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In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin is the Real fuging Deal

07 September 2014 - 05:33 PM

Deangelo still suck or nah?

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

05 September 2014 - 12:54 PM

excuse my hyperbole in the attempt to make a point

slightly more often or just once... wouldn't make a difference, I'd get my ass handed to me one way or the other. and by having my ass handed to me, I don't mean a two week paid vacation followed by re-instatement

maybe we should be doing a better job of holding people accountable then defending them...?

I believe I just stated that someone who does royally screw up should be fired.

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

05 September 2014 - 09:25 AM

man... I wish my job had this kind of security blanket

next time, I have a performance appraisal, I'm going to ask that it be done on the police scale... that way when I do my job correctly slightly more often than completely fuging it up, I can just sit back and laugh knowing that I'm golden and will have people defending me left and right

Slightly more often? It's a lot more than just slightly. And when someone does do something messed up, they should be held accountable and fired if it's something unethical and that is what usually happens.

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

05 September 2014 - 05:40 AM

imo the real problem is that the liberal media runs with headlines like "man's death after chokehold raises old issue for the police" instead of the obvious "piggyback ride goes horribly wrong; hero cop survives, goes home to his loving family"

Was that supposed to be a response to my last post? I was hoping it would be something relevant to what I said

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

05 September 2014 - 05:07 AM

indisputable evidence of widespread profiling of racial minorities

countless examples of "improper use of deadly force" aka poo that will get you arrested, charged and convicted of murder if you were to reverse the roles. for example, shooting a black man in the back as he laid face down in front of several cops, in front of dozens of witness (several of which recorded the execution) only to be convicted of "involuntary manslaughter" and be granted double credit for time served

responding to protests in wildly different ways. the response seems to be mostly dependent upon the demographic that makes up the bulk of protestors. for example here recently taking property damage more seriously than the life of a black teenager, all because a pig happened to pulled the trigger

existing in a country that demonizes union membership while often enjoying the strongest union in their respective communities, which is p funny when you consider the history of police involvement in union busting

it's great that police direct traffic and talk down jumpers but if you and/or the people you've decided to defend would do more of that while doing less of the whole oppressing minorities and working to permanently secure a desperate underclass, that would be fantastic

I would already say a whole lot more of the good stuff goes on then the bad. The good stuff that goes on just doesn't make national news. Do you know how many calls police officers go on each day that you have no earthly idea what goes on because it's not controversial enough for a story?

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