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Brandon LaFell already in mid-season form

09 September 2014 - 02:00 PM

Played nearly half the snaps on offense, targeted 6 times:


0 receptions

0 yards

0 TDs


THREE drops


Also, he managed an offsides penalty on special teams (lulz). Looks like he could be a healthy scratch heading into week 2.


That's why the Pats are paying him the big bucks guys.

Saints gonna have dat top 5 defense this season!1!1!one!11!111

07 September 2014 - 10:41 PM






who dat scoring all does point on us??11?!!1?!

Listen up Bucs fan

06 September 2014 - 07:33 AM

Nobody cares about your sorry ass team. The last time the Bucs won a meaningful game the team was made up of actual pirates. The cannons at the stadium were used to fend off advances by native american tribes. After games the team would sail out to raid British ships transporting spices and gold and crap.
It was that long ago.
Bucs fans can't help but bring up every other sentence "hey, you remember when we won the super bowl!?!?!".
No. No, I don't remember. Nobody else does either.
The super bowl the Bucs were in was sometime during the middle of the Mesozoic era. The halftime show was a cage match between a T-Rex and three velociraptors. If you got too drunk and unruly in the stands a grunting neanderthal wearing a loincloth would come bash you over the head with a wooden club and drag you out of the stadium.
Of course, cameras and television hadn't been invented yet so there's no proof the Bucs ever won anything. At this point it's just an urban legend that's been passed down from generation to generation. Nobody knows if it really happened or not, but it's a fun story to tell your kids over a campfire to creep them out.
Gather round kids, let me tell about a long, long, long time ago when the Bucs actually fielded an NFL caliber football team. Yes I know it sounds a bit... eery.. but that's what happened, at least according to legend. Also, Bigfoot.
Since that time the Bucs fanbase has dwindled down to nothingness, wiped out by factors such as MRSA outbreak, Greg Schiano and actually having to watch Buccaneers football. There's much discussion in the scientific community if any Bucs fans are still in existence today or if they've become completely extinct. The debate rages on. At this point, we should hire one of those reality shows from basic cable that hunt ghosts and the loch ness monster and such. Send them to Florida and see if they can track down a living breathing Bucs fan.
I've personally never seen one in person, as they are quite elusive. If you ever stumble across one in the wild, walk very slowly, stay quiet and don't make any sudden movements. They are skiddish and get spooked very easily. Any little thing and they'll scurry off into the shadows never to be seen again. This should go without saying but make sure you take pictures. Trying to explain you saw a live Bucs fan would be like saying you saw a polar bear sitting in Applebee's eating a steak fajita, nobody is gonna believe you unless you have pictures to prove it.
Most of the stadium on gamedays is filled with drunk homeless people that happened to be wondering through the parking lot and found a discarded ticket laying on the ground. They're barely consious, don't know where they're at or what's going on and will probably urinate on themselves at some point during the game. Go Bucs, I guess.
The rest of the people in attendence are families that happened to drive by the stadium, saw the cannons and pirate ship and mistook the place for one of those Florida amusement parks. The kids started kicking and screaming until the parents dragged them in there and let them play on the stupid pirate ship just to shut them up, never realizing there was a football game going on somewhere in the background.
All told there's maybe a handful of guys that show up each game that are actually there to watch Buccanears football on purpose. They all look like rejects from a gay broadway musical version of Pirates of the Caribbean. This is by far the least intimidating stadium for opposing NFL teams to come to. Truly, nothing strikes fear in the hearts of men like 4 middle age dudes rolling up in a 1990 Chrystler minivan wearing eyeliner, ruffled frilly shirts and plastic eyepatches they bought at Party City. Yargh matey, my eyeliner be clumping again. Yeah, totally terrifying.
The team itself is made up of Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David and 51 other guys that would be backups in the CFL and seem to be playing for the Bucs against their will, like it was a punishment they got forced to do. They don't care about the orginization, what the team is doing, or even if they win or lose, which means they fit in perfectly with the rest of the population in Florida.
Their head coach just got fired a few months ago for sucking at being a head coach. Their QB couldn't beat out Jimmy Clausen for a starting job. This isn't even me talking smack, these are actual facts. You can look them up on the internet and everything.
To summarize, the Bucs are garbage and the Panthers are going to destroy them.
Seriously, fug the Bucs and their fan.
Panthers roll 34-0, now GTFO

What's the best food for a hangover?

28 August 2014 - 01:34 PM

I've figured out the best drink (powerade/gatorade), what works best for food?

The best song of all time according to R0CKnR0LLA....

19 August 2014 - 02:22 AM


















And what I may call a tie if not an honorable mention...













So, whats yours? I'm not trying to dismiss anything, I ask this honestly, I want to see what others put forth, what then would you contend as the best song ever made?

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