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Yesterday, 11:32 PM

apparently it helps me keep from saying silly things on the internet... you might wanna give it a shot yourself :)


no, that's not it.

In Topic: The Silence is Deafening

Yesterday, 11:27 PM

Where are our usual pundits to champion the cause of free speech?  I suddenly hear all of the tip-toeing about "where do we draw the line for inflammatory speech?" when these talking heads were clear in their defense of various artforms that criticized typical right-wing icons like the American Flag, crucifixes, sitting Republican presidents, etc.


Where are the usual, "that's what you get for having firearms so incredibly unregulated" pundits?


Are we now keen to defend "religious liberties" with our complicit silence to these talking points?


I suppose "there's nothing to see here".


the American flag is an American icon.

In Topic: Russ Purnell named new Special Teams coach

05 May 2015 - 01:56 PM


It looks like he will fit right in on Ron's staff.


Jim Caldwell winning over Colts fans by canning Russ Purnell



"Caldwell has already won me over. I reserve judgment on how affective he is when it comes to winning, but as a person he has conveyed strength, intelligence, humor, and a willingness to be his own person. Caldwell is not Tony Dungy-lite. Caldwell is Caldwell, and nothing made that point stronger than his recent "firing" of long-time special teams coach Russ Purnell yesterday. Well, it wasn't really a firing, per say. Purnell's contract was up, and they just decided not to renew it. But, it certainly feels like a firing. Tip to jumunjis.

Yes folks, Russ Purnell is now finally gone. Permit me to sing a tribute to Russ's departure from West 56th Street:



I will give Purnell some credit for improving the Colts kick and punt coverage this season. DVOA ranked coverage near the top of the league, but I think that had more to do with Adam Vinatieri getting in great shape and booming his kickoffs. Also, adding Pierre Garcon, Buster Davis, and Marcus Howard to the mix helped. Throughout Purnell's tenure as special teams coach, the Colts always hovered between mediocre and awful despite the fact they drilled special teams play all the time. In training camp, there were entire practices in the afternoon dedicated to special teams. Yet, despite all the work, the unit marginally improved.

Most of us have been begging the Colts to fire Purnell for years, but the rumor out of Indy was that Dungy couldn't do it because of loyalty. Dungy never liked to fire coaches, especially coaches he was close to. But in Purnell's case it was loyalty to a fault. Unlike Dungy, Caldwell seems to have no problem dumping bad or ineffective coaches. Thus, Purnell is gone."




Petition to Fire Russ Purnell



sometimes timing is everything, hope this is one of those times.(see Bruce Arians)

In Topic: ESPN NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

05 May 2015 - 01:52 PM

It's a joke he and I have between us.  We know each other in person.  

 ok,carry on.

In Topic: ESPN NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

05 May 2015 - 01:45 PM

You are the most pessimistic person I know.    


you need to get out more.