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In Topic: James Dockery to start at Nickel this Sunday

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

So if he is Nickle who is the starters Norman, Cason or White? Does anyone know if Norman is a full go? if so i think he gets CB2 and Cason CB1. Not that i want Cason in but the coaches probably wont pull him.

In Topic: Hey Panther fans

Yesterday, 10:22 AM

Thanks we have some work to do, but we will get it right soon.

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

Im more worried that our fanbase will never understand some of the cuts, and we will never hear the end of it. But i do see your point Scott.

In Topic: Godfrey Released

21 October 2014 - 02:00 PM



In Topic: When a student fails, do you blame the teacher?

21 October 2014 - 01:51 PM

I think you Have guys that are in experienced playing. You coach them up but they need time on the field to learn to not make mental mistakes. That is the issue with having too many young guys. you get a team that is not consistent. You can try to draft guys you think are mentally ready, but you cant get all of your team that way. That is why we are still starting some vets that are under performing. I dont think we want to go all inexperienced at once. Adding guys like brown to WR would give us youth and speed but there will be a trade off somewhere im sure.   Just like Norman hes got skills but you cant trust him mentally. The idea of bringing Cason/Harper was to have guys that knew what to do, the problem is they look like they dont.

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