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In Topic: Paul Richardson Bandwagon now boarding....

15 April 2014 - 12:26 PM

Highlight videos are not a very good way to judge a players ability at all. Your basically cherry picking his top 25 plays he ever made. I am more concerned about the other 1000 plays. 


Here is the highlight video of Dwayne Jarret if anyone cares to watch


In Topic: Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

13 April 2014 - 12:05 PM



I can tell you don't read (or comprehend), or didn't read or re-read my post above (particularly to Fuzz) as suggested. 


As I said: I read some of those scouting reports and articles referencing them, along with the investigations that were in them MYSELF (with out going back into the detail I did above). Go read it. 


If you didn't know already, the Panthers talked about a lot of the research, break down of film, investigations, interviews and background checks that Cam passed with flying colors by them. And this was backed up by other pool and investigative research and articles. I even mentioned some of them, and or the NFL Executives (Buffalo for example), when asked about Cam Newton at the time, off the cuff (he backed the investigations up, and dismissed any concerns about Cam Newton's character or NFL ability when asked by a fan). 


I would have thought all interested Panthers fans would have known this stuff by now. It's not a big secret. 


I repeat: What you call questions, were long answered by Cam's break down of film (every Snap in his collegiate career, especially at Auburn), interviews with his coaches (and even their wives, including their KIDS impression of Cam, particularly at Juco/in Texas) and players (from high school, to Florida, To Juco, To Auburn). They Panthers also discovered: The overwhelming majority of his runs were called runs at Auburn, not scrambles; realizing he had discipline. They saw he could make every pro throw; seeing he had pocket presences, etc.. They realized Malzahns offense wasn't as simple as some thought (while knowing other high or #1 picks/QB's didn't come out of traditional offenses either). The Panthers stated all this, not me or my interpretation; much of it to Observer reporters after the draft. I can go on and on. But it's too much. Trust me. 


Once again: I talked about the Panther and scouting findings earlier in this thread. Please go read, comprehend them. The Panther investigators even interviewed the director of the mentoring Program for young boys that Cam frequently spoke at while at Auburn ("was he one time; did he ever not show up, how did the kids respond to him", etc.)? And he passed her recollections with flying colors as well. I read some of her quotes, and saw some of her interviews regarding Cam. She loved him to! So by the start, end (when ever), there were no character issues. What you're asking me, is well known by Many Panther and especially Auburn fans (the entire known vs unknown questions regarding Cam, on and off the field), especially after the draft. It's no big secret (at least to those who listened, or wanted to know). 


As I said: Go back and read my exchange with Fuzz, who started from a similar premise as you. 


OK, I'll take the bait (Sigh again)/For Starters: Besides the extensive post draft articles and interviews that Rivera discussed, mentioning The Drafting Of Cam Newton, that you should have read already: The Miami Herald, had a excellent draft series. They were tied into various scouting services. These articles were extensive (pages long), with Film break down discussion and extensive background checks info. Not the type of stuff you would associate with ANY newspaper. Mind you, these articles were published BEFORE THE 2011 DRAFT IN APRIL. And what was written in these articles (with the back ground check, investigative research, etc. included) echoed the same conclusions that Rivera stated (Interviewing Cam's Juco coaches wife, and her  young child's impression of Cam, who she loved Cam by the way, etc.) after the draft.


The level of research on him was Crazy! And every one of these reports I read, the author came to the conclusion that everyone loved Cam (from his high school teammates and coaches, including everyone in between; including his Juco coaches wife and child's impression of him, up to Auburn--including that Director of that Boys Program he spoke/mentored at). He was never late by the way. They seemingly spoke to everybody who ever met Cam, including many of his classmates at Auburn who didn't even know [but observed him] during class!! 


O wow thanks for the info. Ya i didn't read the previous posts. I did not realize how wrong media outlets had it. 

In Topic: Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

13 April 2014 - 01:53 AM

I addressed these points before. Please read my previous threads. 


Stop taking MEDIA analysis, and making it NFL analysis. The two are totally different. 


As I said; even Mel Kiper (who's not an NFL person) mentioned in March 2011 or so, that Cam Newton was the #1 pick while the media was going on and on with their TV created hysteria, right up to the draft. 


The reason why? It was all those things you mentioned (his throwing, size, athletic ability), coupled with his work ethic, leadership, determination, break down of his film, interviews with his coaches/players, background checks, etc.


