

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 07 April 2015 - 12:19 PM

Joke all you want, but the Bucs are in some serious heat over this.

#3311849 Why is it that some of you huddlers are fixated on..

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 04 April 2015 - 11:55 AM

Like the old saying goes, " you can't teach speed." The idea is that a player can develop awareness, hands, etc. as fans, therefore, we focus on speed, sometimes to the seeming exclusion of other attributes. The wise fan emphasizes 40 time in the context of overall talent without losing sight of overall skill. A lot of discussion gets hypfocused and dumbed down.

#3311771 Former DSS worker Larson found guilty of child abuse, released with time served

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 04 April 2015 - 10:13 AM







This poo makes me sick.  The VERY freaking reason Kayla's Law was passed.  If you want to be a criminal, move to Union County.


#3297049 group pic of every NFL HC. awkward as fug

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 24 March 2015 - 09:02 AM

Bill and Andy seem like the only ones who know how to enjoy themselves.

#3292593 Alan "Blue Balls" Ball leaves Panther offer on table

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 20 March 2015 - 03:06 PM

I trust our front office for once on this one.  Fair deal was offered.  He didn't take it.  So what.  We move on, and it gives us more money down the road.

#3292585 This whole drafting the best player available talk around here is ridiculous

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 20 March 2015 - 03:04 PM

DG wasn't GM when Cam was drafted.  


DG has made it abundantly clear throughout his GMing that the best player on the board is who his team is drafting.


Your thread kinda sucks.

#3283971 Huddle Workout Warriors

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 14 March 2015 - 11:25 AM

I feel like salads are a waste, especially if you're trying to gain any kind of muscle mass.  There is very little nutritional value in most green lettuce, and the salad dressing most people use is really lacking as well.  Just my opinion.  Brown rice/quinoa, Brussels sprouts/broccoli/asparagus, and protein with some cottage cheese/greek yogurt on the side should get you through an entire week of lunch.  Protein bars [the low carb variety] for snacks.  And do egg whites on a bagel/english muffin for breakfast.  As for dinner, just go easy on carbs at night.  If you REALLY want to cut your weight, start eating only 1600 calories a day and doing cardio 5 days/week.  You will drop a TON and fast.  Won't gain muscle that way, but it's the best way to get rid of belly fat if that's your sole goal.

#3278043 Rumor: Panthers, Titans, and Eagles Contact Michael Crabtree

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 11 March 2015 - 05:00 PM

guys, guys....we made Ted Ginn, Jr. look good.  Crabtree would be a massive upgrade over every WR we have save KB.  He'll want more money than we would be willing to give, though.

#3277944 Bill Voth dropping knowledge, perspective and some clarity for the cliff jumpers

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 11 March 2015 - 04:17 PM

Spend big money on a FA when the entire NFCS is in rebuild? I don't think so. This is the perfect time to slow play it, draft well, and hopefully have Raider-type money in a year or two. All the while still making the playoffs.

#3245257 DGB Considered "Best WR to Come Out since Calvin Johnson."

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 18 February 2015 - 10:06 AM

After what Hardy did, I SERIOUSLY doubt we go near any player that has a known history of hitting women, much less pushing them down stairs.

#3244851 What is your average monthly grocery bill?

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 17 February 2015 - 06:08 PM

For two, we spend probably $125-$150 per week, $500 -$600 a month on food alone (including a few household supplies but not alcohol). Probably 2 planned, nice meals out each month, and 2-3 other meals out each week - what I'd call convenience meals (don't feel like cooking, lunch with coworkers, bojangles or cookout when nearby in Atlanta). Cooking is basically my hobby and I typically spend a couple of hours each night making dinner and leftovers for the next day's lunch for both of us. Loving to cook can save you money and cost you a ton of money. Saves you money when you can make a massive pot of soup and two loaves of bread for $15 that makes 16 servings. Costs you money when you say "Fug it, I'm makin a whole beef tenderloin on Saturday."


I must be your long, lost twin, man.  I feel the EXACT same way.  Chili can get stretched, but some weekends you want to go all out and do a standing rib roast.  

#3242717 With this screen cap I make you chuckle....

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 15 February 2015 - 01:23 PM

That's WWE style...from "Parts Unknown."



#3242360 2015 North Carolina State University Mens Basketball

Posted by Dick the Butcher on 14 February 2015 - 09:57 PM

This team. I feel like a white chick right now, because I can't even...