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NFL Asks Musicians for Money to Play Super Bowl Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com...

Today, 12:08 PM



The NFL reportedly asked Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay, their top choices to play the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show, if they would be willing to pay the league in order to secure one of the biggest gigs in the world, according to The Wall Street Journal.
When reaching out to artists, league representatives asked some acts if they would exchange a headlining slot for a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour earnings, or make another type of financial contribution to the NFL. Sources told the Journal that the suggestion, perhaps unsurprisingly, "got a chilly reception from the candidates' representatives."
While the NFL doesn't typically pay artists who perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, they do tend to cover travel and production expenses, which can be upwards of a million dollars. Considering the Halftime Show has only grown more popular in recent years — this year's performance with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers drew 115.3 million viewers, compared to the 112.2 million who watched the game — it makes sense they'd want a piece of the pie.


Criticize Goodell if you like but at least he is consistent!




How The National Football League Can Reach $25 Billion In Annual Revenues
This year revenues for the National Football League will be somewhere just north of $9 billion, which means the league remains the most lucrative in the world.
But NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, wants more. Much more.
He has stated that he wants to reach $25 billion in annual revenues for the league by the year 2027. It’s an incredibly ambitious goal, especially for a league that many in the media believe is in decline. (It’s not. See this story.) But it is also a very achievable one when considering what the league has in store for the future.




Will you support your parents financially even if they make terrible money decisions?

18 August 2014 - 07:59 PM

Broad question, sorry...

Thread for local dives and restaurants

06 August 2014 - 12:51 PM

Whenever you come across a local hole in the wall joint (or upscale doesn't matter) whether you visit or just read about it post it here. I'll be posting NC/SC hole in the wall stuff but post whatever you like.


First one is one I haven't been to but will soon:


Nu-Way lounge in Spartanburg. Anyone been? Apparently it is a local legend. Looks like my kind of place.




Everyone’s heard about the Nu-Way Lounge & Restaurant’s Redneck Cheeseburger served with a secret-recipe pimento cheese atop the patty—it’s won awards, and been featured both in national print media and on television. Regulars know about the White Trash Burger with jalapeños, and the Trailer Park Burger on buttered toast. There’s the Blu-Way chicken sandwich, and the Nu-Wayler fish sandwich. There’s PBR, Miller, Bud, and then—for the more adventurous—Corona, Guinness, and Red Stripe. The wine list goes like this: “red, white, or pink.” It’s pretty well known that Nu-Way celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary last year, on its original spot at 373 East Kennedy Street in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. There’s the red front door, a bar with a handful of tables running its length, a “dining room” to the side, and an outdoor patio behind the place protected by a wooden fence. There are a couple of old-fashioned pinball machines, and one of those bowling games. 



So I modeled the season (and you aren't going to like it)

03 August 2014 - 04:03 PM

I'm in a contest where you pick every game for the whole NFL season. Instead of trying to slog through 256 games I built a stochastic simulation model that chooses a victor for each and every game during the season. My assumptions are below but the results are as follows:


(Remember computers have no feelings)




Highlights and lowlights from the Panthers: Some amazing familiarity here


1) We lose our opener 19-16 in overtime at Tampa

2) Lose to Detroit and Pittsburgh by 7 points total

3) Blowout Baltimore 43-18 to start 1-3

4) Lose by 1 to Chicago

5) Blown Out by Cincinnati with the first defensive hiccup giving up 35 points

6) Lose by 6 to Green Bay, 2 to Seattle and 3 to New Orleans. Now 1-8

7) Blowout Philly 35 -21

8) Lose to Atlanta 21-20... 2-9 on the season 

9) Much needed by week

10 And then a 5-0 to end the season missing the playoffs by 2 games. We average 32 points per game after the bye beating MINN, NO, TB, CLE, and ATL


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