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Clemson OLB Vic Beasley

11 October 2014 - 08:04 AM

6'2 235
4.58 -40 time

Beasley is a friggin beast who can do it all. Worth our first and I'm keeping my fingers crossed if our season goes a little south.

Are We Headed for a Fire Sale?

09 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

Coming into the season, it was plain to see who the core of this team was and where our allegiances lie. But five games in we are looking at new additions and subtractions from that core list of players we thought were the core.

Here is the list of the perceived core of players coming into the season from what I have gathered from most accounts.


Now that the season is 1/3 over, Hardy is in the doghouse and possibly on the way out. CJ is injury riddled with a sharp decline in production with a monster salary. Star has bit the sophomore wall and his counterpart Short is surging ahead. Tolbert, even when healthy was looking pedestrian and easily replaceable. Even Kalil is playing like any other center on any other team...albeit he is the leader of our rag-tag, fugitive fleet of molsters so he kinda gets a pass.

Besides Luke, Cam, Olsen and maybe Short, who are the other safe bets to truly build around to keep this team from getting blown up and turned into a dumpster sale?

I'd be more than willing to keep the Kraken, knowing full-well he's learned some mighty tough lessons and a serious bit to his stock as another DV citation will see him out of the league and off the payroll for good. He's simply too valuable to just let walk away.

I truly feel big Frank can replace big money (CJ,) at the other end because Rivera and Gettleman are choosing to stick with him. CJ has a ton to prove he's worth keeping and with injuries mounting and a young Kony Ealy being mentored and developed, CJ could be odd man out with or without the return and possible signing of Hardy.

What's keeping this team from getting gutted aside from the rookie contracts already on the books? Cam and Luke can walk away if they want in a couple years and we only have one franchise tag to issue so there's really no guarantee we can keep them both but I will wager that DG and JR are willing to cut and cheap sale trade any and all other non-rookie contract players to keep these guys paid and on the roster.

In 2016 we could reasonably only have Cam, Luke, Benjamin, Turner, Star, Short, Kalil and Benewikere as hold-over starters from this year's team. Granted, that's a strong core but how much closer to a Super Bowl will that get us and how many more home runs are we gonna need in the draft and via FA is it gonna take?

Are we in danger of losing Cam or Luke and falling off the cliff for the forseeable future?

"Don't put me in the elevator...!"

19 September 2014 - 02:57 PM

Fanatic gets drug out of the commissioner's telecast screaming "don't put me in the elevator, please don't put me in the elevator!!!"

Does anyone have any more information on this occurrence? I'm so let down by this ordeal. I cannot believe that the NFL has to be the face of domestic abuse. How many MLB/NBA players have been coughs up in similar circumstances...so many.

This is some bs.

Falcons Wanting to Move Up For Clowney

25 April 2014 - 09:33 AM

According to NFL-AM

Falcons want Clowney and are a attempting to trade for top pick in draft.

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