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In Topic: Flex season

Today, 06:14 AM

There's still 4 games in play for SNF 


GB-DET - DET can clinch this week if they win and GB loses otherwise they're playing for the division next Sunday

CAR-ATL - Both teams have to win this week to play for the South next weekend

CIN-PIT - If both teams stay ahead of BAL, then they're playing for the North

SD-KC - If both teams win, then they would be playing for a WC spot.

In Topic: Is Jay Cutler THAT Bad?

Today, 12:44 AM

I saw somewhere that the Cutler benching is just to make sure he doesn't get injured. If that's the case, then the Bears are on the hook for all his $15.5M next year.

In Topic: Bears benching Cutler, starting Clausen

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

I was never quite sure of your opinion on Cutler, Bolt.  Why don't you tell us? :lol:


I miss him in Denver.

In Topic: Coaching Carousel Predictions

Yesterday, 12:52 PM

Reverse Mike Tomlin?


Miami's the only one worth RMTing for.

In Topic: Coaching Carousel Predictions

Yesterday, 12:42 PM

If Hamilton doesn't get the Niners, you think he stays in Indy?


Also wondering if you've looked at which coaches are likely to be delayed by playoffs (other than the Wild Card window) and which will be immediately available?


I was also thinking D philosophies. Bowles/Horton would be 3-4 guys going to 4-3 places.

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