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In Topic: If We Draft Cam, Should He Sit A Year

29 April 2011 - 04:57 PM

It is, but Cam isn't

Not sure how anyone can argue otherwise. You want the Panthers to draft, number 1 overall, a QB that has:

1) Had a questionable college career everywhere he has gone
2) Has only thrown a total of 289 passes

Folks, this is a QB league. A league where the QB MUST be able to throw the ball. Now, I agree we don't have one on the roster at this moment but how can ANYONE say that he is worthy of the number one pick in a league where he must throw and he has only done so 289 times?

Not only that, did you watch the combine and see him throw? Not terrible but definitely not the best in the bunch of THIS year’s mediocre bunch of QB's

What has everyone obsessed with him?

I would just like someone to explain this to me…I have read all the threads on here and pretty much what I see is; we hate everyone on our roster, it can’t get worse…let me explain to you that it very much can. We have holes in other areas of the field that have players in THIS draft that can have a positive impact now!

Get a vet QB in here, develop the young WR we have and draft someone that can help us with the upcoming season!

Look, I feel you on this. I did not want to see him drafted, afraid of what he may become, but I am a Panther fan. I will stick by their decision and pull for him and the rest of the team. But I feel he should start and he will start unless they pick up a FA QB. Which one of our QB's on our roster are going to out compete him? None. It's a new system for all of them. They will all have a learning curve. I agree with you on having other holes to fill. They have two 3rd round picks this evening. Lets just see how it all turns out.

In Topic: If We Draft Cam, Should He Sit A Year

28 April 2011 - 06:31 PM

I thought a the first pick in the draft was supposed to be a instant impact player. Start him.

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