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Notes and Memos - Lions

Today, 03:09 PM

Dear Donkey Kong,

Call me Mario.

- Cam

Go Gamecocks... Please

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

My competitive side occasionally gets the best of me.

When this happens, I sometimes make bets that I probably shouldn't.

So yesterday, I made a bet with my girlfriend and her daughter, both big Georgia fans, about the SC-UGA game today.

Without going into detail,let me just say that this is a bet I really don't want to lose :unsure:

Go Gamecocks.

Actual Football

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

I'm looking forward to being able to talk about it again for a little while tomorrow.

Weekly Tryouts

11 September 2014 - 02:43 PM

It's regular procedure for the teams to hold tryouts each week during the season.  About the only guy who usually covers them all is Aaron Wilson, so the info posted here comes from him.


Obviously we all know the tryouts for Week One were Stephen Hill and Kadron Boone, with Hill being signed to the practice squad.


Wilson lists this week's hopefuls as  Evan Finkenberg (a rookie interior lineman from Arizona State who went to camp with the Dolphins) and Phillip Blake (a center who was drafted by The Broncos in the Fourth Round of the 2012 draft but was waived the following year with an injury).  'Walking Dead' fans might remember 'Philip Blake' as an alias used by the evil Governor.


Wilson also mentions that former Panther DT Sione Fua got a tryout with the New England Patriots while Derek Landri got a shot with the Bills.

Donkey Kong Suh

10 September 2014 - 08:45 PM

Cam Newton's repeated reference to Ndamukong Suh as "Donkey Kong Suh" in today's press conference is getting national coverage. 


ESPN actually seemed to think it was pretty funny. 


PFT, not so much.


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had one of the strangest press conferences in NFL history today.

For some reason, Newton refused to answer any questions about anything that any reporters asked him. That’s not particularly unusual; players frequently decline to talk to the press for one reason or another.

But instead of simply declining to answer, Newton instead answered every question by giving the same answer over and over again. And that answer was a statement about how his focus is on Sunday’s game against the Lions and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, whom Newton calls “Donkey Kong Suh.”

“My main focus right now is focusing on the Detroit Lions. I think I got my hands full trying to find ways to stay protected by Donkey Kong Suh and my fellow Auburn teammate Nick Fairley,” Newton said, over and over again.




They finish by asking whether it was meant as an insult or not, and then close with this...


We could ask Newton, but he probably wouldn’t answer, other than to say his main focus right now is the Detroit Lions.


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