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#3003844 What can be worse than pretty young teacher having intercorse with young stud...

Posted by Bob NC on 07 October 2014 - 07:31 AM

I think my wife has Multiple Personality Disorder.


Last night she was my 8th grade math teacher.

#2860823 Post a pic, any pic.

Posted by Bob NC on 22 July 2014 - 09:24 AM


I hereby name this bridge Jim.

#2815039 Anyone watching Orange Is The New Black?

Posted by Bob NC on 10 June 2014 - 08:17 AM

Excited that the second season is finally here. Didn't watch the first season until about 6 months ago after 2 of my gfs in separate conversations told me how great it was.

They also both mentioned their bfs watch it with them and the hardcore girl on girl scenes help that.

Ugh. Some of that lesbian stuff is too hard core for me. Stinky jail vag. Ew.

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The bull dyke in the show....Her name is Big Boo.  Her best piece of dialogue yet was, "Two in the pink, one in the stink"

#2722548 Computer buying advice requested

Posted by Bob NC on 31 March 2014 - 04:39 PM

My wife loved Acer because they were cheap. After the second black screen of death, I finally convinced her to go to an Apple. It really works better for what she needs it for and does much better with balancing her resource draining programs without significant performance loss. Of course, Apple isn't cheap, but to me, the price is worth the performance.


When you move from a $250 Acer to a $3000 Apple product you would expect the performance to be better.


There are plenty of GREAT options in between.

#2548642 Caption this picture

Posted by Bob NC on 16 December 2013 - 05:43 PM





"Four score and seven.........."

#2548274 How many poos do you give about your job/school this week?

Posted by Bob NC on 16 December 2013 - 02:01 PM

As a distinguished sales professional who has been on the road selling his ass off for the man since 1997, I could not care less about my job this week.  The Taints are coming to town for an epic showdown and I am taking December 20-Jan 2 off from work.  This very well could be the hardest 4 days to get through in my professional career.  How about the rest of you assclowns? How many poops do you give about real life this week?


I feel exactly the same as you.


I also was scheduled to have off from Friday afternoon Dec 20 until Jan 2nd.


So, I just put in to take off Friday too!!

#2530231 Los Angeles Times Article - Steve Smith

Posted by Bob NC on 06 December 2013 - 09:27 AM

I will get Dorito Tacoes in his honor sunday night.  I've never tried one.  Heck, I haven't eaten at Taco Bell in about 10 years.


And piss out your ass all day Monday?

#2515846 Friendship/Relationship

Posted by Bob NC on 27 November 2013 - 09:08 AM

After being best friends forever you thought there would be some cataclismic love bonk on the head when you started dating.


There was no big new revelation because you were already in love.



#2384414 Anyone else want to lose to the Giants?

Posted by Bob NC on 17 September 2013 - 06:35 AM

I can't believe there are 'fans' that actually want their team to lose.  These aren't real fans.


Did the Red Sox have fans in their decades long quest for a title?  They didn't have namby pamby spineless fair weather complainers as fans. 


Honestly, if you don't want to root for a team, why even bother watching football.  It's easy to be a fan if you are in the playoffs every year.


Check out the record of the home football team I rooted for from grade school thru high school:














That's the New England Patriots record for 11 years.


And speaking of crappy coaches, boy were the fans happy to get rid of that poor excuse of a coach, Pete Carroll, after losing a playoff game to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 98.


Fair weather fans disgust me.  Crawl back under a rock and root for the super bowl winner every year.

#2363469 Welcome to Shula ball....

Posted by Bob NC on 08 September 2013 - 03:37 PM

Cam has too big of an arm to not air it out at least once. What the fug is Ted Ginn her for!? Fair catches and touchbacks?

After the Panthers are mathematically eliminated they will air it out all day.

#2305118 Is there anything more unsanitary that a public restroom key

Posted by Bob NC on 30 July 2013 - 05:21 PM

Karachi, Pakistan in the mid-late 70's...



For some unknown reason I was hearing the Mission Impossible music in my head while I was reading this......

#2265304 Huddle Recipe Book

Posted by Bob NC on 23 June 2013 - 06:52 AM

Meat Candy


1 Package Little Smokies

1 Pound Bacon

Brown Sugar



Take a pound of bacon and lay it down and cut it twice so you have 3 stacks of bacon about 3" in length.

Wrap each piece of bacon around a Little Smokie, and run a toothpick thru it

Lay them out on a cookie sheet, better put foil on the sheet first

Sprinkle a heaping amount of brown sugar over all of them

Put them in the oven at 375 until the bacon is done and the sugar is carmelized



You better make 2 batches because you won't be able to stop eating these little morsels of deliciousness.

#2194557 The Masters

Posted by Bob NC on 14 April 2013 - 11:06 AM

You see, the "applicable rules" also state that Tiger Woods signed an incorrect scorecard, which is penalized by DQ. In this case, though, the Master Rules committee (not the USGA, not the PGA, not the R&A) has a rule that allows them to change the rules of the game for the benefit of TV. So, although the "letter of the law" says one thing, there is apparently the catch-all, one-time, get-out-of-jail free card- the almighty TV rule.

You are taking the term "TV Rule", to mean that the individual tournament committees can change the rules of the game to increase tv RATINGS.

It is called the "TV Rule", because golf seems to be the singular sport where people can call from home during a tournament and report player infractions. The governing bodies didn't think it fair that a player could unknowingly violate a rule, turn in their scorecard, and then AFTERWARDS be subject to a late call from a viewer watching tv at home in his Lay Z Boy.

If the player knew before signing his scorecard that he was subject to a penalty, he would take the penalty and not be subject to turning in an incorrect scorecard.

Most people would think DQing someone for signing an incorrect scorecard when they didn't even KNOW it was incorrect is a very harsh penalty.

#2194491 The Masters

Posted by Bob NC on 14 April 2013 - 09:31 AM

TV viewers have cost players tournaments in the past- Camillo Villegas was DQ'd as a result of a phone call in 2011.

In the case of the latest-this Tiger thing- had a caller not made the call, he would have been DQ'd for signing an incorrect score card. Only by virtue of that call did rules officials begin looking at the incident.

It's not a question of Tiger-hating as much as it is changing the rules of the game to accommodate the almighty TV dollar. Football and NCAA basketball timeouts are governed by TV. Masters tournament has their own rules committee and does not have the USGA or the PGA rules committees involved. Therefore, they feel they can change the rules of golf to suit their tournament, which benefits their TV ratings and their profitability.

The relatively new change in the rules is BECAUSE of the situation with Villegas, and various other situations where players have been DQ'd dating all the way back to Roberto De Vicenzo signing an incorrect scorecard in the 1968 Masters.

The powers that be instituted rule 33-7 to give an alternative to an automatic DQ. With Roberto, he hit the shots necessary to win the Masters with his golf clubs but he got the death penalty because of a mistake he made with his pencil.

There have been many instances of DQ in the past that almost everyone would look at as too harsh a penalty for the violation.

In 2011 the rules committee finally realized this and took some action, instituting Rule 33-7.

The only problem here is all the talking heads on TV that haven't swung a competitive club in years can't go along with progress and realize the rule has changed.

Tiger should have been DQ'd or should withdraw ONLY if we apply the pre 2011 rules.

We, however, are now operating under the current Rules of Golf.

#2093506 Denver fans,I'd like to introduce you to.......

Posted by Bob NC on 12 January 2013 - 09:00 PM


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