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In Topic: Watching the Colts Eagles game

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Colts are content with just running the ball down the Eagles throat. They seem quite confident that their defense will stop Foles.

In Topic: Gif thread

Yesterday, 08:44 PM

props on these! where's that KB on hand? pure awesome!



In Topic: Post Your Reaction When KB Made His One Handed Catch

Yesterday, 05:39 PM

My reaction was why didn't he catch the easy ones before that


In Topic: Lions/Panthers - Huddle Tailgate Photos

Yesterday, 05:04 PM




This is unacceptable.... Who the hell let this girl on the right in? I thought this was a Carolina Huddle Panther Fan's ONLY tailgate... 


She must have snuck in when security was grabbing a beer... 

In Topic: cam refuses pain killer

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

Cam Newton surfs the web without the Internet...

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