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Former DSS worker Larson found guilty of child abuse, released with time served

04 April 2015 - 10:13 AM







This poo makes me sick.  The VERY freaking reason Kayla's Law was passed.  If you want to be a criminal, move to Union County.


What is your average monthly grocery bill?

17 February 2015 - 02:29 PM

I'm curious what the Huddle spends on groceries per month.  


Rounding up, I average about $130/wk ($520/mo) for two people, and I eat out about 1-2 times a week.


What says you, Huddle?

Cam on DP Show this morning

30 January 2015 - 12:15 PM

The other day Dan Patrick had Luke on, and today was Cam's turn.


Here's the tl;dr version:


-Arrived 15 minutes late.  Previous guests included Jimmy Graham, Darius Rucker, and Erin Heatherton

-Brings ONE (1) Under Armour shoe

-Asked why he only brought one--said the other got stuck in the mud outside, a nod to DP's western-themed broadcast set

-Asked about bad weather--said you just have to psyche yourself out, and get over it; accuracy is tough on both short and long passes

-About avoiding Sherman--just gives props; said he stays over the top, smart player, that he's like a cat.  Says he worries more about Kam Chancellor

-Asked about the alltime moment where he got-got--said his rookie year against Arakpo (sp?) he was blindsided; commented about the 3-4 defense giving them trouble [as it still does] and the OT missing the block.

-Ask about the alltime moment he got someone--said it was the block on Lance Briggs this past season.  Briggs didn't see him coming as the ball reversed field.  Said he launced all "255 I have at him."

-Asked about biggest player he's played against--said Julius Pepper

-Voice has never cracked at LoS

-Asked about embarassing moment--said his rookie year where he lined up behind the wrong OLman

-Asked about LoS adjustments--said they keep them basic; doesn't try to be Peyton Manning.  Brady and Manning are in a league of their own, and he's just trying to be the best Cam Newton

-Brady dresses better. DP says he needs a wife.  Cam:  "Heeeey."

-Re: cadences--said he is inconsistent; compares himself to Luck, who's always very consistent.  Says OL just need to listen for that, "hut," and don't worry about anything else

-Asked about mics on the field--says mics should not be allowed b/c listening to calls/audibles gives too much of a competitive advantage

-Re: Manning's LoS adjustments--said he needs to practice his fake calls with WRs

-Under Armour plug was weird.  Talking about that shoe, "In all respects to people's joints and bones, UA's new shoe helps perform better."  WAT?

-What he learned today [a DP Show wrap-up]: 1. needs to improve dummy signs 2. he's envious of Manning and Brady [joking] and 3. he needs a wife



Luke on Dan Patrick Radio Show this morning

28 January 2015 - 10:05 AM

Came on around 10 this morning


- Crew joked about Luke being small--called him Luke Weakly

- Luke agreed to tackle all of them to prove otherwise

- Asked abou trashtalk--said he tries to stay away from that on the field; leaves it to his teammates

- Asked when he knew he was good--said his Jr year of HS his coaches were telling him he could play and he carried that over from college into the Pros

- Best QBs:  Rodgers and Brady but also gave credit to Brees and Ryan but slighted them bc he plays them so much

- "Over 4" is a basic defensive audible; D isn't super complex just plays hard

- Asked about how he "clicks" on field--said just a lot of prep builds up angst to make the most out of one day

- Asked about the "perfect hit"--said an open run lane and the RB doesn't see you; when you don't feel it but they do; said he was going to knock the air out of Paulie

- Props to Lynch-tough runner

- Admits to being told by others that they thought he would be bigger

- Playing weight at 235

- Asked about end of season--said it's upsetting to end season w/o SB but you keep going

- Skyline chilli and some pizza joint and ice cream joints

- Asked about being from Cinci--didn't get recruited by Oh St (no offer no walk on spot)

- Brother went to Oh St

- Rooted for Oh St this playoff bc of brother