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In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Today, 02:57 AM

I like being rich. 

In Topic: Crater in Russia

Yesterday, 01:50 PM

Old news, homie. There is already a thread on this.

In Topic: I couldn't believe the nerve of this girl

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

Now that it's straight that you were banging her casually, who cares what she wanted to do, where, and with who? She's not your gf. Wait out the argument with her ex and bang her again. Seems simple really.

In Topic: Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

22 July 2014 - 01:28 AM

I'll get this started off the right way:

Steve Stifler

Ready, go!



In Topic: Clausen going camping

21 July 2014 - 02:44 PM

people seem to forget that clause was never supposed to see the field as quickly as he did. despite being dubbed nfl ready by the same "experts" who are wrong about 90% of the crap they say out of their mouths...he was supposed to sit back, learn, and be groomed.


he handled the overall humiliation and backlash from the media, fans, and even players better than most people ever could.


i for one hope the time on the sidelines has helped him.


since jay "mr. glass" cutler is guaranteed to miss games, i wish clause nothing but the best when he gets his inevitable chance to start again.




Kidding. This board LOVES to find a player to pick on to make themselves feel better and Pickles was a perfect choice for them.

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