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In Topic: Graphics from the team Twitter

19 September 2014 - 10:32 AM

If they are gonna park in front of the stadium.....they should at least (considering those graphics) put Cam or Luke on the side of the bus!


If i pass by that bus, i do believe I will accidentally sneeze/piss/spill my beer on it simply for the fact that our team won the division, our QB hold numerous records, and Luke is the stud that he is and with his honors, are not pictured.



In Topic: Don't take the pink dreads for granted, Huddle. Others aren't.

19 September 2014 - 09:52 AM

Luckily for us the Huddle and its members are well versed in these kinds of posts.  I doubt it gets very much traffic, wouldn't you agree?


I would. It was (the quoted post) removed within a few minutes of my comment.

In Topic: Can you relate?

19 September 2014 - 07:56 AM

I feel sorry for them, but mostly because of Lovie who I like (and someone many here including myself would have been brought in as DC)


For the fans? Nah....paying their dues as far as I am concerned.




In Topic: Don't take the pink dreads for granted, Huddle. Others aren't.

19 September 2014 - 06:39 AM

Ooohhhhh, so close! The correct answer we were looking for was...

Cheap & "HIGH" quality jerseys.

Your answer of nice quality just won't work here.

Mods please show our guest the consolation ban hammer.


Good thing you quoted the post including the link. Now the spam lives on even if the original and poster have been removed.



In Topic: Wes Horton, Mario Addison, Kony Ealy

18 September 2014 - 06:29 AM

If there was a position on this team that you were going to lose a star player for a considerable amount or time due to media bias, weak as poo commissioner and the general uninformed public I guess DE is probably the best. We have a lot of depth and big Frank is coming back soon.


Yeah, because everyone knows star players are not adults, and do not have even the slightest amount of responsibility for their own actions. Its everyone elses fault that a star player cannot keep their own nose or house clean and can't surround themselves with people that don't bring trouble or drama

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