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In Topic: SBNation Mock-Peat@25, La'el #5!

27 January 2015 - 05:56 PM

I think Flowers, Scherff, and Collins is going to go pretty high in this years draft. I think the reason that is because Flowers is probably the best tackle right now in this class. Scherff and Collins are pretty much guards in my opinion but they can definitely be pretty good guards in the league. I think Collins probably haves the best upside at tackle then Scherff does. I still believe Collins is probably a year or two away from being a starting option at left tackle in the league. I feel like if the Panthers can't get Peat or Flowers at 25, then we should look in another direction in the first round. As a Panthers fan we better hope Peat can some how fall to 25 because if so, he could potentially be a steal at that spot. I feel like in the end Peat will end up being the best tackle that comes out of this class. In the long term due to his 6'7 313 pounds frame and potential upside with him only being 21 years old, Peat could be a very intriguing prospect for the Panthers in the upcoming NFL draft.

That's about how I feel.... I want a chance at peat or flowers......... the others I'll pass even the guy form pitt he's too raw. Like dave said they need to be ready to play now, clemmons is a couple away..... but if coaches believe they can get him ready by week one, I'll change my opinion.

I am worried about both peat and flowers being @ 25...... but there's also 2 blue goose DEs there too. I know dave will pick the DE and I'll be pissed. But I doubt peat or flowers is there, just like I said no way kev or star would be there........ hope I'm wrong three years running.

I didn't say no way they'd be there just a less than 1% chance, right now I feel about the same.

In Topic: Ramsdell retiring

27 January 2015 - 05:43 PM

Watch RR/JR/DG not even bother hiring a replacement. Got to save the moneyz.......

In Topic: Google Fiber projected coverage areas...

27 January 2015 - 05:32 PM

So why do you truly need 1,000 up and 1,000 down? I didn't know the huddle was full of professional video game players that need the extra mds cause youre playing aliens on mars.

I enjoy HD streaming. If you have a solid 30 down its just as good as 500/750/1000 down..... no difference.

I shouldn't be shocked, I mean sheep tards buy phones that are 99.7% the same as the last model(less than one year old too).

I coming out with 747(kewl name huh) octane fuel for cars. Make a whole bunch claims "its so green animals can drink it !!! " "adds 376 urion power pounds!!! " sit back and become the richest man on earth. Then offer a new interwebz call G^~ ........... 250,000,000,000 down 250,000,000,000,000 up !!!

I will say, I like anytime there's more options to pick form. But I wonder what tax breaks goggle is getting, they raped KC. No taxes for 100 years, free land, free roads, discount building materials.

In Topic: Pro Football Spot's FA prospects for Panthers & some of my own thoughts

26 January 2015 - 08:11 PM

Again the ones in the FA pool will either be resigned or overpaid(more than likely). I'm far more interested cuts.

In Topic: Who will eventually replace TD ?

26 January 2015 - 07:28 PM

3 prime years left, perfect amount of time to develop his replacement.

TD turns 32 in March and probably has at best two good years left (age 32 and age 33), and that is pushing it being that TD is the only player in NFL history to return from three ACL surgeries on the same knee.

Being that we only use 2 LBs and have 2 of the best in the league, it would be wise to get TD's replacement by 2016 so he has a year to spell TD and get up to speed (TD himself only started one game his first year: played in all 16). But if we wait until the 2016 Draft, then we risk reaching on a player, so if we have a 4-3 OLB prospect that is BPA at our pick in 2015, i wouldn't be surprised if Gettleman pulled the trigger (and i certainly wouldn’t be upset if he did).

In other words, there will only be a handful of guys we really like as TD's replacement each draft. And only 1 of every 2 to 3 drafts is that player going to be there as the BPA. So if it happens to be 2015, so be it. Same thing if it happens to be 2016 or 2017 instead.

As for trading up to get Shaq Thompson, I'm cool with that because we can put him at S until we need him to take TD's spot

Rodeo do you want to spend a first/second draft pick on player that will not see the field til 2018? Outside STs(I hate using early picks there) and the 10 snaps for a TD rest(he never needs), it seems very waste full. Besides what's your take on glanton? Say a prime glanton thats fully evolved.

gettlejack. TD is more a 29/30 years old due to missing 3 full seasons. Surprisingly LB can/do have long careers. London flecher comes to mind, its not a death sentence once you hit 30+ if you have TDs skill set. TD could lose a step and still be in top 5% for LB speed.

I'm a big supporter of BPA, even before gman. But after RB, the next biggest drop in recent value is LB(not the ones that rush the passer).

So using a early pick, when nickle is base, luke and TD, panthers have other holes, etc etc. Its a luxury that I don't believe the panther have nor currently care about.