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In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Today, 05:12 AM

this is an absurd notion. 


no sane person is gonna keep staff around (who are not their guys to begin) when their job is on the line. 


things go south and DG will certainly fire staff. 

In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Yesterday, 06:02 AM

He played at basically a community college so not allowing a sack isn't too imptessive against the East Texas Technical Institute. Jeff Otah was a great pick too until he had health issues. I dont know wtf Gettleman was doing this offseason but I hope like hell he doesnt decide to repeat it again this year.


Faulty logic.


There have been plenty of small school players (some who didn't even dominate on that level) to have successful NFL careers. 


Kugbila had everything you want from a mid - late round OT. ie size / athleticism and tape (complete domination) to go along with the measurables. I have no problem taking a flyer on a guy like that. Potential reward out weighs the risks. Now if he drafted Kugbila in the first 3 rounds then yea, you would have a point. 

In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Yesterday, 04:45 AM

Btw,dont even get me started on the fact DG took freaking Edmund Kugbila with the 108th pick in the 2013 draft.i am starting to see a pattern here and one that i dont like at all,whatsoever.


that wasnt a bad pick if he checked out health wise. 


dude absolutely dominated in college. didnt allow one sack his entire senior season if I remember correctly 

In Topic: The Seattle Seahawks’ Big Problem

21 October 2014 - 11:36 PM

also, our safety play was MUCH better last year. 



In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

21 October 2014 - 11:33 PM

i will rage if a OT isnt selected in the first 3 rounds next draft. 

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