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A reminder Falcons fans

28 September 2014 - 06:33 PM










Shula lead Panthers now 0-6 when opposing team scores more than 20 points

28 September 2014 - 02:56 PM

8 minutes to go in the 3rd, down 3 scores, your top two RBs are standing on the sidelines injured. Even when our RBs were healthy we still couldn't run the ball effectively. So what does Shula do... run straight up the middle of course! Result is a half yard gain.


Well damn, that was a completely wasted play, and the game clock is ticking down and we need to put up some points in a hurry. What to do next... oh I know, let's run it straight up the middle again! More time wasted netting only a 1-2 yard gain, putting all the pressure on Cam on 3rd and long.


But Cam being Cam he steps up, throws a laser and converts on 3rd down. Shortly afterwards we're in a 3rd and 4 and Shula calls this toss sweep play that has no chance and is a total disaster. We end up kicking a FG. At this point we're almost into the 4th quarter, that drive burned through a huge chunk of time and yet we're still down 3 scores.


It's situations like this that make it blatantly obvious to me that Shula needs to go. He needs a completely suffocating elite defense to win games. If an opposing team even puts up even a medium range of 21-22 points it's an automatic loss.


His whole strategy is to grind it out and win these 10-9 or 17-13 games. As soon as the opponent is able to put up a few scores, the game is all but over. Even being down 3 scores, he still refuses to adjust. Still the same drag-the-game-out horribly predictable and unimaginative playcalling. Still no sense of urgency, plays coming in late, ball not being snapped until under 10 seconds on the play clock.


It's sad when being down 2 scores at halftime means the game is basically already over. And yeah yeah I know Byron Bell rabble rabble rabble.


Greg Hardy's trial might not happen until next year

24 September 2014 - 05:53 PM

Legal experts said his trial, tentatively scheduled for the week of Nov. 17, may not take place until much later. They point out that there are hundreds of domestic violence cases older than Hardy's. "Every single victim of domestic violence wants to have their case heard," said Charlotte defense attorney Brad Smith. "I've got cases that are years old that are still making their way up to the front of the line."
From the backlog of cases, prosecutors will choose roughly 30 defendants to essentially be on stand-by for the November week when Hardy's case is scheduled. If Hardy even makes that list, he still faces long odds on getting his case before a jury.
That could push Hardy's case into next year at the earliest. "If it's treated like any other case Greg Hardy could be sitting around this time next year still waiting on his date in court," Smith said.
He could end up waiting a year or more from date of the incident. So much for the 6th amendment guaranteeing a speedy jury trial.

Brandon LaFell already in mid-season form

09 September 2014 - 02:00 PM

Played nearly half the snaps on offense, targeted 6 times:


0 receptions

0 yards

0 TDs


THREE drops


Also, he managed an offsides penalty on special teams (lulz). Looks like he could be a healthy scratch heading into week 2.


That's why the Pats are paying him the big bucks guys.

Saints gonna have dat top 5 defense this season!1!1!one!11!111

07 September 2014 - 10:41 PM






who dat scoring all does point on us??11?!!1?!

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