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In Topic: No mention of Freddie Gray?

Today, 11:08 PM

You can acknowledge the good officers and discuss the bad apples who are becoming more common as well.

Blaming the media for this is a weak cop out. The media isn't out shooting unarmed men dead in the streets.

This idea that people are somehow blaming all white cops is pure horseshit.


They are not becoming more common at all. You just hear about it now thanks to social media and its sensationalism. There have been dirty cops since day one. Stop thinking some new thing is happening to our society. Imagine Twitter back in the 60s. Holy crap!


You must be young. When I was a kid you found out about things the NEXT DAY in the newspaper. Not 5 seconds after they happen. It's also a generation thing. You saw TONS of riots and protests in the 60s. Now it's once again a thing you do when you want to make a point. It'll die down and pop back up years down the road.


And ... REALLY? I've never heard the word racism more in my life lately. The media makes money by getting clicks and views and nothing gets more clicks and views than racism. See: this thread. If you think all those protesters and rioters are blaming all cops ... then you're blind. And I'm not at ALL saying there aren't racist white cops. There are. I'm saying that white cops are now all being lumped into one giant "cops are racist" bowl of crap. And that's not fair to the good ones.

In Topic: No mention of Freddie Gray?

Today, 10:05 PM

Well first off, I wouldn't use the word fear as much as I would distrust in general. I would say all police, not just "white police" as you put it.


I can't speak for everyone here, but I'm not making this a "oh all white cops are racist and bad", because that's absurd, but it seems to be the angle you are pushing, and it's simply not the case. It's a police problem in general, a lot of people just choose to ignore it unless it happens in their own city. From my own perspective, things are getting so out of control these days that even I feel uneasy to a degree around police. The days of "protect and serve" are being replaced by a militarized police force.


I didn't have an angle at all, actually. I do, however, think things are not as bad as you make them out to be. It's simply the media promoting it and putting it in our faces due to it being a trending topic. It's the social media generation remember. The 60s ... those people saw some stuff. Hoses, dogs, beatings, NO rights, etc.


It was just an honest question I proposed really. I live in Brooklyn. I live across from multiple project buildings. Every race, culture, and religion is around me at all times. I also live one block from a police station where the cops are every color. But I honestly wanted to know how some blacks feel about cops who are black. Do they trust them more than their white counterparts? So far, these past couple of years, all the stories we hear have been white-on-black. So sure, I could see distrust of a white cop.


And to me, that's where the danger lies. A few bad apples ... no, a few truly racist garbage apples cause an entire call for an overhaul in training ... an entire distrust of white police officers ... and anger (totally just of course). But the fact is, cops do good each and every single day, white and black. But is that ever reported by the media? Nope.




As of the end of 2010 in NYC, 53% of the entire 34,526-member police force were white and 47% were members of minority groups. Of 22,199 officers on patrol, 53% (11,717) were black, Latino (of any race), or Asian or Asian-American, and 47% (10,482) were non-Hispanic white. Of 5,177 detectives, 57% (2,953) were white and 43% (2,224) were people of color.


Maybe in sticksville Kentucky discussion should DEFINITELY be had about misuse of force. But I bet Baltimore has similar stats to NYC (minus the sheer numbers). But the riots have an overall "cops are racist" feel to them, IMHO. Why is that? Why are we all the sudden lumping all cops into this?


That's my issue. "Cops are racist". That's what the media is making people think ... but sans the 10 or so white scumbags in NYC the past couple years ... what about the thousands and thousands and thousands of good white cops? Do people care at all about the good they do? Nope.


Maybe it's just because we haven't seen it yet, but it will be VERY interesting if 2-3 black officers beat the hell out of a black suspect and kill him ... and then see how the community reacts.


OR ... you could just play the clip from Boyz N Da Hood where that old school black cop scared Cuba Gooding Jr, lol.





In Topic: No mention of Freddie Gray?

Today, 05:03 PM

Looks like I specifically typed "police officers".


Perhaps you could go ahead and make the point you are trying to make and I can respond from there?


Sure. In your opinion, do the majority of black Americans who fear the police, fear all police or just white police?

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Today, 03:30 PM

Cargo pants are like the coffee-cup-curved hat.

In Topic: No mention of Freddie Gray?

Today, 03:26 PM

Seems like every time something like this happens, many people want to make this about a smaller group of individuals rioting instead of focusing on the real problem with police brutality.

How about instead of worrying about your cushy life being interrupted, you actually ask yourself why so many black people in this country cannot trust police officers?


White officers or non-white officers?