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In Topic: Stewart...

Today, 10:21 AM

Everyone likes a potential home run threat which is why some wouldn't mind D-Will getting 5-7 carries, I wouldn't either. Preferably on 2nd and short where you have a run/pass option.

D-Will needs a pretty big hole to be effective at all. Our new revamped Oline just may be up to the task.

In Topic: How bad is Ron Rivera?

Today, 10:05 AM

It's still hard to get over the middle of the season. I've never seen so many blowouts in my life. It seemed like their were 3 straight games when the contest was over by halftime. Ugh.

In Topic: Stephenson Drawing Interest From Brooklyn Among Others

19 December 2014 - 01:18 PM

Trade market has dried up, good, keep him.

It's funny people keep arguing who's a hinder acne to who. When the pieces don't fit like they don't with us every hinders everyone.

The only reason I'm against trading MKG is because I still believe he has somewhere between Prime Gerald Wallace, current Jimmy Butler potential.

Al, as much as I love him, has never been outside of the first round of the playoffs. It's not always his fault but it's still a fact.

To me, MKG is better on offense that Big Al is on defense; each their weaknesses. MKG is arguably as good on defense as Big AL is on O; their strengths, depending on how you feel about Al's advanced metrics. Now even though people say defense is half the game no one really believes that, and nor do I, which is why I believe Big Al is the better overall player. But when it comes to who I would trade first, it wouldn't be the 21 year old.

In Topic: Stephenson Drawing Interest From Brooklyn Among Others

17 December 2014 - 05:37 PM

No to trading Lance. Not because I like Lance but because I think it's stupid to sell low. Things can't get any worse than they are and if they do then it means we have a bottom 5 record and are firmly in the Okafor/Towns sweepstakes.

If things get better than we can either compete for playoff spot with an improved Lance or we can sell high and trade him to a team that's looking for a piece to put them over the top.

Those are the options in my mind. Why sell low? B/c he's a locker room cancer? These are grown men, if they can't deal with Lance for six more months then I dont want them on the team. If we're talking about team that can compete for a top seed then I understand getting rid of a distraction like Lance, but we're at the point that the best we can hope for is a 7th or 8th spot and since that's the case I say ride it out.

In Topic: Hornets Losing Fans because of T-Shirts

15 December 2014 - 07:48 PM

KKK is a social issue too, and nothing to do with politics or religion.

I ask, again, would you be okay with a player wearing a KKK shirt?

The problem with your question is you're implying that a player wearing a KKK shirt is the same as a player wearing an "I can't breathe" shirt.

Off the top if my head I can only think of two similarities: One: they're both shirts. Two: the shirts are both politically charged. It's not the same.

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