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In Topic: NBA Offseason Trade/Free Agency Thread

Yesterday, 10:25 AM

I don't believe that bullshit one bit. You guys read so much into these crap that they put out.

MJ wanted Lance bc he wanted Lance. It just so happens that Lance and Kemba both were from NY. They never played together too other than one outside game.

Lance's freestyle mentioning Kemba would already be dated one week after its release. It won't happen simply for that reason.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Yesterday, 10:21 AM

I believe we will miss Ginn more than any receiver from last season. Call me crazy, but if you watch the season review that is playing on TWC over and over, Ginn made a game changing catch and play 4 or 5 times last season. I'm not saying he is a #1 receiver, but the dude was actually clutch at times for us last season, not to mention his punt returns. 

I agree we will miss him more than any other receiver from lost year, but it all comes down to the money. 1 year $1 million vs 3 year $10 million deal. (max $15 million) We leased him, he produced, and got paid. I wish he was still here, but business is business.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Yesterday, 09:45 AM



The fact that Hill's agent is whining about his release doesn't help his case. A lot of other guys got cut yesterday too.  Take your release like a man.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

30 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

Nobody's slurping Philly. But he returns kicks and somebodys got to do it. It's an nfl roster, every player has a purpose and a value. The starting returner has more value than the 5th string receiver.

I don't see how being from Wofford or being undrafted helps Bersin.

Philly is the 5th string receiver? And call it a hunch, but I don't just find it a coincidence that Bersin, from Charlotte, the first Terrier to be in the NFL since Richardson, is playing in Charlotte for Richardson. Trust me, he earned it, but being from Wofford helped his case immensely. 

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

30 August 2014 - 06:17 PM

People are way too high on Bersin. Just be happy he's made the 53 man roster for the moment.


He is the first guy from Wofford to make a NFL team since Richardson. He went from undrafted, to practice squad, to the squad by simply working his butt off. No one is proclaming him to be a future #1, but so far he's proven to have very dependable hands. I honestly think it's the other way around. People went from high on him, to saying he will only have 50 yards receiving for the year, to slurping Philly and wanting Bersin cut to bring in a guy that the freaking Jets don't think is good enough. Hill may have the speed and the size, but I'd rather have Bersin's sure hands.


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