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In Topic: Benjamin catch takes second on ESPN Top Ten

Today, 12:36 AM

Why don't you guys PIN this thread? That way when the whiners, bitchers, and moaners cry this week, we can point to this thread that the media actually said something nice about us.

In Topic: proof people have too much money

Yesterday, 11:16 PM

Joke bids.

In Topic: Watching the Colts Eagles game

Yesterday, 10:28 PM

I wish Gruden would say positive things about the Panthers!


Oh wait ... he does.


Do you all complain then? No.

In Topic: Watching the Colts Eagles game

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Why does this thread happen every time Luck plays on National TV?


Because there is a small section of this board of VERY soft Panthers fans who get butthurt 24/7 because the media likes Luck, RGIII, Cap, and Wilson more than Cam. They will never, ever be pleased or stop whining until the media starts to talk about Cam every single second so that these SOFT fans can feel better about themselves.


It's also funny when these threads start too soon. Luck now has 140 yds and 3 TDs. Oops.

In Topic: Watching the Colts Eagles game

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Can we quit comparing Cam to Luck, Kaep, Wilson, and RG3 already?????

Carolina fans say that they don't care, but then these threads somehow always come up.




Some fools on here will still be whining about Luck, Cap, et al 10 years from now.

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