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In Topic: Cop refuses to shoot man charging him

22 April 2015 - 09:26 PM

When bad shootings happen, I'll gladly call an officer out. And they do happen. Protecting the public is the whole purpose of the job. Keeping them safe. Yes, even suspects (hence all the regulations for handling of detained and arrested subjects). However, in order to do that...officers have to be alive. If this cop had shot, there would be people slamming him left and right. Totally justified in shooting had he done so, and he'd STILL be viewed as a bad cop because he killed a man who appeared to pose a threat. It's not about playing judge, jury, and executioner. It's about staying alive in life or death situations. To say that this case should be the standard by which officers should conduct themselves in like situations is ignorant, because it will get officers killed.

You didn't just say "error on the side of suspects and the public". You specified that we should error on the side of suspects OVER police officers. Now, if I am misunderstanding that, please correct me. I don't want to be misrepresenting what you're saying. It just seems to me that you're saying that a suspect's well being takes precedence over the officer's, particularly when discussing how we handle judgment calls like this. 

In Topic: Cop refuses to shoot man charging him

22 April 2015 - 03:10 AM

Look, sometimes cops are put in tough situations and have to make a judgment call. I won't deny that.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't look to re-examine their training, explore better ways to de-escalate situations, get rid of military equipment going to police departments who don't need it, have more stringent rules on reporting of police homicides to the FBI, have better oversight in investigations of police homicides (right here in NC we had a situation where SBI was working with police and prosecuters to falsify or withold evidence to help one another just a few years ago), explore effectiveness of less lethal forms of equipment, etc.

It also doesn't mean we should view police as beyond reproach.

We should hold police to a higher standard and error on the side of protecting suspects and civilians over officers who swear to put their own life on the line if need be to protect others.

Hell even in the wild west you couldn't shoot someone else unless he actually drew on you.





I'm done.

In Topic: Cop refuses to shoot man charging him

21 April 2015 - 08:58 PM

Always shoot someone and figure it out later

That is why cops kill over 1,000 people a year.

If he is unarmed we can just say he went for your gun, or throw a gun next to the body and all is well.

Remember, we are here to protect and serve.... the brotherhood of the police



There is always "the other time".

"This guy didn't kill an unarmed man but this one time in Alaska a guy did have a gun and shot the police officer."

So.... why can't the reverse be true?

"This one time the the police shot a guy and it turns out the suspect had a gun, but this other time the suspect didn't have a gun and was killed for no reason."

Now you're just being intentionally dishonest.

I'm not advocating for shoot first, think later mentality. What I'm saying is if a person suspected of murder is charging you, and it appears he is going for a weapon, there should be NO thought to what you should do. Again, in this situation, the officer came out alive. Had the guy had a gun or a knife and everything went down as it did, but he actually DID intend to kill the officer and succeeded, would you still be applauding his "restraint" or would you be wondering why the hell didn't he shoot? Then again, you seem like the type that doesn't mind dead cops.

There are bad people in the world. People who want to and will kill others. People who pose a threat to everybody. Ideally, these people don't resist law enforcement and the presence of law enforcement is enough to arrest them and then they go to court. That is ideal. That is not reality in a lot of cases. It is impossible to determine exactly what the suspect will do. All you have is the available facts. In this case, you have a murder suspect, presumed to be armed and dangerous, SPRINTING at you. You have the fact that he may attempt suicide by cop. You see him reaching into his waistband. What he has, if anything, you don't know. In this case, training and common sense says shoot. If this officer goes through a similar situation in the future and handles it the same way, he will be killed. If this is how lenient he is with a murder suspect, what about some large, pissed off guy on a domestic call charging him in exactly the same way? One that actually means to harm him. 

Seriously, it's like cops are expected to literally wait until they have a gun pulled on them before they are allowed to even draw on somebody, let alone shoot. Cops WILL go home after poo. They're at risk just riding around or parking to do a report or eat something real quick. They don't have to wait until they're staring at death in the face before they can take measures to defend themselves or others. If that's the world you want to live in, go to St. Louis County. Their agency is resigning quickly. Soon, there won't be any cops there. See how that works out for you.

In Topic: Netflix buys another season of Daredevil.

21 April 2015 - 08:20 PM

Amazing show. They hit the character perfect. Great pacing. Great fighting and cinematography (the scene in episode 3 or 4 where DD is fighting in that hallway for like, 5 minutes. Starts with just following a couple of bad guys into doorways to show you the number of them, then freezes on the end of the hallway until DD comes into frame. Just a beautifully done scene).

This has me SO excited for Iron Fist and the other Netflix Marvel shows.

In Topic: Ok, I will kick this off.. gameby game prediction thread, post schedule release.

21 April 2015 - 08:11 PM

@ JAC - W
vs HOU - W
vs NO - W
@ TB - W
@ SEA - L
vs PHI - W
vs IND - W
vs GB - W
@ TEN - W
vs WAS - W
@ DAL - L
@ NO - W
vs ATL - W
@ NYG - L
@ ATL - W
vs TB - W

13-3. I think there are some toss ups. Namely, Seattle, Green Bay, and Dallas. Those could go either way in my mind. The rest should be wins. I think we are tired against NY and they beat us handily though. Gives us the chip on our shoulder to demolish Atlanta in their dome again and embarrass TB, as usual.