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In Topic: Labor laws

Today, 07:01 PM

Apparently, I wasn't doing the work assigned to me. However, I have 2 copies of the same work order with completely different things on them. Same WO number, time, and date, just written 4 days apart with completely different things on them. They just went back in the computer and changed stuff.


The property I worked at was for sale, and if we stayed throughout the changeover, we were due stay-on bonuses. I think this was their way out of it.

In Topic: Barner got cut by Eagles

Today, 03:08 PM

How can they cut him after he got injured, but we couldn't cut Blanchard because he was injured?

In Topic: Liberty @ UNC

Today, 12:34 PM

I am pretty excited. Been a UNC fan my whole life and it's going to be my first time on the hallowed ground. What's the chance of seeing a basketball player?


You're excited about going to a football game in hopes of seeing a basketball player?

In Topic: Just two hot chicks dancing in their underwear

Today, 10:31 AM

Jesus, somebody give these bitches some food.

In Topic: NFL Network rebroadcast

Today, 02:13 AM

Those Pittsburgh announcers had a boner for KB.

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