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In Topic: Greg Jennings Thinking About Breaking Signing On Social Media

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

he's treating this like he's a HOF receiver, or something. he'd be the #2 or #3 guy wherever he goes. who gives a fug?

In Topic: Panthers Sign LB Jason Trusnik To A One-Year Deal

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Replacement for Luke when he refuses to sign a generous Gettleman 10 yr / 8million total contract



In Topic: Bieber Roast - Comedy Central

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

It's not beibers fault that society as a whole are rather dumb and gave him a fortune.

We are so stupid


speak for yourself.  I haven't given Bieber jack poo.

In Topic: John Fox has had success "for with less" than Jay Cutler

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

might as well hand the NFCN to GB now, and they can skip the regular season.


GB vs CAR in the NFC Championship game.

In Topic: April Fools Day, The Huddle, And You

Yesterday, 11:13 AM