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Steelers DC Dick LeBeau on Cam: “He’s the quintessential modern QB”

Yesterday, 07:18 PM

Dick LeBeau on Cam:
They started like 1-3 last year and then maybe ran off eight or nine straight games and I think you can chart that right to their quarterback. He just kind of took over and said we’re not going to lose. And that’s the way he was in college. He’s a special athlete and he makes them tick. He can keep plays alive. He’s a much better passer than maybe people give him credit for. But he can do it all and he’s a big guy.
He can throw the pocket balls but I would never call him a pocket passer. They put him back there with a couple guys and they run the read-option (and) the pistol stuff. He’s the quintessential modern quarterback. He can do both.


Tom Brady shares the resume he made out of college

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

Guess he didn't think he had much of a future in the NFL?


NBC/Mike Florio: Adrian Peterson most likely done in Minnesota

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

It’s now likely that Peterson will never wear a Vikings uniform again... after the season ends, the Vikings will move on. For a variety of reasons, including the $12.75 million he’s due to earn in 2015... the Vikings will have no choice but to move on from a man who has quickly become equal parts distraction and pariah.
The contract can’t be traded without a major restructuring, and Peterson may have no desire to finish his career with the Cowboys after getting a heaping helping of the not-so-hospitable Texas criminal justice system. In the end, Peterson will land with a team that can withstand the reaction from its fans and from the media — or with a team run by a G.M. and/or a head coach who need to win in order to save their jobs. Or maybe the Raiders.


NBC/Mike Florio: "jury remains out on whether Kaepernick is a franchise QB"

Yesterday, 06:23 PM

nothing shocking there.

Florio’s take : The jury remains out on whether Colin Kaepernick is a franchise quarterback. The verdict is in on whether the Cardinals can find a way to win, no matter who is injured or suspended or otherwise not available.
Florio’s pick : Cardinals 20, 49ers 17.


NBC Sunday Night Football arrives in Charlotte...

Yesterday, 03:02 PM



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