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In Topic: Big Ben is quite sore this week

Today, 03:45 PM

So, how in the hell are you supposed to tackle?  If they called that straight by the rule book, there would be a penalty flag on virtually every play.



I don't know....I just sit in an office doing finance work for a typical corporate USA company all day. 



I think the key word in the rule is "violently"....... and it was it was violent. 


Dirty? Not at all.


That is the rule though. 

In Topic: Big Ben is quite sore this week

Today, 03:20 PM

How is that a penalty?  That was a perfect form tackle.  Basically, a big hit = a penalty in today's NFL, especially if a QB is involved.



Unnecessary Roughness Rule - "if a player uses any part of his helmet (including the top/crown and forehead/”hairline” parts) or facemask to butt, spear, or ram an opponent violently or unnecessarily.”


The hit was brutal and textbook but unfortunately the refs got it right. Everyone who wants to say it was legal doesn't know the rules. Hate the rule, not the ref's for calling it. It was a beautiful hit though. 



In Topic: Answering a Few Questions

Today, 03:12 PM

When he does want to sell, he could do like Green Bay and everyone can be part owner.

No more cheerleaders though :(



Many, many, moons ago Zod offered 5% of the Huddle for a $500 investment. I think there were only about 20 of us on here at that time though. 

In Topic: Week 3 Power Rankings

Today, 01:57 PM

I am still pissed that you did not come bearing Sambuca on Sunday...



Whoa what? You must have missed out because I shared the wealth and the bottle was gone within an hour. My bad!

In Topic: Week 3 Power Rankings

Today, 01:56 PM

My only question with the Eagles is how they'll play against strong defenses. Foles doesn't seem as locked in this year.



Very true....it will be interesting to see what they do in upcoming games against teams with better defenses like the 49ers, Cardinals, and of course the Panthers.

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