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In Topic: La'El Collins may be in play after all

Today, 02:58 PM

I don't find the need to argue about the smell of New Orleans to a bunch of people who obviously aren't biased against the city and have nothing else negative to say about it. The only place that stinks in NO is Bourbon street. Stay away and it doesn't stink. It's pretty simple.


Its not just Bourbon, NO is just a smelly city with trash and bad sewage everywhere. I prefer lafayette over NO any day for food and smell.

In Topic: Really like what Dave is building

Today, 02:53 PM

Let's not get ahead of ourselves and say we are going to have multiple superbowls in 6 years... But other than that, yes. I agree. The ironic thing is, two of our biggest question marks, in my mind, are our trenches. Something Gman harps on.

Our LT is eh, and man I miss Hardy. That guy and Johnson coming at you from both sides was just damn frightening. I mean, holy hell. Now, we have a few solid depth DE's, but we need a force on that side, especially with our questionable secondary. But, our team manages to hide our abysmall secondary because of its ability to pass rush and stop the run. Let's see how it works out this year. If Johnson goes down, we are in for some trouble. He is, in my mind, the second best defender on our team. 


While good points every team has holes somewhere in the NFL and most team that were bad as us take more than 3 years to rebuild much less be productive. If our draft pans out like last year we will have multiple SBs in 6 more year. While CJ going down would be bad its not going to cripple this team. Its why I talk about the next man up because we have one of the better DT combos in the NFL and we also have a young DE that improved at the end of the year. Add that to the fact we address some issues of CB and Dline in UDFA we could have solid depth. If not we are no worse than last year. Thats what l Like the most is if all fails we are no worse off than last year.

In Topic: La'El Collins may be in play after all

Today, 02:44 PM

Or the testicular fortitude. ;)


Love how you don't deny the smell or the fact that TD Jesus needs a good pissing on.

In Topic: La'El Collins may be in play after all

Today, 02:37 PM

new orleans smells like green pond skizz and rotting flounder


I was thinking day old anal lube and crack ho puke but that works. I really want to piss on Touchdown Jesus one day but i have yet to build up the liquid courage.

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Today, 01:54 PM

I don't really think he has a home here anymore, though.


Not at this rate. I will admit when im wrong and that man Hardy really has gone off the rails. He is just proving the NFL right for giving him 10 games.