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In Topic: Pack it in... Bring on McEichel

Today, 03:48 AM

I'd love to get a 1st for Sekera.


I'm thinking more in line with a B level prospect and a 2nd rounder.

In Topic: NC State @ UNC

Today, 03:43 AM

Creationism isn't taught as fact at a reputable university because every religion has their own theory on how we came about. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism aren't the only religions in the world. Evolution has solid proof and has been seen in action, and thus is why it is taught. Everything else is faith.


I figured I'd respond since I was called out in a previous post...


You've seen cosmic evolution, chemical evolution, stellar and planetary evolution, organic evolution, and macro evolution?


If you have, you're one of a kind because no on else has.


Evolution is a faith model just like creationism...


You have faith in...


1. Cosmic evolution- (I.E. the big bang) with which there are numerous problems with.

2. Chemical evolution- So hydrogen and helium produced uranium and fused the stars together... news flash, you can't fuse past iron. This means that every element over #26 had to be formed by some sort of supernova... yeah okay lol.

3. Stellar evolution- has anyone ever proved or much less seen the evolution of star? No? Oh that's right because it take millions and billions of years for stellar evolution to take place... sounds like an excuse.

4. Organic evolution- this speaks for itself, let me know when some sort of documentation shows a man forming from a monkey.

5. Macro evolution- Things don't simply evolve from one kind to another kind, if this even happened once we wouldn't even be having this debate (i.e. monkey to man debate).

6. Micro evolution... Well I guess since we've observed this one that means all the others must be true lol.


If you want to talk further I'd be happy to speak in the tinderbox.

In Topic: Stephenson Drawing Interest From Brooklyn Among Others

Today, 03:07 AM

75% of his shots.  But he can't take that many shots because he can't create them. 


A large portion of his points comes in transition or someone feeding him the ball in a position to get to the rim


I think he can create his shots, I just think his release is so slow that it doesn't matter if he can create them or not. 


I'm still banking on Price fixing that thing with one more offseason. If he hasn't shown that he can be a true two way player (i.e. Jimmy Butler) by the time his contract expires (2016-17) then I'll concede that it's time to move on.

In Topic: NC State @ UNC

Today, 02:58 AM

You won't get through to him. They obviously don't teach logic or critical thinking at Liberty. He turns an NC State vs. UNC Thread into a Liberty University and separation of church and state thread... o.O :jc:


Someone called out my school and I defended them, yet somehow I can't think for myself. I guess I haven't finished evolving yet.

Go back and check your facts before making some asinine statement.


They obviously teach more at Liberty than they do at NCSU as half of NCSU's fan base posts on message boards instead of impacting the world in some manner.


Oh by the way, ask your A.D. how she likes her degree from LIBERTY UNIVERSITY... that's right... your own athletic director has a masters from Liberty.



In Topic: Stephenson Drawing Interest From Brooklyn Among Others

Today, 02:50 AM

He doesn't thrive when he is on the floor with Neal.

He is a liability. He is not good at anything except finishing around the basket, but he only gets to the basket if others create for him. He can't handle the ball well enough to get there. He is a straight line driver, but you don't have to get up on him because you don't have to guard him.

I truly don't want to trade him because he is only like 21 years old and has all kinds of potential. But he is still a long ways away before he is anything other than a liability in the half court offense.

Neal isn't really a spacer, he's the best mover without the ball that we have and he actually invades others space (it happened tonight with Henderson) because our team doesn't understand how to move without the ball, it's clear that he's played in a pop system.

Just so you know, the Hornets are a total of -10 in games that MKG plays verses those that he doesn't play throughout his career. He's an integral part of this team and the statistics back that up.

Also what do you mean he can't handle the ball well enough to get to the rim? 75% of his baskets are self created!

Like you said, he's only 21. Giving up on him now after all the work that we've put into him would just be foolish.

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