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In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

24 March 2015 - 06:55 AM

Was it not the gun that was in the blender, hidden by Rick?

I seriously don't know, just asking.

It was. How did so many people forget that from just a few episodes ago?

In Topic: From Bridgewater to Newton...but...

23 March 2015 - 07:46 AM

To anybody saying "Shula can't be too bad, we had two 1,000 yard receivers".

One is one of the best receiving TEs in the league. And, the only constant target Cam has had every seasons since he was drafted. He's expected to get damn near 1,000 every year. And we utilize the TE a lot, by design.

The other is a good rookie. OK, I should just be happy, I know, but a LOT of rookies come on strong their first year, put up numbers...and now teams know what to expect. KB could have had closer to 1300 yards and a few more TDs had he not dropped so many, but my point still stands. He has a year of game film going against him now. Teams will start adjusting coverage more, even more than they did already. If he's as great as we all hope he is, he'll at least be as productive next season. However, a lesser receiver doesn't get the stats he got last season in this system. Just doesn't happen. KB MADE a lot of plays possible just by being freakishly large and having the ability to make those big time catches. Not every receiver has that.

Yes, Cam DOES spread the ball around a lot. He doesn't just lock in on one or two guys and feed them the ball all game. But we still shouldn't have 2/3 of our receiving numbers coming from 2 guys alone. We need one, maybe two other guys who can take the load off of them, while not stealing their numbers completely.

Our offensive system does NOT get guys open. Every QB misses open receivers from time to time. You can't always say "Cam isn't finding the open guy". Most people here (I think) understand that fact and know that when Cam holds the ball forever, more times than not, it's because nobody is open and he's just waiting for somebody to get open. Or waiting on those constant deep ass routes to develop enough to risk the throw if he has to.

Look at Seattle. Look at Denver. Look at NE. Look at NO. All of these systems are DESIGNED to get guys open. Specifically one. And that design expands to include 2nd and 3rd options, depending on the coverage, that WILL be open or open enough to try a throw and see what happens if they try to take away the primary receiver. We have some plays like that...but they're not the norm. Shula has terrible play design, terrible vision, terrible situational awareness, and terrible foresight in his play-calling. This has been demonstrated countless times. Sure, he has a good series or two in some games....but that doesn't make up for the, on average, 6 or so terrible drives he calls in those same games. And a lot of times, even the bad drives can be salvaged with just a LITTLE awareness of situation. 3rd and 2? fug it, everybody go vertical. If this happened rarely, I wouldn't be too mad. This happens AT LEAST once every. Single. Game.

Shula is our hindrance. No great FA offensive player is going to want to come here to be placed in a system where they're not going to have plays designed to get them open. Or placed in a system where they're going to do the exact opposite of what successful offenses do.

We'll be mediocre-to-good next season, largely in part to the defense and Cam being incredible (and hopefully a stout running game), and Shula will have his job saved, again, until somebody in the organization wakes up and realizes how truly deadly we could be with a competent OC.

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

23 March 2015 - 07:26 AM

That damn red balloon....is it a signal?

It's clearly a metaphor. For what, I do not know. I'm thinking it's either to symbolize Rick's take on Alexandria or the reality of the community and the danger it's in due to it's lack of awareness of how the world is.

The first, Rick is "all-in" on Alexandria tentatively. He's hanging by a thread, and knows what's at stake, given his experience with the prison and how it was after it fell. The balloon flying away is him realizing it's not far from being lost just like the prison (all taken from his focus on three separate occasions being on that balloon).

The second, the balloon is much like Carl and that girl, or Sasha, Michonne, and Rosita. Or Daryl. They all know that outside the walls is "reality". Inside is this nice, cozy environment where the outside can be blocked out. But they HAVE to be in reality. They have to be outside the walls, at least in mindset. The balloon in the beginning was tied to the boat in the water. It's inside the walls. Like all the aforementioned characters, it's just living inside of the reality. You can pretend you're safe and sound, but at the end of the day, you can't separate yourself from the outside world. The balloon, like all the characters, is thrown out into the wind, outside the walls, and away from that safety. No matter how safe you think you are, you're always going to be in danger of the outside threats, whether it be walkers or humans. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for next week there.

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

23 March 2015 - 07:17 AM

Great episode I thought. Sasha's development is moving right along. Think they'll have her balanced out by the end of next week/going into next season.

I think Daryl and Aaron are hot on the trail of the Wolves. At least, that seems to be the case. Given all the clues.

I have no idea what to think about Carl and the girl he was running with. I mean, obviously they're trying to get other interesting youths involved in the story, as having Carl being the only kid truly front and center on the show with no interactions with other kids roughly his age that "get" him would be stupid in this new environment. But I'm hoping there's at least a little more to it that gets fleshed out next season. Maybe she was part of a different group and ran off because of how women were treated...hint hint....

I think Rick came a bit unhinged. I've always said though, crazy Rick is best Rick. I think the writers purposefully drew the Shane comparison out here. Woman and her kid in danger. Gives Rick a hope and a purpose while he's inside the walls. A motivator, a goal. And it seems to have consumed him a bit. Carol being all Lori-esque last week with the "you have to kill him" talk.

Next week is probably going to be, as somebody already said, Deanna and the original Alexandrians discussing whether or not to kick Rick (and thus, the group) out. I think they'll decide to do it, and then Daryl and Aaron haul ass back to Alexandria to worn them of the impending threat. Deanna realizes they're not prepared to deal with it without Rick and the group, so she keeps them around. They handle it all next week, and then the Deanna hands over power to Rick because she realizes that she sucks at leading if things aren't all sunshine and rainbows (as evidenced by her refusal to act on an active domestic violence issue).

In Topic: Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

11 March 2015 - 03:41 PM