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Cam back at practice, looks OK, shows no limitations

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

Cam "showed no limitation in his throwing motion. He ran between drills, something he didn't do all of last week, and had a full range of motion during stretching."


David Newton @DNewtonespn 1h
Cam Newton throwing without difficulty

David Newton @DNewtonespn 2h
Cam Newton throwing. Looks OK.

Steve Reed @ SteveReedAP 2h
Cam Newton appearing to have some discomfort with his shoes on his heavily taped ankle. Getting re-taped now.



Patriot fans melting down over the loss of their perennial Pro Bowl LG and the current...

26 August 2014 - 03:16 PM

Patriots' 3 biggest question marks were C, RG and SS. And now they just shipped out their perennial Pro Bowl LG Logan Mankins. Patriots fans react to the news:

-I would be totally fine with this... if we had a proven C and/or RG. Mankins is in the decline, and but he's still very good. Making this trade now just makes the weakest unit on the team even worse.

-I'm just mildly terrified that this interior OL is going to get Brady killed. If we were taking odds on "if the Pats lose another playoff heartbreaker, what will be the main culprit?" I'm putting my life's savings on "consistent interior pressure"

-I don't like this at all. This O-Line was scary while he was here and now, IT'S EVEN MORE SCARY. I hate this move.

-I'm really concerned about the O-line.

-This sucks, great player, exactly the mentality you want in every player. I get the move them early mentality but if it means brady is going to get intense pressure up the middle then it's simply not a good idea. The interior OL was already my greatest concern going into the season and that concern only grows with this move. i hope this is for a 2nd at a minimum, you don't give up a HOF caliber player for donuts.

-Don't like the move, especially without a suitable backup. Problem with recent playoff losses were at the lines. OL got trashed last year in Denver, Baltimore the previous year. The new OL may be good enough for the regular season, but once playoffs come around, I don't see how it won't struggle again

-Man, that's a downer.

-Wow, can't say I'm excited about this. I guess I'll just have to say "In Bill We Trust" and see how this develops.

-Another WTF vet trade by BB.

-Wait - is this confirmed? Doesn't sound right at all.

-I was worried about the Oline before the trade . Loss of a good team player and leader ....Didnt see this coming.

-I don't like this trade..That better be a 2nd round pick they got.

-Question is what is the pick we got, and what is our plan for fielding a decent interior line

-Good lord. Not happy about this AT ALL.

-Interior Oline is going to be scary bad this year. I hope the pick is decent...

-unless dante comes back itll probably be the same old o line collapsing again in the playoffs. hope BB has something up his sleeve.

-I'd have never figured this.

-Well.. BB is good for a stunner almost every year. I confess I didn't see this coming at all

-For everyone who claimed cutting tommy Kelly was shocking, THIS is what shocking really looks like.

-A 4th rounder is bullsh.t. Bad deal Bill.

-I am oficially mad about this

-Mankins play has certainly declined, but trading him away before an adequate replacement is found doesn't sit well with me. And we only got a 4th in return which I believe is way too low. I was expecting a 2nd or at the very least a 3rd since the Bucs were desperate for help at O-line.

Tom Brady turns to brain exercises to stay sharp

26 August 2014 - 01:15 AM

Unintentionally funny story about Tom Brady & brain training...

Boston Herald
With the help of his longtime “body coach” Alex Guerrero , who has kept the Patriots quarterback’s physique finely tuned, Brady has undergone extensive testing and state-of-the-art brain training geared toward sharpening his decision-making skills.

The operating manager of Brady’s TB12 Sports Therapy Center at Patriot Place, Guerrero said Brady is one of many athletes he trains who are now utilizing the technology.

As a baseline measure, Brady underwent a functional neuro-cognitive image (FNCI) — or brain scan — that consisted of a half-dozen different cognitive tests.
“Based on those, we’re able to see what part of his brain is either overworked, or under-worked and what we need to focus on to put those areas of his brain back into normal range,” Guerrero said. “We know what normal looks like. We know how efficient his brain should be in certain areas as it relates to his sport and his position. So we look at his brain, we see where we’re lacking or overcompensating, and where he’s deficient.”

