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In Topic: Clausen will develop into a fine qb next season.

08 January 2011 - 03:36 PM

Luck not entering the draft maybe the best thing to happen to the panthers ever! I know that sounds crazy, but think about it. Luck entering the draft panthers would have been stupid not to draft him. Now they are forced to think about the team as a whole. Not just one position. I say trade Smith (give Williams his money). Yea thats right. Maybe even Gross. For draft picks. Lets be brutally honest. Did Gross deserve that pro bowl nod this year. Pro bowlers don't jump offsides, hold ect. as many times as he did this year. Smith and Gross are on the end of their careers (starting to age out). With that being said, Draft aj green 1 over all. Draft new corner and olb with second 1st, early second round you got from smith and/or gross trade. And go ol and dl the rest of picks. thats what really needs rebuilding, not the qb. I am not saying Clausen is a Manning, Rivers, Brady, Rothelisburger type qb, but I do think it is possible he could be a Phil Sims OK qb with a good line in front of him. Panthers have two, TWO running backs with 1100 yds each in 2009. Both looked like garbage this year and they got hurt. That screams your line is AWFUL. And it beefs up your defense. Super Bowls are won and lost in the trenches. Could Clausen or Pike be successful with the biggest and best o line in the nfl you bet ya. Heck Edwards would look like Mike Sick with a great line in front of him.

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