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In Topic: Josh Norman talks in a circle (while trying not to talk)

Today, 12:35 PM

Coach was prob like "Norman dont talk about that, and if you do I will be mad Norman". So Norman decided not to talk about that, so coach would not be mad.

In Topic: If Atlanta AND Cleveland win this weekend....

Today, 12:31 PM

As this is how I feel it will pan out I really want be all that upset. This season has warmed us up to the idea of ether not making the playoffs or being one and done. Last year being robbed at home in the playoffs was more of a disappointment.

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

Today, 12:29 PM

It would just be another season under Hurney really. I mean if DG wants to go the Hurney route and not fire anyone and everyone be his friend thats cool. Still though I really doubt he will last that long because Jerry has to pay DG unlike Hurney. This team has glaring holes at ST,OL, and OC for coaching. If none of them get fired then we are just going to repeat our "success" this year next year.

In Topic: ESPN

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

QBR - which by the way is a ludicrous stat forumla that no one cares about which ESPN MADE UP


I was thinking the other day we should have a CHQBR. We could rank Anderson the highest this week because he started and Newton next week because he started. Makes about as much sense as ESPNs formula.

In Topic: 49ers nightmare season continues

Yesterday, 03:18 PM


Hardy was arrested, charged & convicted. McDonald was never even charged.

The Panthers didn't put Hardy on the exempt list, the NFL did. If the Panthers and Hardy didn't go along with the NFL's plan, Goodell would've just suspended him indefinitely without pay.


The Panthers did, specifically JR. Hardy told them about what happened and the NFL was aware of it and how NC handles these cases. Bottom line is the Media started to make the NFL look bad and they wanted to sweep these players under the rug.

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