The technology is such that Guerrero can devise cognitive exercises specifically geared to anyone, be it an NFL quarterback, or a CEO of a large corporation. In Brady’s case, the exercises honed in on what happens after a play is radioed in, and the swiftness with which he must process the information, read the defense, and get everyone on the same page, especially if adjustments need to be made at the line of scrimmage.

Said Guerrero: “We can make (the exercises) position specific, sports specific and be able to train the brain to do what we want it do to.”

So after the deficient areas in Brady’s brain were identified, the nine-time Pro Bowler began doing the appropriate exercises to get back into what is considered the median range.


Building the Perfect NFL QB: Cam has Adonis-like qualities

25 August 2014 - 11:11 PM

"Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers):
Cam Newton looks like he walked straight out of central casting into the NFL. At 6'5" and 245 pounds, he's muscular, athletic, flexible and solid enough to withstand the beating an NFL quarterback will take in today's game. Newton is a great athlete, and that adds to this, as core strength is incredibly important to quarterbacks taking hits, breaking tackles in and out of the pocket and torquing their bodies to power big throws. Newton has Adonis-like qualities in terms of the ideal build and body for an NFL quarterback."







49ers' offense looking like a train wreck so far

25 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

here are some of the headlines after the 49ers' 3rd preseason game:

-Colin Kaepernick, 49ers Offense Beyond Abysmal
-49ers offense running out of time to find missing precision
-Leaky line: Kaepernick harassed
-Kaepernick hit hard by Chargers
-Kaepernick not concerned with 49ers ' sputtering offense
-Niners' Offense Still Missing in Action
-49ers ' starting offense struggles
-Another rough outing for 49ers ' offense vs. Chargers

the 49ers starting offense through 3 games this preseason:
-25 yd FG
-missed 55 yd FG
-lost fumble by Kaepernick
-39 yd FG

and through 3 games this preseason, Kaepernick is 12-of-22 (54.6%) for 115 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT, 69.3 rating...and an anemic 5.23 yards per attempt. He also was sacked once and had 2 carries for 13 yds.

"The San Francisco 49ers struggled on offense once again during Sunday's preseason win over the Chargers, churning out just 14 yards over their first three drives. Colin Kaepernick and the starters have generated a mere six points in August... Kaepernick was battered along the way, absorbing too many hits in the pocket and on the run...Pro Football Focus has the Niners ranked dead last through the air, one notch below the vertically challenged Cleveland Browns."

the San Jose newspaper:

"It seemed fair to ask Harbaugh what he meant by saying the 49ers' precision had improved. What did his eyes see that illustrated the precision?

"Just productive plays," Harbaugh said. "Had some plays that were cleanly blocked. We had some passes thrown and caught. And the runners were seeing the holes. Just all eleven playing together in a more precise way."

All right, question answered. But frankly, those examples seemed like low hurdles to surmount. Eleven men playing together? Passes thrown and caught? Harbaugh failed to mention that the 49ers also had their chin straps fastened properly. And not once did they run off the field to the wrong sideline. Presumably, they earned good marks for those achievements, as well.
Kaepernick said that the situation didn't concern him because "it's preseason." Not for much longer. And that's the problem. Look, my general NFL policy about August football has not changed. I refuse to recognize the month. I have seen so many teams play so poorly in the exhibition season, only to go on and reach the playoffs. Thus, my rule regarding all August NFL developments other than significant injuries is this:
Ignore. Ignore. And then ignore some more.

However, following the rule can be difficult at times. Sunday was one of them. Something is clearly amiss with the 49ers offense. In the first two exhibition games, the group produced one field goal. Then came Sunday's other field goal.
Vernon Davis is firm in his belief that the offense is ready to break out.
"Once we get rolling, once we get into our zone, then it's all downhill after that," Davis said. "We can do whatever we want, whatever we put our minds to. But it's just about getting into that zone. You have to find that zone. And it's hard to find sometimes."

They have two weeks until the opener in Dallas to locate it"

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