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#2697594 So, lets see what Smith has to say (via David Newton)

Posted by Mr. Scot on 15 March 2014 - 10:11 AM

The fun of this situation is that one side of the story is all you're ever going to get.


The front office is never going to come out and talk about why the decision was made, and they're certainly not gonna trash Smith.  You might get theories and whispers from the people who cover the team, but that's it.  Lord knows Newton's not gonna say anything about any of the behind the scenes stuff.


The rest is just fill in the blank.

#2697579 Gettleman Made Nicks an Offer, But Nicks Says, "It Wasn't The Right S...

Posted by Mr. Scot on 15 March 2014 - 10:02 AM

uhh nope.




no GM would ever tell a player, "We're not looking to win this season."  That's not how any conversation would go.  The GM would be instantly fired.  Especially coming off a contender like we are.


It's certainly possible that is the feeling that Nicks got from the conversation if they talked about other FA targets.


But remember what we filled in last year and how we did.  So, I'm not terribly panicked just yet. Waiting for the draft.


If we draft RBs and DTs I'm going to kill someone, though.


The whole notion is pretty stupid.

#2697572 Gettleman Made Nicks an Offer, But Nicks Says, "It Wasn't The Right S...

Posted by Mr. Scot on 15 March 2014 - 09:58 AM

Wow, didn't see the next tweet.  Why would we "agree" it wasn't the best situation with him?  LOL...


We probably "agreed" it wasn't the best situation when we offered less money than he wanted in a long-term deal.


Wouldn't be surprised if it was a performance-laden contract that would have allowed Nicks to shine if he wanted and he got scared off a little by the lack of options other than him.


That sounds like a real possibility.


The full translation likely would have been that Gettleman didn't really want him that badly, and given that he'd be in a position to know (between his own personal experience and contact with his old friends at the Giants) it's very likely that a deal based heavily on incentives or simply a contract offer a lot less than what Nicks wanted could have been "agreeing it wasn't the best situation".

#2697494 Panther's in talks with Lafell

Posted by Mr. Scot on 15 March 2014 - 09:33 AM

They will over pay him now because he knows we need him!


Ooooh, I sincerely doubt that.


It's not like he's the only option left at receiver.

#2697035 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 11:26 PM

No, 1943 Stalingrad!


I thought it was 2014 South Carolina myself.


Ah, screw it.  I'm going to bed.

#2696971 Time to make a BOLD move.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 11:11 PM


#2696815 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:42 PM

If WR was a need when we had Smith, Lafell, Hixon, and Ginn what would you call it now? Is there a #1 Wr left in FA or in the draft at 28?

This year can't be compared to last year because we had player like Smitty and Gross that bought us time. We don't have that luxury this year.

I'm asking you, not trying to be a smart ass or anything. Is there a WR that you see in FA or in the draft that can be a #1? Yes we have a good core of players, but the offense is a mess. In Cam's 4th year how much longer can you surround him with band aids?


Did you really wanna go into another season with LaFell and Hixon?


Ginn made some good plays last season, but also made enough bad ones that you could justify not throwing the kind of money at him that Arizona did.


As to the free agent crop, if you look back on earlier threads you'll find I never did believe there was a number one available.  I was willing to roll with Nicks if Gettleman was, but he wasn't, and who would know better than him?


I've always expected our number one to come from the Draft, and twos and threes you can find in free agency and later rounds. yeah we have needs, but pretty much every expert says the draft is deep right where all our needs are, so...cool.


Smitty?  I was expecting him to take a reduced role anyway.  Losing him the way we did sucks, but these things happen in the NFL.  Yes, it is a business. 


Losing Gross hurts too, but again these things happen,  You just gotta deal with it.


Will we have another winning season?  Derned if I know.  What i do know is that the people in charge took us from 15 million over the cap with needs to fill to a division championship without signing a single big name player.  So I know it can be done.


With that in mind, I'm ready to sit back and see what happens next.

#2696742 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:23 PM

Here's the thing Mr. Scot. I understand it's March, but there's such a thing as digging yourself into too big of hole that there just simply isn't enough quality free agents or rookies to fix it. That's where I believe we are at right now. You havent offered any quality moves that we might make other than saying it's March.

