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In Topic: Prospect Meetings By Position. 2015 Edition.

Today, 08:55 PM

Hunter is very raw. i hate using that word, because it gets thrown around to much, but he is really raw. 

In Topic: Who is your round 3 starter?

Today, 08:51 PM

Jaquiski Tartt, S, Samford

In Topic: Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

Today, 08:46 PM

i think he would be the ideal 3rd round pick. 

In Topic: Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

Today, 04:15 PM

Dorsett is more then a one trick pony. He has also improved his hands over the years.

In Topic: Cosell on top WRs in draft via MMQB

Today, 04:04 PM

You can be a ball control offense, but you must have the ability to get vertical up the field. Many teams would take away the run with bringing 8-9 in the box.

The cbs would also sit on their heels because they had no fear of WRs running past them. DBs would literally squat on curls, hitches, and comebacks because no one was on the field that could run a deep route.