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Rise of the Annoying Traveling NFL Fan

24 November 2014 - 08:37 AM



Over the past few years, it has become easier for fans to have a sizable presence in an opponent’s stadium. Long gone are the days when securing tickets required standing in line at a stadium months in advance, or buying them on the street from a scalper. Because of ticket-swapping sites like StubHub and TicketExchange, an NFL partner, fans can easily grab tickets even a few hours in advance and make the trip.
This has led to more fans planning trips or buying on a whim, regardless of geography. According to StubHub, out-of-region fans account for 40% of NFL tickets sold on the site, up 14% in three years.
When the Cowboys and Steelers play on the road, an extra 25% of tickets are sold on the secondary market, according to SeatGeek, a ticket-search engine. Even the Green Bay Packers, who have one of the most passionate fan bases in sports, trail far behind those numbers with 17%.
According to players, coaches and executives, this can be a huge advantage on the field.



Indeed. Unfortunately we have known this for years.

What does your zip code say about you?

02 November 2014 - 09:37 AM



Type your zip in. You my have to scroll down in the window to see your description.


You can also go here and hover over various zip codes:



Great game!

31 October 2014 - 11:12 AM

I owed my buddy a bunch of money so i took him to the game and dinner complete with driver pickup. No homo. had steak and lobster and a bunch of drinks.


Patrick Ewing was balling it up




Headed over to the game. That part was fuzzy. Midway through the third we bailed and hit the strip club where some girl sat on my lap for $100/hour.


When the car came we went home and I passed out.


So who won? I haven't had a chance to look. I bet we put up 35 on them.

My Thoughts...since I know you were waiting. SCP poop joke coming.

20 October 2014 - 09:53 PM

The biggest game of the season is coming up ...in a week and a half. Beating the 'hawks would be huge but either way we win next Thursday against the faints and we are still leading the NFCS at least by .5 games. Perhaps as much as 2.5. With 7 games left and a bye week.


Soft spot in the schedule comes after that.  And we need it.


The NFCS sucks and we could presumably just limp into a home playoff game. I'll limp into the Superbowl like an SCP Poop. Wait that didn't work. We should be favored in most of the remaining NFCS games. All I have ever wanted from this team is a home playoff game. That is pretty much the only reason I ever bought PSLS. That and watching people pay $300/tk on the street when Dallas comes to town.


But we stink right now. (O really?). Like SCP poop stank in an Odessa Texas Waffle House. (Better)


Everyone is trying to place blame on so and so and so and so but I am going to throw this out there. IT IS ALL ABOUT GREG HARDY. Just like SCP's poop. Nope sorry didn't work.


The defense didn't just lose an elite player. 

  • While not the "leader" of the offense Greg was the corner stone talent-wise and allowed Luke et. al. to do their jobs 
  • Our defense is feeling pressure without that guy. Perhaps a need to push too much. Overcompensating.
  • Our team is tired of being in the media for team that is never in the media. And for a guy they probably love. Hopefully recovering now.
  • There may be some questioning of management. Did they do enough to support the player?
  • We are failing at the fundamentals.
  • It's on the coaches to fix it. No reason we should not finish strong.


Politics and emotion are a huge deal in the locker room even though we tend to assume that our players are automatons.


tl;dr: Season is shaping up nicely. Poop.







High-deductible insurance plans can carry large out-of-pocket costs

18 October 2014 - 10:24 AM



A) Hilarious title. ORLY??

B) We all knew the money had to come from somewhere. You can't just magically increase what is covered and pretend that costs will go down.

C) Thanks OBAMA!!



Also while I feel bad for the guy who was either confused or tricked by his broker, I'm guessing the deductible details were not as difficult to glean from the policy as the article implies. Usually there is a dec page which is at the very front and clearly lists limits and deductibles.


 For Seng, the $5,500 difference was a footnote in the 90-page policy he received after buying.



I could be wrong

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