Once the background checks came in (which you never heard about from the media, of course at the time), Cam was the clear number one. This is because his biggest question marks (by media, the uninitiated, and seemingly by you) were clearly answered. Cam passed with flying colors. In actuality (whether unwittingly or not), it was a non story created by them, after all the research took place. 


Once again; stating "no one wanted the #1 pick that year", is just repeating a media lie. 


The Panthers were ecstatic they had the #1 pick that year when they realized what they had in Cam Newton. 


And so did the rest of the NFL when all the information came in (though they knew they were never going to get him). That's the large piece of the puzzle your missing, and can't seem to get over I see. 


I'm not sure you appreciate the level of research, insight, analysis and investigation the NFL and it's respective teams and pool services go into, and how well Cam Newton passed them. If you did, you would have never wrote what you did above. Most of those football and character questions were long answered, or proven to be outright lies or non stories by the time the draft rolled around. That's whats missing, never understood, which seems to cloud peoples judgment, perspective and vantage point.  


Ok if your not getting your info from the media how are you getting all that information? I just want to understand how you gathered all that information from a fan's perspective. Unless you had inside connections with other NFL teams and the panthers how do you exactly know all this?


Can you provide me for sources or how you came to the following?


No one wanted #1 pick was a lie --- Media said there was no interest for teams to move up in the draft but you say there was interest? How do you know this? Do you have proof that teams were calling to trade up to get Cam? 


How do you exactly know these background checks were all passed with flying colors? Did you administered them and look into every aspect of Cam's life? 


I am just trying to understand how you came to all these conclusion or are you simply making assumptions. 

In Topic: Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

12 April 2014 - 05:26 PM

And there's a difference between non NFL/non knowing "mock draft boards (who can say whatever they want)", and real NFL people, especially in the beginning. Why? Because these people, don't have the time, access, money or interest to break down film, travel, and perform the on the field, off the field back ground checks and interviews that actual NFL teams, scouting, research and investigative pools do.  That's why their information is flawed and usually not to be believed (guys like Kiper, and especially TV commentators and analyst commenting on the draft). 


The real NFL people and scouting services had Cam as the clear number one in the 2011 draft, and he came through his background checks with flying colors. Of course he still had questions. Yes. However, that doesn't take away from him being the best player, or prospective #1 pick in the 2011 draft, especially after coming under micro analysis and passing. 


We have to somehow separate (though it seems many can't here) what media people say vs what NFL people thought (though most heard the TV people 99% of the time of course). The draft pools came up with the same info that the Panther team did (break down of his NFL throws; his pocket presence; his timely runs, and how most were called by Malzan; his leader ship and work ethic, etc.). There was no magic. I know, cause I read some of them myself. 


What you're talking about is white noise (which means distortion, static) by media, ratings grabbers, and some haters. 


I hope YOU know that difference. 



I agree with your points with the media but that doesn't mean you can dismiss the major question marks he had at the time. I really doubt most of the real NFL people and scouting services had Cam as a clear number 1. If you could provide me with a source of this that would be great but it sounds like you put those words in their mouth. No one really wanted the number 1 pick that year because there wasn't a clear number 1.


He was an above average thrower but what made him special was his size and athletic ability.

He only played 1 year of real college ball.

He ran the spread offense 

Character concerns at the time

Did he have the mental abilities to be a great NFL QB


I am glad everything worked out because he passed all those test with flying colors but concerns back then were great. I don't think many people were actually comfortable with Cam being number 1. 

In Topic: Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

12 April 2014 - 01:57 PM

This is crazy talk/revisionist history. 


Cam was the consensus #1 pick on draft boards by Feb, March 2011. And every one knew, even Mel Kiper had to admit this (cause/while the TV people weren't bantering on about Cam concerns). So I find this impossible to believe, unless you were just listening to media people doing there own thing; not NFL people, NFL knowledge based draft boards. 


Everyone "in the know" knew the Panthers were going to pick Cam #1, cause he was clearly the best player/had the best upside, and his back ground checks proved superb despite his earlier fau pua at Florida, and the alleged father/Mississippi shake down eventual non-story. 


There is a difference between being the consensus number 1 and a mock draft that had the panthers taking Cam at 1. It was out early the panthers were taking Cam so everyone put Cam as the number 1 pick overall. In terms of BPA Cam was not the one on the top of everyones list. They all had their doubts and he was very risky. Andrew Luck is what you consider a consensus #1.