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In Topic: No mention of Freddie Gray?

Today, 09:35 AM

So, he died in police custody on April 12. It's April 26.


Why the delayed excuse to destroy property, burn poo and loot stores reaction?


Pretty sure he was arrested on April 12th and died in the hospital a week later on April 19th. The protests actually started the day before his death.  

In Topic: Sports Scores and Breaking News

Today, 08:46 AM

Yea, yea. Bleacher report sucks, blah blah.  It's fine for fast breaking news updates.



Agreed and I like the aspect of being able to select teams. They actually do a very good job with breaking news and scores/recaps of games. 

In Topic: Hey did you know Kevin Hart was short?

Today, 08:28 AM

I think his stand up is really good, was great as the host on the Beiber roast,  and the Wedding Ringer was better than I expected. He is overexposed and will eventually wear out his welcome with me but that hasn't happened yet. 

In Topic: River Monsters

Today, 08:23 AM

I used to watch it regularly but lost interest for whatever reason. 

In Topic: Do you tip furniture delivery people?

Today, 08:22 AM

Do you tip UPS when they show up with a package?



I get your point but there is a difference between a UPS driver making $30-$35 an hour and a furniture delivery guy making $10.  I do most of my shopping online so UPS delivers stuff to my 2-3 times a week. I don't tip them every time I get a package delivered but I do tip them around the holidays along with the mail lady. When I had garbage collection at my old house I would tip them at year's end also.


Anybody I use regularly for service of some sort I try to tip at years end. Throwing them a few extra dollars ensures they will take care of me the following year.