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In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

Media acronym is not s requirement for being a terrorist. Please keep responding. This is fun.


You're the one using the blanketed, media-driven version of the word, not me. 

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

Multiple gunmen targeting peaceful government activities does not equal misguided individual.


It hasn't been confirmed there was a second gunman yet. If it turns out he was ordered by a terrorist sect to do this, then yeah that makes him a terrorist. If he did this because he was misguided ... it makes him a gunman. 

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 07:50 PM

They're already here.


Terrorist is such a blanket word. ISIS are terrorists. This guy? A screwed up psycho.

In Topic: Props to Zod aka Igo

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

If I were Zod, I'd also approach the lesser known players who aren't yet stars. They'll be MUCH more likely to give an interview. Zod is smart like that.

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 07:31 PM

And was just a recent convert to Islam and was just on a high risk traveler list and just recently had his passport revoked.

No need for concern.


Yes, he was a recent convert to a religion. A regular religion. Canadian born as well.


But then became misguided and got into a radical version of his religion and did something moronic.


This is all on the eff'd up guy. I have a feeling you want to make it about something else.

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