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In Topic: #80 - The Miami Vet Impact Player Number, Remember Jeremy Shockey ?

Today, 10:55 PM

Never going to happen with DG in charge. We will prib end up with Nicks.

In Topic: Colin Cole Re-Signed

Today, 02:22 PM

This gives me closure that Hardy is not  coming back.

In Topic: Perhaps the most concrete indication that Hardy is done

Today, 02:19 PM

Um how is this closure? Hardy has a slim chance getting of the list unless he takes the 6 game suspension like a good boy. I believe that about as much as I believe the NFL will just give Hardy a warning.

In Topic: New Mod Announcement

Today, 11:46 AM

Dimbee already left.

I would leave too if john fox was my coach.

In Topic: Florio: Panthers to do list

Yesterday, 10:47 PM

Almost all the good DEs that would hit FA have been tagged. Should Greg hit the market, he would have a ton of money thrown at him which I doubt we can afford but yeah, ideally we should try to keep him.

Honestly I don't even see Hardy getting off the list till after FA and maybe after TC. The NFL has dug in and will not move. This poo storm may not end for awhile.