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#2738076 Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

Posted by panthers222 on 13 April 2014 - 12:05 PM



I can tell you don't read (or comprehend), or didn't read or re-read my post above (particularly to Fuzz) as suggested. 


As I said: I read some of those scouting reports and articles referencing them, along with the investigations that were in them MYSELF (with out going back into the detail I did above). Go read it. 


If you didn't know already, the Panthers talked about a lot of the research, break down of film, investigations, interviews and background checks that Cam passed with flying colors by them. And this was backed up by other pool and investigative research and articles. I even mentioned some of them, and or the NFL Executives (Buffalo for example), when asked about Cam Newton at the time, off the cuff (he backed the investigations up, and dismissed any concerns about Cam Newton's character or NFL ability when asked by a fan). 


I would have thought all interested Panthers fans would have known this stuff by now. It's not a big secret. 


I repeat: What you call questions, were long answered by Cam's break down of film (every Snap in his collegiate career, especially at Auburn), interviews with his coaches (and even their wives, including their KIDS impression of Cam, particularly at Juco/in Texas) and players (from high school, to Florida, To Juco, To Auburn). They Panthers also discovered: The overwhelming majority of his runs were called runs at Auburn, not scrambles; realizing he had discipline. They saw he could make every pro throw; seeing he had pocket presences, etc.. They realized Malzahns offense wasn't as simple as some thought (while knowing other high or #1 picks/QB's didn't come out of traditional offenses either). The Panthers stated all this, not me or my interpretation; much of it to Observer reporters after the draft. I can go on and on. But it's too much. Trust me. 


Once again: I talked about the Panther and scouting findings earlier in this thread. Please go read, comprehend them. The Panther investigators even interviewed the director of the mentoring Program for young boys that Cam frequently spoke at while at Auburn ("was he one time; did he ever not show up, how did the kids respond to him", etc.)? And he passed her recollections with flying colors as well. I read some of her quotes, and saw some of her interviews regarding Cam. She loved him to! So by the start, end (when ever), there were no character issues. What you're asking me, is well known by Many Panther and especially Auburn fans (the entire known vs unknown questions regarding Cam, on and off the field), especially after the draft. It's no big secret (at least to those who listened, or wanted to know). 


As I said: Go back and read my exchange with Fuzz, who started from a similar premise as you. 


OK, I'll take the bait (Sigh again)/For Starters: Besides the extensive post draft articles and interviews that Rivera discussed, mentioning The Drafting Of Cam Newton, that you should have read already: The Miami Herald, had a excellent draft series. They were tied into various scouting services. These articles were extensive (pages long), with Film break down discussion and extensive background checks info. Not the type of stuff you would associate with ANY newspaper. Mind you, these articles were published BEFORE THE 2011 DRAFT IN APRIL. And what was written in these articles (with the back ground check, investigative research, etc. included) echoed the same conclusions that Rivera stated (Interviewing Cam's Juco coaches wife, and her  young child's impression of Cam, who she loved Cam by the way, etc.) after the draft.


The level of research on him was Crazy! And every one of these reports I read, the author came to the conclusion that everyone loved Cam (from his high school teammates and coaches, including everyone in between; including his Juco coaches wife and child's impression of him, up to Auburn--including that Director of that Boys Program he spoke/mentored at). He was never late by the way. They seemingly spoke to everybody who ever met Cam, including many of his classmates at Auburn who didn't even know [but observed him] during class!! 


O wow thanks for the info. Ya i didn't read the previous posts. I did not realize how wrong media outlets had it. 

#2735578 NFL Draft is a month out and I still have no Idea who we're looking at?

Posted by panthers222 on 10 April 2014 - 10:16 PM

Well we had like 8 or 9 OL on the roster with more than 2 minutes of game time. We had 0 WRs. The average age of our OL is probably about 26. The average age of our WR corps now is 30 or 31. We still need WRs.


We need both. I would put OL >>> WR 


But you cant fill out both position this year. You got 2 big holes and 1 big patch in the form of a first round pick. DG got a bunch of tape to fix the WR hole and I am going to assume he is going to use his big patch on the OL. Hogmollies!

#2735042 NFL Draft is a month out and I still have no Idea who we're looking at?

Posted by panthers222 on 10 April 2014 - 05:00 PM

Judging by how DG has signed 3 WRs and a TE I am pretty sure we go OL unless a star WR falls to us. You setup how you draft by what you do in free agency and so far we signed 0 OL and 3 WRs. 

#2729618 Jason Avant Visiting Panthers Monday

Posted by panthers222 on 07 April 2014 - 03:59 AM

We also have a much downgraded offensive line, and receivers. I hope Cam doesn't get broken this year because of it.


Efficient, you mean time of possession? I get that was our only redeeming statistic last year, but it's not that important. Other teams had really good offenses, and really good time of procession. Last season after about week eight our efficiency in the redzone started to suffer. Shula creativity, or lack of, started to show.


Our cap was bad, but made worse by Gettleman franchising Hardy. There were other teams in much worse situations than ours, and arguably had better off-season signings. And our 12-4 record I think was legitmate, and should have been better. I was alluding to others posts about our record being suspect, and that next season we'll take a step back, but only because we shouldn't have been 12-4 in the first place.


