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In Topic: Which QB will worry you more if they go to the Bucs..

Today, 11:51 AM

winston seems like the real deal.  Bux will be kicking themselves in 5 years if they don't take him.

In Topic: With more snow on the way, just a friendly reminder

Today, 12:51 AM

stock up on lube...

In Topic: Two Trades Today: Tlusty to the Jets, Sekera to the Kings

Yesterday, 11:52 PM

Nope. This team is finally rallying around Peters, they are going to play well down the stretch. Watch, Semin will turn it on in the month of March.

Disclaimer: Never had a dog in the fight when it comes to tanking, BUT...when there are two prospects this strong...I am heavily FOR it.

isn't it a good thing that they are playing well in Peters' system? They're playing playoff calibre hockey, and have been for a while now. they look much better as a team then Ive seen them play in years. more young blood is a good thing. future looks bright for the canes. finally have a decent coach.

In Topic: NFL stars as superheroes

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

looks like they matched colors of uniforms more than who would be appropriate, except for cam and Calvin Johnson, who already have the name associated with them.

In Topic: What was funny before internet memes?

Yesterday, 09:47 AM

your mama jokes