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In Topic: Norwell and Remmer

Yesterday, 12:20 PM

For these guys its a few things; practice being the biggest. If you practice awful, don't do what the coach wants, or show improvement.... well its very very hard to get snaps.

Another is numbers game. This is a far reaching issue and its able to cover many different areas. Combine numbers. Coach/scout-"if norwell doesn't run a 7.65 crone drill, I don't want him"(I use that cause I read a good piece on finding OL by using crone drill). If a player doesn't fit a certain mold, he isn't given the same chances as one that does.

Niether of these guys where drafted. Armini was a low 2nd, that's a huge team investment. People also forget how bad jordan gross played like with armini next to him. Once wharton replaced him, gross looked like a probowler, night and day difference. Bell has played better with norwell too. Which brings me to the odd part of OLmen "clicking". It happens in life, you're working with a new group of people to solve a problem. Someone can say something and you can finish their statement. suddenly another teammate can cover up your weakness while you remain strong. Etc etc. Some brillant people work well with this group, but put them on another and its a disaster.

Ive called out kalil for being overpaid by a few million, but he's done a great job being a leader of this young group. That's the other issue, age/exp. Remmers and norwell are young and didn't have barely any live pro game snaps. Its more risky to play a young player over a vet, even if the young player is "better". Say you don't believe in remmers/norwell and put them out there anyways. First play norwell makes a huge mistake, causing a biltzing LB to light up cam and causes a fumble. Cam doesn't get up....... afterwards he's placed on IR. Rip season and your job.

In Topic: Justin Blackmon

13 December 2014 - 04:35 PM

I view 6th and 7th round picks as ST picks. I mean UDFAs are basically 6/7th picks. Still with the history of bozzehound players in the queen city, I hope justin gets the help he needs. Giving up multi-millions for drugs, you need help.

In Topic: Are #70 and #68 the best rookie OG tandem in the NFL?

13 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

If by best you mean only, welllll still "best" rooks tandems.

I've be meaning to ask, which one is the third round pick? If you didn't know, just judge on play. Both can pull and block in open space VERY good. Still I'm tempering my OG boner, until I see more play form better DL.

In Topic: Opinions on Mario Addison and Ealy

08 December 2014 - 12:42 PM

Passing down- mario. Running downs- ealy. I will say early can rush the passer form the DT spot.

In Topic: This is not Shula

08 December 2014 - 12:37 PM

They pulled a viking ST and attacked a weakness. WR in motion to the backfield, was a great play waiting to happen til about midway in the third. Iants where clueless and couldn't stop it.

But I'm still seeing third & short........ then cam throwing a fiddy yard bomb..... sick of whoever keeping doing that shiat.

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