You see I'm not some kid that sits and whines because he's team isn't making the moves he wants. I'm sure there are some on here that do. I'm a PSL owner and a College Student. I work my ass off for my money and I spend a good chunk of it supporting this team. I'm financially invested, got my season ticket invoice in the mail recently and guess what? Prices are up. So if you're going to raise prices up on me then I expect a better product on that field. I don't see that. I see rebuilding, I see taking a step back. And because I have to come out of my pocket and fork up my hard earned money, I'm going to continue to complain. Anybody that is sick of it can pay for my season tickets this year and I won't say a damn word.


'Rebuilding' is a term that only applies when you're replacing the entire core of a team.


We lost gross to retirement and Smitty to release, but we still have the vast majority of last year's core players in place.  Nobody else that we've lost could rightly be called a core player.


We didn't get big name free agents?  Well, we didn't last year either.  And yeah, our situation may be worse now than then as far as number of players, but our cap was a whole lot worse last offseason.


Sorry, but week one of free agency is just way too early for the kind of histrionics this board is seeing.

#2696722 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:17 PM

No panic and rage from me, just concern; most of it stemming from how he (GMAN) handled the Smith ordeal. I'm sure he'll figure it out, but if you're not concerned then what's the point of being a fan? I've always figured that being an avid fan means that you are emotionally invested in the team, I could be wrong; but I doubt it.


I'm always concerned.  I've been concerned about this coming season since the 49er game ended.


But my level of concern just four days in to the free agent period, especially when matched with the memory that we also didn't do much in the first week of free agency last year, well...it's not that high.

#2696702 Thomas Davis not pleased with Carolina not signing Nicks

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:12 PM

Accepted. It's early. We get it. But dial back the name calling. It's turning into, "I'm right and if you disagree with me, you're a baby. So there!" In here and it's not helping anyone. Come on dawg, you're one of the elder statesmen. Set the example so we can get this forum back on course.

FYI, I totally disagree with you, but dammit do I respect you!

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Fair enough.


Ya think folks on the other side will do the same?

#2696691 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:08 PM

The people that are acting holier than thou and are so called "sane" are just as annoying as the chicken littles... take that for what's it worth.

I haven't found a good median yet.


Here's a median.


It's March.


The season starts in September.


Panic and rage, this early in the game, are a tad uncalled for.

#2696673 You have 24 hours.

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:04 PM

Great so now we get punished for Gettleman's failings


Well, there's one.

#2696661 Thomas Davis not pleased with Carolina not signing Nicks

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 10:01 PM

Dude, I respect you tremendously. You're one of the Huddle patriarchs. You and P55. We know and appreciate that. But you've seriously got to stop calling those with entirely justifiable concerns children, childish, stupid, womanly, hormonal, etc. Seriously. Both of you. You honestly have to see that your blind, wholehearted trust in Gettleman is just as childish as those who think that he has mismanaged this offseason and set us up for dire straights this spring and summer. Whether or not you look at the information at our disposal, the retirements, the releases, the puddle deep depth at key positions, and choose to come to the conclusion that he is fugging up, I don't care. But STOP leaping to his defense on faith alone, and then calling others childish. It's honestly beneath you. Sent from my GT-N8013 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app


Justifiable concerns I have no issue with.  Neither do I have blind trust in what's happening right now.


What I do have is a calendar, and that calendar tells me is is March 14th.  That means we have nearly six months before we have to play our first regular season game.


In-between now and then, we have several more weeks of free agency, the draft, undrafted player signings, other team's cuts, trade options, our own cuts, restructures, etc.  You name it.  It's all open.  We haven't opted out of any of it.


So with all that in mind, you'll have to pardon me if i feel the people who are already prepared to abandon the season right now, are being...well, a tad premature.

#2696628 A Big Bowl of Sanity

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 09:53 PM

Hey Zod, I think ya need a bigger bowl :(

#2696611 So... It turns out you can't poo all over respected veterans and find co...

Posted by Mr. Scot on 14 March 2014 - 09:49 PM

I think you could find a bunch of players who have released by NE who might disagree with you.  They are pretty ruthless I hear.


Wes Welker might have a few things to say

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