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In Topic: Kim Kardashian

Today, 03:54 AM

Well now I have PTSD.

In Topic: The Colbert Report finale.

Today, 03:47 AM

Honestly, and I know that he's not, but it would be great if he just took the character with him to late night. Nothing really HAS to change, except now he will have more time for interviews, so he can temper the character a bit and let the interview kind of just happen, with little bits of the character thrown in.

It just sucks that he's gone. Reno 911 got canceled, South Park is slowly becoming worse, The Daily Show is getting a bit repetitive...I mean, wtf is up with Comedy Central?

And why the hell isn't there more new standup? There used to be a new special almost every Saturday night. Now all they show are the same tired ass Katt Williams and Kevin Hart specials, or they'll dig up an Eddie Murphy special and blow the dust off it.

In Topic: Show some love for the best Rock band since Nirvana

Today, 02:38 AM

This song is literally better than every Seether song ever, and it's not even the best song on the radio currently (though it's close).

In Topic: Show some love for the best Rock band since Nirvana

Today, 02:36 AM

Are we talking radio rock or rock music and all of it's sub-genres in general? Because either way, Seether doesn't crack top 20.

Radio rock has been absolute garbage for close to a decade (if not a bit longer than that), but there are various bands better. I'd rather listen to Volbeat, and I'm not exactly a Volbeat fan.

In Topic: So I bought my first suit...

Today, 02:32 AM

Ive actually just started looking to change agencies myself I know asheville pd is hiring right now and rock hill PD is.

my brother told me about rock hill but haven't investigated that one further yet because I'm not sure if NC certifications transfer to SC, plus I have tattoos and they're not very tattoo friendly.

I work for a small agency right now, and am looking for a bigger one when I make the change, I don't know about bigger ones. but the small agency I work for is very political and more about who you know and are related to then anything else. I got passed over for a position by someone who had only been with the agency for a month and a half because of this kind of bs this year and that's why I'm leaving.

Yeah, I took the state exam retest (failed the sheriff specific unit...damn civil process. Passed with a 98 on the retest though) with some AB-Tech people, and they mentioned Asheville is about to do a lot of hiring, but that they were making local people priority so as to avoid the wishy-washyness of somebody accepting a position, then saying "I don't have money to move".

NC certs do not transfer to SC. But, if you're certified in NC, you just have to take the SC test and you're good.

I get the same feeling with small agencies already. My mom knows the chief of police and Mount Holly and is friends with the guy who pulls application for the start of the interview process and assured her that if I applied, I'd definitely at least get the panel interview. After that, it'd be on my performance, but still, having that foot in the door is definitely something that you seem to have to have with small agencies.

I'm kind of iffy on sheriff's offices for the political crap though. I don't want to have to worry about job security every 4 years. Comes with the territory I guess though.

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