You said it yourself that our defense was the reason we went 12-4 and who is a big part of it? Hardy. I have no problem franchising him if our defense keeps teams to 15pts on average. 


Would you have used that money to bring back last years WR core? Give me the slightly worse WR group and Hardy. 

#2726532 Things over the past year that Smitty has done that don't correspond to t...

Posted by panthers222 on 03 April 2014 - 11:23 PM

I am sure DG looked at those exact same scenarios and was like yea screw the production he acting like a punk. I dont like that. I am going to cut Steve Smith. 

#2725875 For those interested: A break down of the $$$: salary + cap, e...

Posted by panthers222 on 03 April 2014 - 01:04 PM

we have the most dynamic QB in the league and will be due for a new contract in the next couple years.

we have the best (4-3) MLB in the league who will also be due for a new contract in the next couple years.

if we keep both hardy and CJ, we're pretty much f*cked capwise and we better hope that the $10mil we have left to spend on the rest of the team will be enough.


seriously, i don't care how good gettleman is, what we have with CJ and hardy is not sustainable and it's not good for trying to build a well balanced team.


paying for 1 elite DE is definitely workable. 2 is not...at least not for very long. huge sacrifices are going to have to be made yearly to keep that up. the choice is going to be this every year...pay for 2 elite DEs and have to make due with the table scraps that gettleman finds and hope that they do alright on the piddly one year deal that we can barely afford and have to start all over, or move one of them and create a balanced D with a team that is put together and can stay together for several years and gel as a unit.


Actually I wouldn't mind paying DEs elite money. Our defense kept teams averaging 15pts a game. If the DEs were a major part of that then I would have no problem paying them big. Another interesting topic is how we should build our team in terms how we allocate money. 


Id say for the team we already have:

QB is obviously the most important position so you have to put alot here

DE/DT/OL probably the second most important 

Linebacker core probably 3rd


After that it gets pretty hard to judge. 


Secondary to me doesn't need to be great when you shore up the front 7 like us. I would probably go cheap here. The key thing to remember here is that you can't stack every position in your team because of the salary cap. Your good players will leave for more money so weakness are almost a given on any team


WR to me is moderately important. I personally think you can get away with less WRs talent than say less QB/DE/DT/OL/LB talent. We went 12-4 with arguably one of the worst WRs core last year. 


RB pay these guys peanuts...

#2725861 For those interested: A break down of the $$$: salary + cap, e...

Posted by panthers222 on 03 April 2014 - 12:52 PM

How much money did the Skins have when they signed him?


Until the RBs contract get more reasonable we won't have enough money to sign any good WRs. We need to save as much as possible to get the next crop of guys to resign. You do realize they mortgaged their future in order to sign Jackson. The last thing you want to do is max out your credit cards when your broke because it sets up a situation like what the panthers have right now AKA "Cap hell". 


What happens when your in Cap hell


You have a no name secondary that you pay in peanuts. You have to shore up the front 7 to keep the backside from being exposed. 


You can't sign any decent WRs so you end up with cotchery and underwood


You can't fix the OL


The good news is the worst is over and we are recovering. Just wait for the fall out in Washington a few years when they realize they have no money, a sucky defense, and overpaid guys.

#2724118 Rivera says Cam wasn't consulted in WR moves

Posted by panthers222 on 01 April 2014 - 08:57 PM

Can't you restructure contracts adding years? Steve Smith not breaking 70 yards was an anomaly. He was hurt for several games, but he also had to do it all himself, yet again. I believe Olsen won't have nearly the same numbers this year without Smith drawing attention.


LOL why would you want to add years? You want to hurt this team even more than it is now?


Not breaking 70 yds for a 15 game season isn't an anomaly. He only missed 1.5 games. It is old age. In the past Steve Smith could do it all himself. He did it for 10+ years and that really tells you something when he couldn't do it this year. 

#2723505 D. Newton: Rivera is right. We don't need a number 1 WR. / OK, OK...

Posted by panthers222 on 01 April 2014 - 11:24 AM

If you look at the top WRs in the league http://www.nfl.com/f...gs#tabset=pr-wr

There is only about 16 WR1 out there. That means roughly half of the teams out there don't have one. 

#2722421 What are some key things that need to happen for the Panthers to return to th...

Posted by panthers222 on 31 March 2014 - 02:43 PM

People can talk about how bad our receivers supposedly were until they are blue in the face.


Mike Shula is still our OC. We went from the 12th ranked offense, to the 26th ranked offense in one season.


If we want to return to the playoffs, we have to actually get a real OL, and Shula has to make changes.


I am not sure Shula should take the majority of the blame for this. Our offense troubles lie more with the players mainly WR and OL and because of this there is a trickle down effect that hurts our RBs and QB. We lack talent on that side of the ball. A good comparison is Fua and McClain. If those are the best guys you have at that position then the defensive coordinator can only do so much. 


We wont have an ideal situation like 49ers or hawks for a few years. We maxed out our credit card and we need to pay that down for the next year or two so we can resign cam luke and star. We have to go with this poor offense because we have no money. I think DG is trying to setup a situation like last year where defense holds the other team to 15-17pts and the offense puts up just enough points.