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Panthers checking out more OL Depth

Today, 08:17 AM

Source: Offensive lineman Ben Ijalana visited Panthers

Ijalana has played in seven games in three NFL seasons.

He played for the New York Jets last season, appearing in three games after being cut by the Indianapolis Colts.

The 6-foot-4, 322-pounder was drafted by the Colts in the second round in 2011.

Ijalana played four games in his rookie season before tearing his anterior cruciate ligament twice, once in 2011 and once in 2012.

GM vs Coach, Round Two

Yesterday, 02:53 PM

For those who enjoyed the spectacle of Baalke vs Harbaugh, get ready for Grigson vs Pagano.


2015 began as the year of the mutual parting, with a pair of successful coaches who were unable to achieve ultimate success leaving their teams.  That trend could continue in 2016, if the Colts don’t extend the contract of coach Chuck Pagano, and if he moves on after the season ends.

Complicating matters is the identical status of G.M. Ryan Grigson.  Both he and Pagano will be commencing contract years, which means that either Grigson or Pagano may bear the ultimate blame for the failure of the Colts to get beyond (or at least stay within 38 points of) the Patriots.

It also means that Grigson and Pagano could be tempted to blame each other, in the event that the 2015 season at any point unravels.  If, for example, the team’s run defense — its “Achilles heel,” per Pagano — continues to fail to slow down New England, Pagano could be tempted to blame it on the personnel, and Grigson could be tempted to blame it on the coaching.

Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com suspects, as he explained during Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, that a disconnect already exists between Pagano and Grigson.  The leak that Pagano (but not Grigson) won’t be getting a new contract before the season at a minimum raises a question about whether Pagano already is being set up to take the fall.

Regardless of their current relationship, it becomes critical for Pagano and Grigson to band together, setting aside a desire to survive something less than a full-blown purge and accepting the notion that both will stay or both will go.  Three years ago, owner Jim Irsay opted to press the reset button, firing both coach Jim Caldwell and G.M. Bill Polian.  This time around, Irsay may be inclined to fire only one or the other; after the 2001 season, Polian stayed and coach Jim Mora was let go.




I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Chuck Pagano, but if I'm forced to dump one of those two, it's probably Grigson.

Saints trading again?

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

Rotoworld cites Bills beat writer Vic Carucci as saying the Bills are talking about trading for Saints guard Jahri Evans.

Blast from the Past

26 March 2015 - 02:12 PM

From Thomas Davis' Instagram, a pic of a Roar magazine cover from his rookie year.


(can't link from phone, sorry)

Patriots ineligible receiver play is out

25 March 2015 - 03:50 PM

NFL bans Patriots ineligible receiver ploy

The trick play the Patriots used against the Ravens in the playoffs will no longer be legal under an NFL rule adopted today.

The league has made it illegal for an offensive player with an eligible receiver’s jersey number (1-49 and 80-89) to report as an ineligible player and line up outside the tackle box. That means the play on which Patriots running back Shane Vereen lined up as an ineligible receiver in the slot would now be a penalty.