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In Topic: Playoff - Draft seeding: Question

Today, 02:06 AM

Say we win JUST enough games to win our division..

Would that automatically place our draft position in the 20's? Or would our draft position still follow our Win / Loss record?


Pardon my ignorance on the matter. 


Basically my question is.. If we finish at say.. 6 wins.. do we draft before or after the teams who finished with a higher amount of wins but still missed the playoffs? (Baltimore, for example is last in their division with already more wins than we could possibly amass)


depends on how you do in the playoffs. A loss in WC would mean the 21st pick. Lose in divisionals then the 25th. Loss in the CCG would be 29th, a SB loss would be 31st, win 32nd.

In Topic: LB Shaun Philips cut by Titans

Today, 02:03 AM

I met this guy once in San Diego.. I was with my GF going to her sisters house and 2 huge black guys were there.. Not what you're thinking. Turns out it was SP and his OT friend [whom I don't remember]. Nice guy but super obsessed with fashion. Kept telling me how he goes to France for his clothing and was buying a really expensive scarf at the time. May get on really well with Cam?


Decent LB too. 


Marcus McNeill?

In Topic: LB Shaun Philips cut by Titans

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

you can scratch this - Colts claimed him

In Topic: Jets-Bills game likely moved

24 November 2014 - 05:50 PM

Cbs or nfl network showing the game?


CBS is but only in NY state markets, Erie, PA - Sunday Ticket subscribers too. I'd guess that there's some ESPN/MNF exclusivity agreement that would prevent another game from being on nationally while the MNF game is airing.

In Topic: Nothing good happens after midnight

24 November 2014 - 04:21 PM

between this and his dollar rolling skills we have


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