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In Topic: maybe some good news for Hardy

25 July 2014 - 09:36 AM

Ok refresh my memory. The only incident from Hardy was two years ago when he wrecked his bike before training camp. Other than that, i know of no other off field incidents from him? So why try to dump him for one mistake. We put up with more than that with Smitty.

In Topic: Panthers waive Edmund Kugbila

25 July 2014 - 09:20 AM

What a great pick! Was a bad pick from the start.

Well, on the bright side at least Gman is willing to admit a bad pick unlike Hurney (Fua/AE/etc.)


We really cant asay it was a bad pick or a good pick since the kid never made it out of training camp in one piece. Just bad luck for this young man. Hopefully he can get and stay healthy and get picked up somewhere else next year.

In Topic: With this picture I make you angry....

17 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

And of course there was no flag thrown on that one. The NFL could not let the panthers beat their other premier team.

In Topic: Graham ruled a tight end

02 July 2014 - 01:59 PM

By your logic I shouldn't make what I do because it's way more than the average American. So if you're making more than $51,017 you better return the rest of that to your employer

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Ok you just need to take a a deep breathe and pass out.


I make more than that. But once again, ITS A fuging GAME!!!!!! Millions of dollars to play a game that Im sure each and every one of us use to play in the streets growing up.  You could pay me $ 200,000 a year just to ride the damn bench. Practice squad players get more than that.


Is Jimmy a great player? Yes most likely the best TE out there. BUT HES A DAMN TE until the roster states other wise. Thats like being a punter and wanting to get paid a a QB because your the best punter in the world.

In Topic: Graham ruled a tight end

02 July 2014 - 01:55 PM

So anyone drafted at a position, even though they are moved to another, should always get paid as the first position, the one they played in college?


Of course athletes make a lot, but compared to what others get paid in the league with similar production (across all position) yeah, he should get more.  Isn't that fair?  Jimmy should take less than others that produce the same, because people are more poor?  You wouldn't only be thinking about the $ either?  When you could get hurt on your one year franchise tender and never get your payday?  Of course you would.   You wouldn't try to get that $5 mill?  Seems like a lot to me.  Those people making 1/10 would definitely go for that $5 mill haha.


Players such as lets say Godfrey being moved to CB. He has officially been moved to that position. He not a safety any longer but a CB. Jimmy on the books is a TE. so your point is invalid.


As far as the money, you missed the point as well. Hell yes every person i know would love to have that money. But the people I know and associate with are not driven by money and processions. ITS A GAME that he and every player in the NFL gets paid to play. IF he wants to be paid as a WR, he needs to either request the change or wait till his FT is over and leave. Stop crying about the extra money.


Simple rules to being happy in this world.


Love your family

Work hard for what you want

Money no matter how much will never make you happy


The other thing about this game today is the lack of loyalty on both sides. They player only think about Money and the teams only think about dropping the aging player for the new stud. I give the Steelers owners big props, They are the most loyal owners I have ever seen. 4 Coaches since the 70's and they keep players well after their prime.   TD put a smile on my face when talking about "he will only play for the panthers".


Love the game but the new wave of players that only think about their pockets is killing it.

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