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In Topic: Panther's QB Derek Anderson in Trouble With the Law...

16 April 2014 - 08:02 AM

I really need to expand my horizons and get a new group of friends.


All of my friends are educated, law abiding people who never have issues with cops/TSA/etc....except for an occassional traffic violation (for which we each actually DID break the law).


I need to start hanging out with all of you innocent people who are continuously harassed and targeted by the cops for absolutely no reason.


Totally agree and I don't know how anyone can argue otherwise with Madhatter's point here.

















He really does need a new group of friends.

In Topic: You're the last person on Earth.

16 April 2014 - 07:43 AM

I'd probably sit alone wondering why my floor is suddenly made out of empty pizza boxes.

In Topic: 17 year old dog can't walk anymore what should be my next step?

15 April 2014 - 08:14 AM

He's been my best friend since forever and for the last day he hasn't move except to maybe change his position by using his front legs he doesn't eat unless i manully feed him and i havn't seen him drink water. he's had a long life but i don't know if i should take him to the vetand let them put him down or let him pass away peacfully here at home and bury him here. i live in the country so i have a big back yard where he used to play. What is the best method for him.


So I have a bit of very recent experience with this with my 17 year old dog also. About 2 months ago she wouldn't eat, could barely walk, was going blind and was pretty much completely deaf. She went from about 60 lbs to 27lbs. My son came home from college to spend one last night with her since they basically grew up together and my dog went to the vet to be put down the next day. In fact, someone started a thread about losing a dog and I mentioned that mine was being put down that same day.

Well, the vet asked if we wanted to put her down or go through a bunch of tests because for a 17 year old dog, she seemed to be in relatively good health and not in any obvious pain. Well we did all the tests, she was having serious liver issues and a bad infection but the vet said that we may be able to nurse her back to health with proper medication. Well, we did exactly that and she started eating again and she sprung back to life as much as a 17 year old dog could. She was eating good and actually playing again as much as an old dog could. I felt comfortable that we made the right decision and not just a selfish one.


One important thing the vet said is that when it came to the point where she started to urinate where she laid or slept, it was probably time. Well, again she stopped eating this past week and started doing exactly what the vet said and was going down hill fast. She was put to sleep at about 1pm yesterday and she went very fast and peacefully.

Take your dog to a vet, listen to their opinion and do what is best for the dog. It's not easy and I hate that you or anyone should have to go through such a thing but I don't agree with not putting a dog down via a vet because they will hang on as long as possible no matter how much pain they are in.

In Topic: My neighbor set up house on fire...

10 April 2014 - 02:38 PM

I'm beginning to think you may be safer back in the Ukraine.


Sheesh, you have some weird sh*t going on in your neighborhood. Glad you and the family are ok.


I would call your insurance agent and explain what happened and see what he/she advises. Your insurance may just go after their insurance and not affect your premium or you may have to deal with the damage until it gets resolved. Regardless, do what you have to in order to secure your house and just keep your receipts. Not necessarily fix cosmetic stuff, but do what needs to be done to make it secure / liveable.

In Topic: Report: Colin Kaepernick investigated for alleged sexual assault

10 April 2014 - 01:11 PM

Some of the stabbing victims from yesterday's school stabbing spree in PA were immediately posting bloody selfies of themselves yesterday on social media. People want to be famous now more than ever.



Ummm...not really relevant to this thread but wasn't it just one "kid" who tweeted a pic of himself in a hospital gown after being treated for a stab wound?


You make it sound like people were sending out selfies while covered in blood at the scene of the crime which I don't believe was the case.

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