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In Topic: Random Tinder Slore: "I Just fu-ked (Julian) Edelman, No Lie"

05 February 2015 - 01:54 AM

I'm mad late, but this thread is comedy gold.

Like my dude said, that box made him go to sleep..with the lights on too lol

In Topic: Who considered not watching? (be honest)

02 February 2015 - 02:07 AM

This might get weird, but this game had be contemplating tuning down the intensity of my fan hood.

I was mildly cheering for the Seahawks, and when RW threw that pick, I was shocked and almost sick, and then a thought hit me, how would I feel if the Panthers had a similar fate in the SB? This thought literally scared me.

If we lost like this it would destroy me for who knows how long. I'm a diehard fan, I don't know if I could take an L like that.

As much as I hate the seahawks and the 12th man, I wouldn't wish what they're feeling right now on anyone. This may sound hyperbolic, but it seems to me to be a form of slight mental and emotional anguish. Slight, of course, it's not on the level of losing a loved one or anything like that, but it may be akin to losing a job or a large sum of money.

When we lost at Atlanta in 2012 and in Buffalo in 2013, it felt worse to me than when I did happen to lose my job that's for sure.

Being a diehard sports fan doesn't seem like a smart emotional decision at times. Only one team wins it all at the end of the year, and only that team and their fans are truly fulfilled. 1/32 doesn't seem like good odds for peace. Idk, still processing it all.

In Topic: Stupidest play call in the history of the NFL

02 February 2015 - 01:40 AM

When the statement, "if the play works you look like a genius and if it doesn't, you're a fool" is made, 9 times out of ten I agree, but not this time.

It was bad all the way around. If the play was a completion I would have said something along the lines of, "wow, that was a stupid risk to take." Not, "Dang Pete Carroll is ballsy".

I wonder if the thought of being "ballsy" went into the decision.

Fake field goal in the NFC championship game -- Ballsy!

Go for a TD with only 6 seconds left in the half -- Ballsy!

Throw a pass on 2nd and goal to win the SUPERBOWL -- hubris/stupid/unexplainable.

And you don't not run the ball because NE will be expecting it. Who cares? What is it with this game lately that coaches think outsmarting or a more accurate word for this line of thinking, tricking, your opponent is the best way to go?

Outsmarting an opponent is part of this game, a bigger part is lining up and smashing helmets, Seattle has proved time and again that they can do that well, and so you do it even if the other team knows it's coming.

Isn't that the mark of a great opponent, when you know what they're going to do but still can't stop it?

And just because they ran it doesn't mean it had to be some Shula straight up the gut play.
Run a toss, a sweep, a stretch play, the read option, something!

And someone brought up the stat that I also saw elsewhere that Lynch was 1 for 5 in scoring from the one yard line this year:
1. That's a very small sample size.
2. It was second down so running it 3 more times would surely increase the odds.

But at least the Seahawks lost.

In Topic: The Super Bowl Sunday gameday thread

01 February 2015 - 10:18 PM

The reason is it was such a bad call has more to do with the down than the distance.

It was second down at the 3ish yd line with Lynch. You don't pass that yo

In Topic: The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

24 January 2015 - 02:30 AM

Klay Thompson...

He's was always overrated to me. Thought most of his succes was due to the fact that Curry commanded so much attention...

I was wrong. Baller.