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In Topic: Caption this Byron Bell

Today, 02:09 AM

It wasn't Bells fault anymore than Amini. The point of stunting one guy to the inside and the inside man outside is to cause just what happened. If they had been playing together Bell would have slid off his man and taken Amini's and vice versa. But they really haven't played that much together in the preseason given Bell is playing a new position and Amini missed most of last year. They will look at film and discuss what to do the next time. That is the point of preseason.

Bell was way more at fault than Aminu. Bell let his man blow right by him straight into the pocket. Then Bell is standing there with nobody to block and both he and Aminu are in perfect position to keep Aminu's man out of the pocket. Instead of blocking Aminu's man, Bell blocks Aminu out of the play. It would be like if Bell and Aminu were at LT and LG with just one d-lineman to block between the two of them, and Bell turned inside and blocked Aminu out of the play instead of blocking the d-lineman

In Topic: Eli Manning looking like poo again

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

Eli finished the preseason 20-of-41 (48.8%) for 188 yards and one touchdown across the five games. He threw two interceptions that were wiped out by penalties and had three fumbles (one lost, two recovered by teammates)

New York Post:
"Eli Manning held to zero yards passing in ugly final tune-up"

New York Daily News:
"It was supposed to be an easy tuneup against a bunch of New England backups. Instead, Eli Manning was inefficient for a fifth straight August outing... Manning and the air attack were grounded once again...His two drives were riddled with errors...The starters gained just 23 yards, all by rushing plays...At least the Giants have the makings of a potent ground game. At this point, it may be all they have."

Victor Cruz:
“(At least) the run game looks good,” Cruz said. “And it’s gonna be good for us to have that something that potentially we’re going to have to lean on as we’re working out the kinks...And once the passing game kicks in, we’ll be a good, well-balanced team.”

"Eli Manning ineffective again in win over Pats. If ever there were a number to best symbolize the Giants' offense this preseason, it came Thursday night. Eli Manning threw for a total of how many yards?
The big round digit pretty much sums up what the starters accomplished in five preseason games."

Next up for Giants: Monday Night Football @ Detroit

In Topic: Raiders Just Found their QB

28 August 2014 - 11:13 PM

SportsCenter @ SportsCenter
What a preseason finish for Derek Carr !

HELLO DEREK CARR ! Carr leads Oakland to 2 touchdowns in 15 seconds against most of Seattle's first team

Raider Nation @ TheOnlyNation
I've seen the future, and it is Derek Carr. Fun Fact: The future starts now.

Derek Carr is having a heck of a game right now. Excited to see the Future of Raider Nation at the QB position.

Yahoo Sports:
"Carr completed 5-of-7 passes against the starting Seahawks defense (yeah, THAT defense) and led a 12-play touchdown drive...Next time up, even better... Four possessions, four touchdown drives...But this isn't a new thing, either. Carr had been lighting up practices, too, and had he been able to finish the second preseason game and play in the third one against the Green Bay Packers, this talk might have started a week or more earlier."



In Topic: Patriot fans melting down over the loss of their perennial Pro Bowl LG and th...

28 August 2014 - 09:30 PM

four Patriot players react to losing Mankins:

Pro Bowl/2nd Team All-Pro free safety Devin McCourty (age 27):
"We came in here and were shocked (by the news Mankins is gone)... You don’t know if you’ll get that type of teammate ever again...he’s a guy you look up to... one helluva player, and guy...It’s tough, it’s tough...this is a tough time for everybody."

3-time Pro Bowl special teams ace Matthew Slater (age 28):
"With a guy like that who many of us lean on for leadership and for toughness, it’s obviously a tough thing (to lose Mankins)... Logan brought a lot in the department of leadership, a lot in the department in toughness. He brought a lot in a lot of departments...that makes it tough (to lose him)...It is difficult"

WR Julian Edelman (age 28) said Mankins was "the ultimate teammate...the ultimate team guy...It’s tough (losing him)"

starting left tackle Nate Solder (age 26) said Mankins was an "awesome guy...an awesome player...a tremendous guy...great morals, great ethics, a great work ethic...an extremely genuine person and authentic...Everything about the guy is genuine and authentic...Every play, every down, he’s excited, loves playing. Very physical, very tough...that’s who he was...I can’t say enough good things about him... So honored to play with that guy... For the Patriots, we move on, as sad as that is"

ESPN beat reporter for the Patriots Mike Weiss:
"Solder, Slater, Edelman and McCourty were the four main players speaking about Mankins in the locker room after Tuesday's practice (quarterback Tom Brady wasn't present). Others declined comment, allowing some of the more experienced players to have their voices heard...players were informed of the shocking trade of offensive lineman Logan Mankins while on the field for the start of practice... One player described the initial parts of practice as funeral-like... (LT Nate) Solder still seemed to be coming to grips with the news."

93.7 FM Boston:
"Several offensive linemen declined comment, understandably sensitive to the dramatic change in the locker room."

The Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts paper):
"The move (of Mankins) has been a hard one on the Patriots locker room."

In Topic: Patriot fans melting down over the loss of their perennial Pro Bowl LG and th...

28 August 2014 - 04:36 PM

Concord (N.H) Monitor:

"Hard to make sense of Pats trade of Mankins...The initial reaction after hearing the Patriots traded guard Logan Mankins yesterday:

When things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Before the swap, which sent Mankins to Tampa Bay and brought tight end Tim Wright and a fourth-round pick to New England, the New England preseason was a bubble bath of optimism.

The defense looked ready to dominate like it did in the Super Bowl-winning years. Tom Brady was connecting with a multitude of receivers. Rob Gronkowski was on his way to health.

A 14-2 record and another trip to the Super Bowl felt like reasonable expectations. A 12-4 mark and a loss in the AFC title game was a prediction for pessimists. There was little to worry about with this team.

Until now. Even before the trade, the biggest questions marks for the Patriots were on the interior of the offensive line. There were doubts about the center and right guard spots. Now there are doubts about all three interior positions.

Plus, there’s a new offensive line coach, Dave DeGuglielmo, who now has to fix these problems. Mankins was the..leader of the New England offensive line. ... When the Patriots absolutely needed a yard, they would run behind Mankins. When a defender took a cheap shot at anyone in a New England uniform, Mankins was always ready to respond.

Now that reliability and toughness are gone. Now a team that was poised to have a monster year has the potential for a major weakness.

So, why did the Patriots trade him? Chances are real good it was about money.
But why now? Why not overpay the heart and soul of your offensive line for one more year when it looks that year can bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Foxborough?
News of the trade came as a shock, but maybe it shouldn’t have. Belichick has set a precedent for these kinds of decisions. (Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. Examples of it not working out are:)

-The Patriots have been looking for a pass rush ever since they dealt Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour before the 2009 season.

-The team didn’t want to pay Asante Samuel, so he left in 2008 and the secondary has never been the same, a decline that probably started back in 2005 when the Patriots released Ty Law because they didn’t want to pay him, either.

-Last, but not least, are Deion Branch and David Givens. The team didn’t want to pay them, so Branch left for Seattle and Givens for Tennessee in 2006. If either had still been with the team, maybe they would have converted the third-and-4 that wound up costing the Patriots the AFC title game that season. But they were gone, over money, and Brady had to throw, unsuccessfully, to a 36 year-old Troy Brown on that fateful third down
(if the loss of Mankins ends up costing the Patriots the Super Bowl), Patriots fans will be cursing the day he was traded."

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