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In Topic: Maxx Williams TE Minnesota

Today, 12:55 PM

Sports Illustrated:
"at a position of vital importance to most NFL offenses... Williams can create the mismatches against linebackers and safeties that NFL are salivating over these days. ... Draft projection: Late first round"

In Topic: Laurence Gibson OT Virginia Tech

Today, 12:38 PM

Tony Pauline, Nov 17 (Week 12), Virginia Tech had played 10 games at this point

Laurence Gibson/T/Virginia Tech: Scouts speak highly of Gibson, whose game has vastly improved the past two years. The fulltime starter at left tackle for the Hokies combines athleticism, good movement skills as well as growth potential. He entered the season stamped as a street free agent but is expected to play in the Senior Bowl then have his name called in the middle rounds of next year’s draft."

In Topic: Proehl drops a bunch of nuggets on WFNZ 610 AM The Fan (link and summary)

Today, 10:14 AM

"i just want a guy who is smart and willing to learn"

"these guys out of college might be proficient at 3-4 routes...we have 40-50 routes on our route tree...15 variations of a post...you see so many more coverages in the NFL...disguising coverages...need to be able to do your pre-snap read and understand changing your route on the fly"

JamesLightFootball.com James Light @ JamesALight
The amount of detail and nuance in an NFL defense is crazy. I
have Nick Saban's 2006 Dolphins playbook. Sub-package alone
is 489 pages.

In Topic: Panthers meeting with Landon Collins

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

I agree his coverage issues are overblown, but no way can he be a single high FS in the NFL

there is nobody overblowing Landon's coverage issues as a zone LB/in-the-box-only-"S" in the middle of the field between the hashmarks. Landon himself says the same thing: "I can cover from the middle of the field to the numbers," he said. (he just straight up told you that he can't cover sideline-to-sideline, which is no surprise based on his crappola shuttle time, all he can be safely expected to do is hold down a little zone square over the middle while we pray they don't throw it there)

and people are worried he can't even do that well in the Major League but they are much much more worried about his man-to-man coverage ability. Everyone agrees he will get roasted by slot WRs which makes him a complete liability when going against OCs not named Shula, and especially on passing downs. Most agree he will get roasted by athletic TEs/RBs and there is a 50/50 opinion if he could cover scrub receiving TEs/RBs

In Topic: Panthers meeting with Landon Collins

Yesterday, 07:34 PM

One guy that could be a better safety than either is Damarious Randall, the main knock on him being size. But he is arguably the best coverage safety in this draft, even above Collins. Randall was also productive in the box.

being a better coverage safety than Collins isn't saying much as Collins one of the worst coverage safeties in the draft. Collins is basically a LB playing SS. Randall is a free safety with very good nickelback potential and decent SS potential too. Landon Collins only has SS and OLB. potential and he's never played OLB.

i love collins ... allot of people want to question collins coverage but when i watched film i didn't see any flaws in his coverage.

Yeah I don't get all this liability in coverage talk. That is media propaganda garbage. ... Even if you bought the coverage garbage, we all know Collins will be a step up from Harper.

People overblow his issues in coverage, he can cover. Play single high and in the box

Landon cost Alabama a chance of finishing the regular season undefeated as Ole Miss beat Alabama 23-17 by taking advantage of Landon's subpar-coverage skills:
"Against Ole Miss, Landon Collins was picked on and burned for two touchdowns (34 yd TD pass to tie the game, then a 10 yd TD pass with under 3 min left to win the game), but it should have been even worse as he was all but beaten for another long touchdown by a tight end who ended up dropping the pass. Collins had a lot of trouble in pass coverage"

It was like how Roman Harper cost the Saints from playing in the NFCCG at the end of the 2011 season when Roman Harper got torched by Vernon Davis all game long in the Saints' 36-32 loss to the 49ers in the playoffs, including for a 49-yard touchdown catch, a 47-yard catch with 40 seconds remaining and the game-winning 14-yard touchdown catch with nine seconds remaining.

And it wasn't just Ole Miss that figured out that Landon Collins' liability in coverage was the Achilles Heel of the Bama Defense. Of all draft eligible safeties, Collins was Top Ten in who was thrown at/picked on the most, and Landon got roasted for a 64% completion percentage (84th-worst of safeties last year)

Landon Collins was basically a LB playing "S" for Bama. He is similar to, but not as athletic as, another former great S for Bama: Roman Harper. Both suck in coverage but Roman Harper was one of the best in-the-box ("extra LB") safeties during his heyday: #1 in the NFL in sacks and FFs for all "safeties" during a good stretch and went to some Pro Bowls. He was a 2nd R talent just like Landon Collins. Harper had a 100-tackle season for Bama just like Landon Collins (Harper had 114, Landon 102)

Landon Collins would be a fair shot to get a younger version of Roman Harper in the 2nd. Jaquiski Tartt could also be had in the 2nd and he is more athletic with more upside than Landon Collins

Landon Collins is a very subpar athlete for NFL standards: horrific 3 cone (bottom 5% in NFL) which measures your coverage athleticism and terrible short shuttle (bottom 17% in NFL) which measures your sideline-to-sideline speed

And Landon himself agrees with this. When told he's only good as a box safety, he said he’s “cool with” the label. "Being in the box, that's where my size allows me to play," Collins said. "The coaching staff at Alabama told me, 'You have to be tough down there and you have to be accountable.' I just had to increase my range and that helped me play sideline to sideline."
again, his short shuttle (sideline-to-sideline speed) was terrible

Thanks to the great athleticism of Luke and TD, we only have to use two LBs and we run a nickel with 5 DBs (one of which, Roman Harper, acts as our "3rd LB")

Landon Collins would be an intriguing prospect in the 2nd to take Harper's role. Or we could get a much better athlete, and much better prospect in the 1st in Shaq Thompson

to learn more, here's the thread on Landon in the draft forum here at the Huddle: